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  1. 3Some - Incest Addition by Perversion

    2 years ago

    Fuck mom and sister anyway you please (Now Open To Other Writers)

    100% (125 users)
    7 Chapters Deep
    Group Sex
    2nd Person, Male
  2. A Mothers Love by Genericc616

    6 months ago

    A Recently Divorced Mother stays close to her son, her only close family member she had left, and her son wants to be there for her and support her, while she wants to support her son and try and help him happy. You can follow the Mother, who wants to try and push her son to make sure he'll be happy in life, he's your pride and joy, and also your best friend. You can also follow the son who has a big crush on her, and is battling his morality to decide if he should show her just how much he cares, by being the loving partner he thinks she deserves. Will it last? Can they make it work? Who knows but they'll be lots of crazy sex. ------Author/writer Notes-----

    99% (518 users)
    25 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Mom, Son, Skinny Dip, Hot Tub, Kissing, Lingerie, incest, Unprotected, Bareback, pull out, cum in mouth, creampie, Mother, Pregnancy Risk, Fertile, Fertility drugs, tied down, breeding sex, Inseminate, Forced Creampie, Lesbian, squirt, first time, teasing, devious, divorce, kiss, Flirting, Swimming, Bikini, Bet, multiple orgasm, Race, Tanning, riding, Massage, aphrodisiac, "Fuck it let's walk", "The car would be easier on us", "Of course!", "Probably a bad idea", "Let' get plastered!", "I'd rather take a peek inside", "Sounds good to me", "Heh no thanks", Pull open your zipper and start jerking it hard, Subtly start to rub yourself, Do nothing, Sex shop, Clothing store, Strip club, Restaurant, "Wanna play truth or dare?", Try to untie her bra, Give her a massage, insemination, cum inside, deep creampie, Dry hump her, Continue with the massage, public, Rub her breasts through the bra, Take out your cock and start jacking it, "Why are you two in my pool?!", Follow mom, Explore the downstairs, Tell mom about her aunt, Jack off, blowjob, deepthroat, Run, Explain yourself, Ask her if your cum tastes any good, "What?", "Oh fuck yes! I've been waiting for this!", "Really?", Back off quietly, Anal, Fuck her pussy, Keep going in her ass, Impregnate the bitch, Get her back, Pull out and flip her over to cover her front, Get her knocked up, Plaster her back with your warm cum, Beach, Get married and have your daughter, Don't tell her about the child, Continue to knocker up for the rest of time, Skinny Dipping, broken condom, accidental creampie, Risky, Sleeping, sleep talking, sabotaged condom, mall, expired condom, condom, snowballing, Nude Beach, Cumplay, foodplay, Evil, Revenge, Pussy eating, Wedding, food play, 69, Plan, Game, grinding, dry humping, Topless, Nipple play, swallow, Brother, sister, Oral, Pussy licking, Fingering, birthday, costume, blindfolded, bound, pullout, Cumshot
  3. Arimneste's Bestiary: Volume I by sindermann

    2 days ago

    A young, brash Athenian woman visits mythological sites, and gets much more than she bargains for...

    100% (22 users)
    11 Chapters Deep
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    3rd Person, Female
  4. Aurora by Genericc616

    1 week ago

    In a land which only promises a simple life with a job as a craftsmen or farm hand, the lure of another world, where tales of fortune and glory are shared, proves to luring to some, giving up on your old life, you step through to see how true this promises are.

    100% (122 users)
    16 Chapters Deep
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    2nd Person, Both
  5. Demons & Angels by Henchmen21

    4 months ago

    You are Alex. A 20something Gay Male who wakes up one night to find himself surrounded by a demon of Lust and a Angel of Desire. They soon tell him of an offer that will change his life forever....

    95% (19 users)
    7 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  6. Desperate camping by wetitall

    5 days ago

    His sister had an accident and was bed ridden for a while, finally being able to walk and go about again she wants to go camping. Due to sleep medicine she has trouble staying dry at night, so she needs night time diapers. Ashamed to be seen like that, she goes camping with her brother. The only one she trusts enough to share this secret with. Her brother wakes up at night desperate to go, and feel jealous. What will he do?

    100% (1 users)
    2 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  7. Diaper Sissy by SissyBoiToi1

    1 day ago

    The slow sissification of a boy

    100% (62 users)
    25 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  8. Diary of a Sister by Sneaking Sister

    1 month ago

    After a sex dream involving her brother, Elizabeth begins writing about her attempts to seduce him.

    100% (7 users)
    1 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Female
  9. Fallout: Chayse's Story by heathcote

    1 year ago

    Take Chayse through a survival experience in the world of Fallout: New Vegas. Avoid death (and other forms of punishment) as you make decisions for Chayse in a harsh world.

    86% (7 users)
    5 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Female