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  1. The Master PC by doctorbreast

    11 hours ago

    You have just gained a copy of the fabled Master PC, what will you get up to with it and your perverted mind. Feel free to add

    12 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Both
  2. The BIG bang theory by doctorbreast

    12 hours ago

    When leonard, Howard and Raj create a machine that can alter a womans personality and body, fun begins! (feel free to add to this)

    5 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Both
  3. Multi-Breasted Vixens by ADemonicOffering

    1 day ago

    Scattered reports of a naturally occurring virus linger in the airwaves. No one knows what it does but it will change the world forever. Bored at work, your dull day to day becomes a fight for survival as you witness the awakening of the multi-breasted vixens.

    6 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Jeff, Lauren, Amanda, Smartphone, Theo, Message, Auburn, Blue, Dull, Lifeless, Chill, Barnes, Spine, Kinky, Bitch, ADemonicOffering, Looming, Sinful, Sweet, Husk, Mewl, Trap, Stationary, Cupboard, Musky, Air, Underlit, Sleek, Lips, Behaviour, Futa, Vixen, Multi, Multiple, Breasts, Quivering, Flesh, Cunt, Fold, Pussy, Vagina, Lewd, Kissing, Slut, Whore, Whorish, Cum, Ooze, Spit, Slit, Slick, Slickening, Transforming, Corription, Blessing, Pleasure, Pleasured, Trousers, Erect, Cock, Arousal, Throbbing, Veiny, Water, Splash, Anxiety, Facebook, Messenger, Work, Bitches, ..., Implants, Boobs, Violet, Contact, Lenses, Intercept, Surprise, Infection, Corruption, Closet, Beth, Confront, Knock, Coo, Girlish, Laugh, Groan, Darkness, Lights, Light, Lust, Maddness, Flustered, Manic, Insanity, Drawn, Android, ios, Samsung, iPhone, Charlotte, Glasses, Crying, Upset, Finger, Fingering, Fingertips, Lap, Bubble, Pert, Butt, Folds, Porcelain, B, GG, Cup, Breast, Tit, Plump, Transformation, Vixens, Snarl, Text, Group, Jade, Green, Eyes, Glow, Help, Rescue, Fucking, Anal, Questing, Tongue, Cunnilingus, Tits, Damning, Kiss, Crazed, Infectious, Infected, Tainted, Nub, Milk, Nipple, Suckle, Bless, Penis, Inches, Gleam, Receptionist, Encounter, Coffee, Strain, Shirt, Expand, Balloon, Luscious, Sultry, Office, Paper, In, Out, Strut, Predator, Features, Slim, Lithe, Toilet, Mirror, Mount, Aura, Fiery, Hair, Cascade, Locks, Rape, Fist, Rise, Rose, Dripping, Escape, Struggle, Turn, C, Buxom, Form, Nubile, Cocksuckers, Salavia, Barely, Two, One, Stink, Pink, Jiggle, Waddle, Writhe, Company, Corruptor, Scat, Inflate
  4. Create a porn star story by fethishboy

    4 days ago

    Stories of the porn stars

    17 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
  5. Ultimate Robosluts by death123

    1 month ago

    Feel free to add to this. Build your own Roboslut from various forms of media from video games to novels to real life celebrities.

    8 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    1st Person, Both
  6. The Fourth Floor of a College Dorm by

    2 months ago

    You play as a first year at university in all of the sexual adventures that occur in a dorm.

    39 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Male
    panties, fingering, cocaine, weed, drugs, drug dealer, naked, truth or dare, roommates, dance, party, grinding, voyeur, coke, strip poker, strip, dare, topless, creampie, ginger, redhead, dares, humiliation, public, other person, taxi, doggy, painal, reluctance, dubcon, hate fuck, road head, story, caught, Blowjob, unaware, drug, drug dealers, ass, cleavage, girl on girl, thong, makeout, handjob, cum eating, cum licking, Streaking, naked lap, naked mile, beer pong, college, dorm, slut, slutty girl, stripping, bra and panties, threesome, mfm, hookup, missionary, sex, orgasm, outside, ass grabbing, cunnilingus, oral, facial, fffm, Foursome, mfmf, fmfm, reach around, reacharound, Ff, lesbian, masturbate, masturbation, dancing, flashing, Make out, group, making out, cum, body shot, Double blowjob, fm fm, mf mf, double penetration, dp, pussy, cum in ass, cum in pussy, ass creampie, kissing, backyard, watching, fmf, ffm, Car sex, limo sex, ass to mouth, Orgy, train, mmmmmf, fmfmfmfmfm, airtight, pussy eating, Mf, break in, office, roommate, friends, exhibitionist, face sitting, groping, breast, halloween, costume, shower, scottish, showering together, blonde, exhibitionism, bet, Titfucking, tittyfucking, boob job, ass fondling, milf, older woman, cowgirl, mutual, face licking, face fuck, Riding, female masturbation, lost bet, streaker, skunked, skunk lap, naked run, swallow, coerced, reluctant, Anal, twins, bathroom, bus, gangbang, spitroast, assfuck, anal creampie, double handjob, fmmmm, poker, drunk, fight, kiss, club, handcuffs, caught naked
  7. Friends by Baumwoll

    3 months ago

    This is a story about a guy and his friends. A lot can happen between two good friends. They could turn in to fuckbuddies. They could become a couple. They could become soulmates. This story will be open for others to write their own story lines, but I'll moderate it, so don't write stupid or lazy stuff :P

    15 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male