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Chapter 2 by RicoLouis RicoLouis

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Who can I contact, if I want to report someone misconducting or I have a problem?

Friedman, the administrator. Click Here
Murakami, moderator. Click Here
Torg, moderator. Click Here
jakelyon, moderator. Click Here
TwiztidClown, moderator. Click Here

What kind of stories are not allowed on Chyoa?"
Bestiality, underage sex and extreme violence or not allowed. Power plays, non-consent fantasies and a reasonable amount of violence are fine.

How do I delete my account?
Click here to delete your account

Who do I talk to for reporting technical issues?
Click here to report technical problems

Who can I contact, if I want to make a suggestion for improving the site?
Click here to make site suggestions

Can I Adopt A Story?
Click here to find stories up for adoption

What do I do if my chapter in someone's story hasn't been approved?"
You may try to contact the author of the story if a substantial time has passed. If that doesn't work then you may go here.
Click here to go to the threads approval page.

How are stories of the week picked?
Right now, the story of the week is determined by chapter depth and activity during the last week. Randomness is also at play. But stories have to have a depth of at least 25 chapters and show a certain level of activity. Only stories which haven't been story of the week within the last 6 months can be story of the week again.

How are top chapters selected
Top chapters are based on the number of likes for chapters. A story can only hold one spot on top chapters per writer. The introductory chapter can not eligible.
I have an Idea for a story but I am not a writer. Can I pay someone to write a story for me?
Click here to go to the Patrons Page

How do I add Cover Art to my story?
Cover art can be added to a story via the book Icon when creating a story. If you did not do it when creating a story you can add it by clicking my stories in the top right corner. Once their find the story and click the three dots across from it, and choose edit story. The picture will be cropped to fit in the cover photo so it is best to use a square picture or a picture that the subject you wish to display is centered in the photo. The photo will display as full size on the introduction page.

How do I add cover art to my story after I have published it?"
Go to the down arrow at the top right and click it. Go to my stories and click the three dots just right of the story and hit edit story.

I have a story idea but would like some feedback on it first.
Click here to go to story ideas.

Where do i go to get feedback on my stories?
Click here to go to story feedback page.

I accidentally published my story before it was finished, what should I do."
Change the subtitle of your story Please return to draft mode and or write in on the first line of your story so it will not be accidentally published. Alternatively you may contact the administrator.

How do I delete Tags?
You must go to the page to which the tag was added. There you will find it at the bottom of the page.

How do I search by Tags
You may go here to find a list of the most common tags.
You can also use search for tags by entering the following.
This would show you ever story with the tag beach in it. While in search you can click the chapter search option to find the story with the tags you are looking for.Happy Hunting.

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