Harem Hotel

Harem Hotel

A reality show to alter reality

Chapter 1 by AliC AliC

Harem Hotel is a brand new kind of inter-dimensional reality show!

The premise is simple: six or more contestants, plus a master, will be whisked away to a private resort in which they must compete against one another for the affections of a single master (whether they want to or not). The master could be anyone, but the contestants all share a connection to him or her. Winners get a private place in the master's harem, while the losers will never be the same again.

To win the master over they must charm them, seduce them, and compete in a number of contests across several rounds. They'll receive points for impressing the master, winning contests and impressing the audience. The winners will end up by the master's side in a favored position, while the losers will be reduced to servants, supplicants or worse.

One thing is certain; nobody who enters the game will leave it the same!

(I apologize for the cheesy and generic intro; it's to keep the setting and characters as flexible as possible. This episode is more of an elevator pitch.)

Thank you to all the readers who have made this a success! Many of the writers have banded together to form a Discord Channel where you can come and chat, speculate, meme, and - if the worst happens here - follow the story.

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