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  1. Harem Hotel by AliC

    6 hours ago

    A reality show in which contestants compete for one lucky man or woman's affections, and are changed until they can.

    363 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Both
    buff lady, mma fighter, image, Ex-Girlfriend, Heiress, Rich Person, Olivia, Morgan, Mother-Daughter Bonding, Lingerie, Makeover, Mind Control, Transformation, Cuckold, Harem, Reality Show, twins, clones, Meta, Reader Interaction, Izuku Midoriya, Alternate Ruleset, Trickster Host, Lesbian Marriage, Lesbian, Master, Tori, Justin, Slice of Life, Breast Expansion, Piercings, Chains, Age Regression, Mass Transformation, Intelligence Increase, Increased Beauty, TGTF, Race Change, Babysitter, Harem Hotel, Xander, Jesse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fanfic, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Body Swap, F2F, Stripperization, Character Sheet, Scoring, TG, body control, images, flash, TV, panties, upskirt, euf, Nejire Hado, Ochaco Uraraka, Camie Utsushimi, Reiko Yanagi, Emi Fukukado, Tsuyu Asui, Rumi Usagiyama, Saiko Intelli, Shino Sosaki, Mandaly, Mirko, Setsuna Tokage, Itsuka Kendo, Ibara Shiozaki, Kaina Tsutsumi, Kinoko Komori, Yuyu Haya, Kyoka Jiro, Himiko Toga, Toru Hagakure, Momo Yaoyorozu, Moe Kamiji, Mina Ashido, Mei Hatsune, Melissa Shield, Yui Kodai, Reality TV, Voting, Tranformation, nerdy girl, a smut story inside a smut story?, smutception, I couldn't resist and I'll see myself out, hypnosis, #hypnosis, geeky, geek girl, Genderswap, Cuckoldry, Reatlity TV, Interactive, Submission, Romance, Game Show, Muscle Drain, Feminization, Threesom, (Sorta), TV Show, Couple, Sweet, Until it's not, Accident, Enchanted Objects, Public Bondage, Overpriced Food, Chintzy Decorations, Johnny Cash, Syncronicity, Hive Mind, Why does it take you so long to write Ali?, Masturbation, Sole Female, Brother, Sister, enf, bottomless, Cheating, #D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, DnD, handjob, cum, Harley Quinn, DC comics, DC, #DC, Transformations, Twinning, Transgender, M2F, Muscle Loss, Recap, Domination, Catfight, Plot Twist, Clothing Makeover, Public Humiliation, Trick Shots, Public Orgasm, Good Dancing, Also Bad Dancing, Grief, Muscle Girl, Bridge Chapter, We’ll be having fun again soon I promise, Women getting wet, Air Jordans, Breast Enhancement, Breast Growth, Ass Growth, Gender Transformation, Muscle Gain, Mental Changes, Lesbian Sexual Tension, Exploration, Dialogue Heavy, Sweaty Men, Big Dreams, Sailboats, Father-Daughter Bonding, Stepfordization, MtF, Trap, Sissy, Anal, Anal Only, MILF, Mommy, Daddy, Mother, Daughter, Breeding, IQ Loss, Bimbofication, Bimbo, Ass Expansion, Europe, Buffy, Willow, Faith, Cordelia, Tara, Fred, Dawn, Joyce, Kendra, Anya, Art, Poll, But kinda not their fault, FF, Parables, Maid, List, Update, Why did I let myself add this many characters?, Inanimate TF, Objectification, RPG, Yes I am a nerd, bikini, swimsuit, strip, Multiple Partners, Autoerotica, Orientation Play, Edging, D/S, #Mind Control, Introduction, But the Last Intro Chapter I promise, Very uncomfortable conversations, Bukkake, Living Rope, Domestification, Dominance, Polls, Pet Play, Corruption, Temporary Second Person, Public Sex, Public Nudity, Threesome, Sexy Binding Arbitration, videogame, elf, #elf, DOS2, Divinity Original Sin 2, Is ice cream a fetish?, Ice cream, Icecream, Trashy, Kitschy, Retcon, Showgirls, tf, centaur, anthro, Kendrah, Role Reversal, Boring Bridge Episode but bear with me, Reality Alteration, Feelings, Yusuf, Lesbian Romance, Bad singing, Underwater Oral Sex, Leash Play, Complicated Relationships, reality change, video game homage, I hope you like references, and also chapters that are 6 months late, Physical Transformation, Proper S'more Technique, Sex Toy MacGuyvering, Character Development, Very Close Friends, Gambling, Public Masturbation, Big Reveal, BDSM, Lore, Hand job, Happy Ending, Video Games, Multipe Partners, Cuckolding, Butt Expansion, Spoiler, Character List, contortion, contortionist, gender bender, leather, So Much Edging, Seriously, Let this woman cum!, Sexy Doctor, Advice, Harem Dynamics, Michael-Ritas, Titjob, Boobjob, Sexual Harrassment, Margaritas, Huevos Rancheros, Spanking, Casual Nudity, Evil, superpower, superhero, hero, Stockings, Induced Love, Sex!, Finally!, Sweet & Tender BDSM, Cumshot, Good Lord Ali why do you have so many characters in this story?, Because I'm indecisive and have no self control, Jazz, Tenderness, Smoking, Littering, Tim Drake, Robin, The action starts now I promise
  2. Undercover Agent by nobodyspecial2324

    13 hours ago

    Valerie is a spy stuck in a web of intrigue and conspiracy. In a world of shadow organizations, covert ops and dangerous assassins, can she survive the challenges of her profession? Failure can have grave and embarrassing consequences.

    37 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    3rd Person, Female
  3. Slut World by SwampThing

    1 day ago

    Another erotic RPG, from either a male or female POV

    229 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Both
    creampie, cum inside, came inside, student teacher, teacher student, english teacher, Exhibitionism, Bellhop, Lolita, Anal, BDSM, Virgin, Subway, Sheer Dress, Vibrator, Humiliated, Masturbation, Webcam, Slut, Schoolgirl, secretary, dictation, boss, Mind Break, Fucked Silly, Gangbang, free use, cock sucking, dick sucking, blow job, ENF, rimming, hospital, Blowjob, fingering, Bondage, Mindbreak, basic butch, lesbian dj, Transparent Dress, Ball Gown, mother-daughter oral, face sitting, threesome, queef, facesitting, Princess, Public, miniature golf, anal virgin, first time anal, lesbian nurses, Lesbian, Dildo, Princess Gown, field hockey, college professor, co-ed, coed, nineteen, abduction, lap dance, harrassment, sexual harrassment, good girl, uniform, sports uniform, diner, corrupted, paladin, teasing, fellatio, Humiliation, Video Recording, Defloration, Camera, Recording, coersion, cock worship, cheating, wet cum, lesbian rimming, piv, begging, thick cock, teenage, quiet, shaved pussy, professor, professor student, professor and student, Sex, Ass, purple hair, hipster, alt girl, femdom, gag, office, Prom Dress, Transparent Clothing, Lingerie, teacher, handjob, oral, mind control, Hypnosis, Xp, Rp, Roleplay, Spanking, adultery wagon, Submissive, disaster bisexuals, lesbian squirt, lesbian bar, cunnilingus, kissing, college, barbarian, high fantasy, conquest, hot tub, ffm oral, panties, public sex, movie theater, viagra, pregnancy risk, breeding risk, Gang Bang, Impregnation, strip tease, stripping, stripping for teacher, student teacher strip tease, make her beg, lesbian 69, L7, fucking your student, anal sex, Bimbo, Video, extra credit, high school, ignored, blowjob while working, cocksucking, Video Camera, under desk blowjob, public blowjob, pubic tattoo, lesbian threesome, auburn, begging for anal, begging for ass to mouth, anal slut, ass to mouth, anal only, grinding, sisters, blonde, romance, Group sex, Fucking, analingus, confession, orgasm denial, stalker, voyeurism, Aphrodisiac, exhibitionist, 70s porn, breeding, breeding kink, pregnancy, strip, student and professor, college student, convince her, convinced, deepthroat, mouth fucking, face fucking, skull fucking, Group, tight pussy, redhead, red hair, red head, daddy, anal cousins, brother-sister, marijuana, oral threesome, Shower, stalking, caught, throat fucking, hard fucking, Dominance, Rough sex, hard sex, anal orgasm, shame fetish, Second orgasm, blond, prom, girlfriend, Titty Fucking, Surprised, teen, sister, seduction, risky sex, unprotected sex, ass to mouth, bisexual, kiss me you fool, kitten seeks cougar, no gaydar, lesbian exhibitionism, Dress-Up, Bride, Costume, 69, lesbian parking, Interracial, Whore, beach volleyball, Exhiitionist, police officer, Ass Play, lezdom, stepmother-stepdaughter, lesbian stepmother, oral sex, eating pussy, ff, first time lesbian, begging for orgasm, orgasm control, cream pie, phone sex, green eyes, male pov, middle aged pov, shoe store, playing doctor, faceplant L7, bar, foot worship, rectal thermometer, body stocking, voyeurisms, Sextra credit, sexual favors, toe-sucking, foot fetish, Sex ed, sex training, virgin and whore, Kidnapped, Cum on Face, first time cunt licking, first time oral, parking, Exhibition, private school, prep school, all-girls school, teacher student anal, teacher student sex, First time squirter, squirter, squirting, cunt licking, Anal only orgasm, sex on the beach, dancing, cum, pussy-licking, cum-swallowing, group blowjob, Spit-Roast, Dress, swallowing together, cum swallowing, popcorn, masturbating, degredation, submissive girl, dominant man, first orgasm, broken bed, bathroom, eating ass, first blowjob, Filmed, mixed race girl, french girl, sappho, poetry, ball sucking, double blowjob, cousins, deep throat, lesbian kiss, two girls kiss, girl on top, student on top, lesbian show, female masturbation, girl watching girls, Brother, peeing, voyeur, Hidden Vibrators, girlfriends mom, Princess Dress, Translucent Dress, Bridal, Futa, Toys, club, face riding, girl next door, lovers lane, rpg, game, twins, school, strip club, threeway, kickboxing, milf, exercise, yoga, girl on girl, sixty-nine, eating out, desire, Uncle, Edging, dress code, corporate dress, intern, massage, hand job, happy ending, manipulation, first time, deflowering, lesbian fingering, jilling, Flashing, flashing pussy, teacher student massage, no panties, not wearing panties, swallowing, Breath play, lesbian fisting, ladies room, breathplay, I kissed a girl, Voyurism, pantiless, no underwear, no condom, bareback, cum swallow, cock worshiper, cowgirl, riding dick
  4. Pokeslut by MooMoo

    2 days ago

    An all new Pokemon adventure awaits you in Kanto! Will you become a Pokemon master surpassing your long time rival, or will you be left to smell him later after he fucks the ever living shit out of you! (Public)

    231 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
    Pokemon, sex, blowjob, vagina, penis, consent, monster, fighting, slut, taker pov, girl pov, woman pov, female pov, deepthroat, pokeslut, anal, tears, battle, balls, dick, cock, ass, butt, boobs, big boobs, breast, big breast, tits, massive tits, big tits, degrading, bully, getting bullied, shower, female lead, adventure, quest, journey, friends, friend sex, cream pie, anal cream pie, throat cream pie, throat pie, swallow, slutty, whore, sexy, nerd, shy, guy, small, small guy, nerdy guy, nerdy boy, pokemon battle, bald, bathroom, massage, masseuse, happy ending, lesbian, kiss, prostitution, prostitute, Misty, masturbation, female masturbation, female orgasm, used panties, panty gag, bribe, facefuck, facial, hidden camera, panty sniffing, Brock, nipple piercing, dirty, condom, vaginal sex, cow girl, mating press, Naked, Spanking, Blowbang, Deep Throat, creampie, breeding, cunnilingus, oral, edging, mfm, threesome, ahegao, fucked silly, humiliation, pet play, Elesa, defeated, pregnant, throatpie, piercing, Crossdressing, Trap, name calling, team rocket, Lorelei, bdsm, handcuffs, restraints, yuri, kissing, ball gag, dildo, sex toys, vibrator, bikini, stripping, filmed, livestream, face sitting, submission, Futasub, Chastity, Cock Cage, titfuck, futa, cum swap, bukkake, cum, spank, exercise, Orgasm, Cum shot, impregnation, mind break, multiple orgasm, stranger sex, bad end, x-ray, gif, mm, orgasm denial, rimming, gay, cockring, butt plug, marathon, Bruno, voyeurism, piercings, pierced nipples, nipple piercings, strap-on, submissive, handjob, cuddling, blow bang, clean, lap pillow, brat, horny, tattoo, RPG, TTRPG, Cheating, Pictures, fertilization, Hypnoses, Femboydom, hickey, escort, cum on tits, dry hump, dancing, support, author, patreon, picture, Blue, Raw Sex, MILF, Risky Sex, vaginal, bet, betting, forfeit, sport, Pregnancy, skinny dipping, public, voyeur, fingering, bathroom sex, enf, group sex, orgy, gangbang, redhead, mutual orgasm, propositioned, cumshot, cock worship, gloryhole, glory hole, wlw, multiple orgasms, analingus, anal creampie, Winona, Sapphire, May, Flannery, Femboy, Futanari, humilation, Hex Maniac, spit roast, Erika, sex shop, XXX, denial, tease, porn, Substances, Aphrodisiac, Foreplay, Egg, Lt. Surge, maid, Missionary, Fuck Her Gently, petplay, porn shoot, shock, electroplay, Cuck, Fight, face ride, finger sucking, exhibition, Collar, streaking, pregnancy risk, ff, tentacle, increased sensitivity, possession, mind control, ghosts, transformation, eating out, underboob, stinky, carry, muscles, shower sex, teasing, Climax, pussy eating, Angry Sex, finger fuck, finger bang, bondage, face fuck, rough, slap, Hooters, Lopunny, mmf, mf, creampie eating, toys, Ariel, MMMF, foursome, feet, pillory, body modification, hucow, breast expansion, lactation, milking, begging, showering, 69, Stripper, Pikachu, Eevee, food, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, old man, stuck in wall, free use, straight sex, unprotected sex, Cum Swallow, fff, strapon, strapless strapon, toy, fondling, lingerie, bj, cbt, body shots, abs, gag, SIMP, risky, double penetration, DP, titty twister, bug type, muscle, breeding kink, orgasmic scream, character intro, hair pulling, beach, standing, bimbo, anilingus, orgasms, raw, unprotected, Bathing, Broken Condom, cuckoldry, thong, mesh, condoms, flashing, pubes, mooning, peeping tom, strip, lost bet, sports, Character Profiles, Summary, premature ejaculation, sph, dubcon, suckling, Punishment, gamble, skirt, jersey, Anal Fingering, Public sex, Under the table, mff, spit, oral creampie, hair removal, Hypnosis, heels, bar, clean up, ffm, fmf, Creapie, shock collar, webslut, threeway, bald girl, strap on, silver fox, Vouyerism, slapping, face slap, sadism, throat fuck, throatfuck, tit sucking, grinding, Cum on Skin, alley, selfie, topless selfie, topless, paizuri, buttplug, Snow White, Lovers, Boobjob, Fore play, doggy style, foot, casual nudity, pregnancy test, belt, welts, downblouse, hair growth, scissoring, snowball, fmmm, proposition, futa on female, oral orgasm, milk, breastmilk, breast milk, blow job, suffocation, Sabrina, muzzle, Clitorous, Finger Fucking, watching, enm, Giovanni, pin, edge, cheerleader, pussy licking, clit, cum soaked, one man bukkake, training, riding, streaming, hand job, cuffed, bound, enhanced sensitivity, autofellatio, tit fuck, facesitting, spitroast, doggy, Breasts, gang bang, ripped clothes, triple penetration, twins, fffm, ffmm, fffmm, cumplay, nudity, marathon fuck, ghost, ass to mouth, water sports, recorded, mud, from behind, Goth, orgasm denile, fingerfuck, brother, sister, gay blowjob, gokkun, ear nibble, Impregnate, ring gag, fingers in mouth, face slapping, catching pokemon, pet training, Flirtation, panties gag, atm, grope, online exposure, annilingus, Umbreon, Shopping, Bath, Water Breaking, pierced tongue, pierced nipple, facial piercing, virgin, long hair, trapped, Hypnotism, interrupted, Nude, wax play, candles, wax, possessed, cock sleeve, cum dump, jealous, no condom, bimbofication, prehensile tongue, elongated tongue, lesbian threesome, mutual orgasms, sisters, nudes, titty sucking, Fetish, Mommy, Good Boy, dry humping, titjob, Marriage Proposal, Proposal, Sex Proposal, spooning, pornography, Fantasy, Sexting, Imagination, porno, Coffee, Bikini Barista, Apron, pimp, cuddle, step, restroom, male on futa, Rules, Punishments, super sensitivity, Food Play, public humiliation, Bill, double blowjob, sign language, bisexual, Broken, nipple sucking, nipple pinching, quid pro quo, interracial, cowgirl, gyaru
  5. The Curse of Corrupting Comments (Open) by MegaMarshmallow

    6 days ago

    Corrupt and control women as they struggle to fight off the voice in their head (you) that keeps driving them towards sluttier, sexier and degrading situations. Build up their corruption points to make biggger and badder corruptions possible.

    47 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Female
    Toy, Stripped, ENF, Slut, Name Calling, Strap-on, BDSM, Bondage, Handcuffs, Finger Fucking, Masturbation, Exhibitionist, Stripping, Flashing, Tits, Pussy, Girlfriend, Bunny Suit, Thot, Blow Job, Throat Fuck, Massive Cock, Big Dick, BBC, Femdom, Race Play, Degradation, Humiliation, Streaming, Chat, Video Games, mind control, transformation, breast enlargement, sluttification, bimbofication, lactation, hucow, Huge Cock, Small Chick, Handjob, Public, Public Sex, werewolf, breast growth, lycanthropy, fisting, self-nursing, dehumanization, lesbian sex, squirting, nursing, cunnilingus, thralldom, submission, Selfie, Ahegao, Sex Story, Public Humiliation, Corruption, Arousal, Wet Pussy, Hard Nipples, Pervert, butt plug, animalistic, adult nursing, possession, spanking, 69, fingering, big titties, goth, Gag, Gag Speech, Lesbian, dream sequence, heat, milking, Naked In Public, Topless, Lap Sitting, Crop, Masochist, Impact Play, Slapping, Sex Toy, Gag Talk, Nipple, Baiting, Fantasy, Futa, Body Chnages, Body Modifications, Boob Growth, Ass Growth, Butt Growth, Mental Chnages, Penis Growth, Dick Growth, Cock Growth, Gender Change, Gender Swap, delirium, group sex, Arousing, Horny, Wet Panties, Nude, Magic, Impregnation, Risky Sex, Anal, Cum, Creampie, orgy, lesbian orgy, succubus, girlcock, cum play, pregnancy, Heavy Bondage, Blindfold, Ball Gag, Nipple Clamps, Hair Pulling, Statue, Bad End, Bad Ending, branch end, ff, Big Cock, Flirting, cheerleader, exhibitionism, voyeurism, nude gymnastics, Turth, Dare, Turth and Dare, anal sex, airtight, morning after, cum swallowing, blowjob, Sex, Women, Female POV, Dice, Asian, University, College Girls, Outfit Control, Baggy Clothes, Praise, Dirty Talk, Worship, Thicc, Thick, BBW, Large Woman, Impreg Talk, White Woman, White Women, Black Man, Kissing, Licking, Foot Play, Foot Worship, Feet, Strapping, Full Body Woman, Big Woman, Chubby, Cute, Fat, Big Breasts, Huge Boobs, Massive Tits, DC, Robin, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Spoiler, Batgirl, Premature Ejaculation, Quick Shot, Cream Pie, Always Hard, Sex Doll, futanari, autofellatio, suckling, bizarre, Catcalling, Jogging, emcee, girl orgy, triggers, public nudity, Alchole, Cum As Food, Denial, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Nipple Piercings, Sexy Selfie, Nipple Play, Bitting, Pinching, Punishment, Breast Envy, twintails, party, convertible, Hostage, Animal Play, Mount, Goblin, happy ending, gif, gifs, Busty, Big Boobs, hidden, hiding, bribery, skirt lift, no panties, commando, goddess, oral sex, fucking, magic cum, compulsion, threesome, fff, thrall, petplay, slutwear, Naked, Nip Slip, Caught, Edging, Edged, Cum Denial, Pussy Fingering, Begging, minotaur, lacation, Make Out, Throat Fucking, Cum Down Throat, Cum On Face, Cum In Mouth, Head, Roadhead, Cosplay, Hug, Bulge, messy, Fallout, Bimbo, Wasteland, Cum Eating, Living Clothes, Double Penetration, Fallout 3, Fuck Doll, Premature, Premature Ejactularion, Shame, cum facial, milk facial, Angel and Devil, Angel, Devil, Morality, Porn, Lace Underwear, Vibrator, Teasing, Strip Tease, Bra, Poll, Making Out, Orgasm, Twerk, Ass, Ass Eating, Squirter, witch, spell, frat house, Impreg, Bent Over, Peeping, Piercings, Tight Clothes, Hand Job, Cum Swollowing, Cockwarming, Flexibility, AI, Artifical Intellgence, Cyrber Punk, Redhead, D.Va, Boundage, Gangbang, Hallucination, Mushroom, Pussy Fucking, Monster Fucking, Mouth Fuck, Sub, In Heat, Jealously, Insecurity, Small Breasts, Tiny Titties, B-Cup, Boobs, Tease, Attention Kink, Isekaied, Demon, Cock Sucking, Throatjob, Chocking, Chocking on Cock, Dick Sucking, Semi Plublic, Pet Name, Pet Names, Gropping, Mistress, Goth Girl, dubcon, rough sex, chained, huhog, epilogue, shameless, alt end, Horse Girl, Blinders, Nipple Rings, Human Cattle, multi-breasts, Face Fuck, Facial, Cum on Tits, Store, large clit, multiorgasmic, big tits, tiny tits, dominance, Braless, tribbing, mystery, Phone, Sexting, Girlfriends, Lesbians, Gal Pals, Hold That Moan, Public Play, Domination, Domme, Dom, Submissive, Dominate, Breast Worship, Titty Sucking, Damsel in Distress, MILF, Vote, Nipple Pericings, First Time Anal, Lube, Finger Fuck, Anal Prep, Dildo, Live, Live Stream, Kiss, self-suckling, Yes Sir, Impreg Play, Pussy Stretching, Pussy Gapping, Hole Ruining, Sobbing, Thick Cock, Spit, Dominatione, Boob Smothering, Aqua, Konosuba, Wiz, Lich, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, Kazuma, Satou Kazuma, Kazuma Satou, Bus, Janitor, Facefuck, Closet, Throatpie, Rough, Cum Control, Eating Out, elf, elf girl, dark elf, tattoo, degrading tattoo, kneeling, Playboy Bunny, Bunny Girl, Almost Caught, Picture, Prostitution, Outdoors, Cam, Webcam, Video Game, Breasts, Poneygirls, Horsegirls, Cum Deit, Cages, Cagged, Gagged, Rope, Remote Toy, analingus, demon sex, Texting, Photos, Underboob
  6. Monster Tower Escape by mezzapezza

    1 week ago

    An evil wizard has kidnapped you and placed you at the bottom of a magical tower filled with magical creatures. If you can escape he will grant you any request. If you fail, you will be a plaything for the creatures forever.

    15 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Female
  7. Girl World by Mr Nice Guy

    1 week ago

    Jon finds himself on a vacation in Girl World, a place filled with beautiful women that promises to fulfil his every sexual dream. Only that's not exactly what's happening... but does he notice?

    138 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male
  8. Why's She Always Naked? by luvvyred

    2 weeks ago

    Candace is a 23-year-old college student who is, according to those around her, always naked. She often ends up completely naked, trapped in public, the nude center of attention. This puts her at the mercy of those around her. How will she deal with her frequent loss of control?

    36 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Female
  9. Fantasy Possession by Eagle_Bacon

    3 weeks ago

    When a knight is assigned to a rural village and begins acting strangely, their loved ones investigate...

    48 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    fantasy, possession, goddess, blow job, deepthroat, fellatio, sleeping, female pervert, perverted female, dominant female, fem dom, femdom, female dominant, morning wood, erection, ejaculation, cum, semen, tongue, impersonation, masturbation, priestess, stealth, stealth masturbation, discreet, discreet masturbation, sex, impregnation, romance, emotional, food, cooking, exercise, workout, work out, stretching, corruption, changelog, meta, change log, log, record, magic, fox girl, monster girl, kitsune, takeover, take over, body theft, marriage, instant orgasm, orgasm on command, female orgasm, good end, ending, end, happy ending, happy end, mental changes, transformation, gender change, sex change, male to female, mtf, summary, guide, reading guide, notes, author's notes, body thief, dom, domination, domineering, manipulation, manipulative, jealous, jealousy, tentacles, spell, spells, vibrator, egg vibrator, bullet vibrator, orgasm, female masturbation, female possession, body control, hive mind, puppeteering, soul, souls, dark magic, research, experiment, professor, teacher, penetration, body swap, rough sex, creampie, role swap, knight, fingering, cunnilingus, nipples, licking, lesbian, puppet, artificial personality, vaginal, vaginal sex, mindless, empty mind, empty head, blowjob, deep throat, distension, throat distension, nakadashi, cream pie, internal cumshot, cumshot, cum shot, school, academy, university, Assassin, succubus, demon, demoness, bath, bathing, athletic, muscular, athletic female, muscular female, mind break, mindbreak, yuri, deception, kissing, makeout, nipple orgasm, nipple, deep kiss, tongue kiss, french kiss, exhibitionism, public masturbation, discreet vibrator, flirting, neutral end, awakening, voyeurism, sexual awakening, homunculus, artificial human, long tongue, pregnant, pregnancy, legs, large breasts, large boobs, big boobs, nerd, nerdy, nerdy girl, girl on girl, submissive, dominant, teasing, size difference, big breasts, tights, pantyhose, leg fetish, voyeur, world building, world-building, bodyswap, smalldom, small dom, hidden sex, discreet sex, bathroom stall, sex sounds, loud moaning, prison, jail, brothel, prostitution, prisoner, tsf, slime, slime possession, combat, elf, elves, betrayal, trick, trickery, nipple stimulation, sex toy, female, male possession