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  1. "One Big Horny Family" by RicoLouis

    1 week ago

    1 Guy + 1 Mom + 1 Sister + 1 Aunt + 1 Cousin = 1 Big Horny Family

    100% (186 users)
    11 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  2. *Negima!? by crono04

    9 years ago

    Teacher at a school full of girls who want him.

    100% (13 users)
    35 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Male
  3. Bosom Buddies by BosomBuddies

    2 weeks ago

    What happens when the best friends you’ve ever had are also objects of your every carnal desire? You choose the names for the unlikely hero and his lovely young friends. He was just another shy, nerdy high school senior—before a chance encounter led him to befriend five of the hottest girls in his class. But “friends” is all they’ll ever be, because these ladies are way out of his league. Or are they? As the his relationship with the girls goes from purely platonic to mind-blowingly erotic, the possibility for true love enters the picture. With Graduation Day fast approaching, will he and his “bosom buddies” be able to sort things out before their high school experience comes crashing to an end? And can their friendship—or whatever it’s become—survive? Author's Note: I originally published several of my stories on Literotica.com, and am re-posting them here at the request of some readers. For now, I'm posting the stories with only one path, but there are multiple points where the story can branch off if other writers are interested in participating.

    99% (3,690 users)
    248 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  4. Family Game Night by goodson

    2 months ago

    Family game night leads to new and very exciting changes.

    98% (948 users)
    24 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  5. Hedonism by aprovocativepenguin

    7 months ago

    After cleverly navigating through some logical loopholes, you dupe a genie into giving you infinite wishes, and the key to unlimited pleasure, self-indulgence, and sexual adventure. Wether or not you dip your toes or dive headfirst is up to you...

    95% (298 users)
    23 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Male
  6. Member of Harem by majus

    3 months ago

    This is a harem story, told from the perspective of one of the members of the harem. The idea is to show character's interactions with other members of harem and the person you all fell for. How will you deal with competition, how will you deal when the person of your heart decides to add to flock, how will you gain your love's attention and how will your sister-brides/brother-husbands react to your actions? Harem, after all, was place of intrigue and politics:) The intro is from POV of female that fallen for male, but you can customize it anyway you want: male-females; female-females; female-males; male-males... (?other-others? - read the guidelines people) You crate protagonist, the person protagonist fell for and members of the harem. You can also customize the world f.e. Instead of modern world – place the action in fantasy or Sci-Fi world.

    78% (9 users)
    4 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
  7. Paradise Island by airwreck

    9 months ago

    A lonely, young billionaire looks for love on his private Caribbean island.

    100% (27 users)
    8 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male