Sexual Privilege

Sexual Privilege

Freeuse for One

Chapter 1 by SanctifiedVillified SanctifiedVillified

These branching stories are going to have 3 very simple premises:

1) You exist in a world where your character AND ONLY your character gets to have sex with whatever group or groups of people you choose wherever and whenever he or she desires, e.g. redheads, teens, women over 40.

2) The circumstances under which he or she can have sex with that group can be specified generally or specifically, e.g. medical condition, government license, mind control powers, just because.

3) The response of the people you have sex with and/or the general public can be chosen, e.g. indifference, disgust, arousal, compassion, joy.

So TITLES of new branches should consist of 3 fairly short descriptions. For example, Black People - Government License - Disgust would be about a man or woman who can fuck all black people because he has a government license, and the public response is disgust.

Any further specifications can be mentioned in the context of the story you write. So if you want to specify that he/she can only fuck Asians when it’s dark out, or that brunettes like watching him/her fuck but blondes hate it, just write it somewhere in the story.

Please try to write something that is a decent length. Not an essay, just more than a tweet. You can’t get off to a tweet.

Any combination will work so BE CREATIVE and let me know if you have any questions!

-Editor Norker151

-Mod Cross C

What world do you want to create?

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