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Chapter 1 by Mr.B. Mr.B.

Welcome. CHYOA is a site dedicated to interactive adult fiction. It offers an interactive story-telling environment where readers determine the outcome of the stories by choosing which path to follow every time they are given a choice.

This guide will help you understand how the site works and the rules to follow, especially if you are interested in writing something yourself. Brought to you by me, with the collaboration of Ricolouis, Murakami, and the omnipresent Friedman.


  1. THEMES NOT ALLOWED: Bestiality (see the Harkness test to see what's allowed), underage sex (characters younger than 18 years old having sex or being present at a sex scene), or extreme violence during sex are not allowed. Power plays, non-consent fantasies and a reasonable amount of violence are perfectly fine but the rule below applies, especially during sex acts.
  2. Violence: As a general rule, try not to use an excessive amount of brutal violence. Remember this is an erotic-themed site, not a splatter/gore/violence-themed site.


  1. Formatting: There is a Rich Text Editor toolbar; to invoke it, highlight the text you wish to style. Standard keyboard shortcuts for bold, italic, and underline are also accepted. To make links, please enter the display text, highlight it, and then use the # symbol in the toolbar; please do not just paste the link in as extended plain text. There are also options in the toolbar for Unordered lists and Blockquotes.
  2. Stories: All new stories are subject to review before they become visible to the public. There is a draft system in place to allow writers to create their work over multiple sessions before submitting them for review. Please do not submit your story for review until it is ready for the public.
  • For public and moderated stories, the first chapter should be minimum 250 words. The chapter should establish the plot, setting, and main characters, and should end with a compelling 'hook' to encourage other writers to continue the story. While this is the minimum, it is recommended that opening chapters be a few paragraphs to adequately establish the premise.
  • For private stories, the preferred length is 1500 - 2000 words. You should consider dividing anything longer than that into multi-part stories. Private stories exist for authors desiring to write on their own but still access the community.
  • Multiple chapters can be made before submission for review. Quantity of writing will not have an effect on the review process, except in cases where it causes delay due how long it takes the moderator to read.
  1. Chapters: Each chapter should be minimum 100 words in length, or 2-3 paragraphs. This rule is not set in stone, but try to write very short chapters only when really necessary.
  2. Point of View: The same point of view established in the previous chapters should be used in following chapters.

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