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  1. Payback (with panties!) by KingSanford93

    2 days ago

    A "little" rumor you started about your friend emasculated him...now it's his turn to feminize you

    100% (550 users)
    34 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  2. Tales of Feminization by AnonWriter

    5 days ago

    Follow as one of several boys as they slowly become feminized by those around them.

    100% (247 users)
    14 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  3. Fun With Father by surrealmod

    1 week ago

    You find your father masturbating in your sister's clothes. Now you get to take command.

    100% (43 users)
    9 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  4. Feminization Games by Snoe72

    2 weeks ago

    A series of forced feminization tales from multiple genre's and settings. Fantasy, Sci-fi, slice of life, and more. Begin as a man, but I can't garauntee you'll stay one. Oh if you've any question feel free to contact me. Or if you like or dont like something please do leave comments I'm happy to have them.

    100% (780 users)
    28 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    naked, strip, ritual, striptease, alien, femboy, sexy, hot, pheromones, Ordinary, Life, Gone, Wrong, Knight, Embarrassed, Elf, robot, sissy, cross-dressing, crossdressing, forced feminization, karma, anal, bare-back, rape, butt fucking, Creampie, Messy orgasm, Butt plug, Non-con, Tied-up, cheating, crossdresser, cross-dresser, cheater, saviour, deal, potion, transformation, mindcontrol, mindbreak, robots, male, gay, armor, super hero, empath, Chastity belt, Humiliation, Locks, Trapped, Stripped, Captured, Drunk, Drugged, Lesser evil, straight, party, training, androgyn, cute, abduction, sex, trade, hero, boi, mimic, shapeshifter, sci-fi, transgender, bisexual, jock, football, femme, makeup, romantic, love story, cheating spouses, revenge, punishment, Reluctance, College, Gymnast, Accident, Forced, Twin, son, daughter, mom, incest, femboi, estrogen, androgynous, new, school, 18, boy, mother, romance, dancing, transwoman, transgirl, m/m, alley, magic, witchboi, heavy petting, lust, public, cowgirl, blowjob, tease, dildo, ambush, shower, Lesbian, Tricked, Vibrator, Orgasm, smart, feminization, nerd, Pressure, Predicament, Makeout, elven, Crime, Criminal, Court ordered, choice, genre, A Castle?(Fantasy), snoe, transformed, spy, bondage, reluctanc, cocksucker, competition, latex, crossdress, hormones, super, powers, supersissy, kissing, costume party, feminine, alchemy, leather, super heroes, superheroes, fondling, touched, groped, petting, teasing, humiliating, Jealous, Prince, Curse, Brother, bound, burned clothes, destroyed clothes, incriminating video, recorded
  5. Sissy Escape by Haley_Hazel

    2 weeks ago

    You are a young man short on cash. Rent is almost due and there are only so many ways to make cash. The problem is, everyone seems to want you to do something out of your comfort zone... will you make rent, endure the humiliation... embrace it? it's up to you in the Sissy Escape!

    100% (137 users)
    7 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  6. New planets new experiences by latexdoll

    2 weeks ago

    A young man or possibly a woman fresh out of college heads to a new world to get an exciting new job only to find out it isnt a sure thing. Nova Securities handles everything from border patrol to bounty chasing, you want to find a job that fits. Along the way are many interesting people, most of which want something from you. Do you find a job? Do you succumb to the vices of off world life? Do you find new and thrilling alien technology? It is up to you to decide.

    100% (267 users)
    23 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    2nd Person, Both
  7. Transported to Homo-World by jmce

    2 weeks ago

    While you were going to meet your love you are suddenly hit by an unknown object, and wake up some where in Homo-World, a world where women no longer exist (if they ever did at all). How will you survive? How will you get back to you to your own world? Do you even want to?

    101% (89 users)
    16 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  8. Blackmail by thosearemysecret

    3 weeks ago

    You're being blackmailed and the evidence is destroyed if tasks are completed. Earlier on in the story the reader can choose if the main character (you) are exclusively blackmailed or if the main character allows his daughter to also be blackmailed.

    100% (941 users)
    62 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male