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  1. Lois Lane's Night Out by exxxidor456

    1 hour ago

    Lois Lane goes undercover and gets more than she bargained for...

    24 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
    Lois Lane, futanari, huge dick, horse cock, huge balls, big breasts, interracial, enema, oral sex, autofellatio, blowjob, anal sex, sex toy, hypno, hypnosis, vaginal sex, excessive cum, multiple orgasms, creampie, pregnancy risk, Blaze, demon, demonic sex, big cock, fingering, double penetration, dirty talk, Catwoman, Mercy Graves, lesbian, fisting, double fisting, centaur, Black Alice, Deadman, demonic transformation, gambling, Lex Luthor, gaping, medical, anal fisting, Lobo, bimbo, Lana Lang, transformation, Maria, masturbation, cock growth, cunnilingus, pregnant, smoking, breast expansion, huge breasts, Etrigan, big dick, mother, daughter, incest, milf, drugs, xenomorph, nudity, alien sex, threesome, double dildo, fingerbang, impregnation risk, vagina expansion, Zatanna, impregnation, belly expansion, cowgirl, large breasts, anal, strap-on, butt plug, bondage, piercing, exhibitionism, shemale, futanrai, cum drinking, Jason Blood, gender bender, analingus, handjob, blindfold, ice, foreplay, large insertion, facial, bukkake, sex toys, voyeurism, deep throat, multiple breasts, horsecock, huge cock, drunk, prostitution, Hispanic, voyeur, group sex, orgy, teabagging, big balls, cervix penetration, stripping, cum eating, futarani, cumshot, father, John Henry Irons, The Stranger, strip, exhibition, Satanus, bath, dream, frottage, BDSM, ass expansion, speculum, catfight, rape, noncensensual sex, squirting, Green Lantern, The Flash, spitroasted, milking, multiple genitalia, age regression, weight gain, furry, clit expansion, lactation, bug girl, f2m, Star Sapphire, barely legal, large insertion, romance, Jimmy Olsen, transsexual, crossdressing, stuffing, gape, rough sex, Rule 63, gender-bender, orgasm denial, dick growth, Neron, dildo, shortstack, transvestite, pregnancy, rapid pregnancy, Granny Goodness, demon sex, double vaginal, strap on, rimjob, dance, nonconsensual sex, catgirl, petting, vagina penetration, self-fuck, polyamory, John Constantine, penis expansion, yoga, insemination, snowball, sex doll, Bizarro, hucow, public use, gloryhole, Superman, tentacle, birth, hypnotism, big cocks, prostitute, massive breasts, massive cock, cum-eating, ritual sex, embarrased, domination, breast play, Icon, non-consensual, prolapse, public sex, defloration, kiss, Lois, teen, breastplay, bathtub, Amanda Waller, oviposition, Superboy, naked, feather, handcuffs, inflation, third hole, huge penis, Steel, bbw, ball busting, latex, public masturbation, orgasm, foot fetish, dreams, glory hole, gag, autofellation, Supergirl, cock milking, romantic, tattoo, ghost sex, cum shot, big vagina, wax, Killer Croc, multiple penises, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aphrodite, Raven, oil, urethra penetration, 69, vibrator, huge cocks, virgin, excessive sperm, massage, nude, extra orifice, swallow, pegging, chastity, Clark Kent, ballbusting, Brainiac, sex club, huge vagina, foursome, shaving, alien, condom, demon transformation, insertion, plant sex, illustrated, giant sperm, transgender, cumplay, insect girl, Perry White, Circe, ejaculation, period, cheating, large insertions, giantess, Jimmy Olson, prostate, public nudity, squirt, muscle growth, unbirthing, excess cum, big penis, rusty trombone, deflower, attribute theft, lactating, sex, Scarecrow, werewolf, prostate massage, gender swap, harem, wolf girl, watersports, urination, piss drinking, stripped, huge pussy, ball crushing, possession, sleep sex, gender change, penis growth, bisexual, ovoposition, hug, butt expansion, fanfic, spanking, candle, pussy bukkake, long tongue, facesitting, ghost, pussy pump, monster sex, sleep fuck, self-impregnation, corruption, hermaphrodite, titjob, tit fuck, exhibitionist, Poison Ivy, fellatio, breathplay, Asian, scissoring, dominance, Batwoman, Riddler, mutual masturbation, tentacles, brain drain, triple penetration, tentacle sex, titfuck, J'onn J'onzz, telepathy, premature ejaculation, shower, stretching, big pussy, dancing, lipples, rough, gentle, grope, costumes, castration, cum bath, spitroast, pregnancy transfer, supervillains, bound, robot sex, multiple dicks, multiple vaginas, Lucy Lane, sister, Mercy Grave, Elongated Man
  2. Items of Power by Cross C

    21 hours ago

    A depository for stories involving magical items that control people and alter reality usually for erotic reasons...

    79 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Both
  3. Create a Shemale by wsauthor

    22 hours ago

    This area will be for creating a shemale or futa robot or AI, and the resulting story.

    37 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    2nd Person, Male
  4. Une soirée magique by zbloutch

    1 day ago

    Déborah fait une soirée avec ses amies dans la maison de sa grand-mère. Quand ils explorent le grenier, ils se retrouvent vite dépassés par les événements.

    9 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  5. Feminization Games by Snoe72

    3 days ago

    A series of forced feminization tales from multiple genre's and settings. Fantasy, Sci-fi, slice of life, and more. Begin as a man, but I can't garauntee you'll stay one. Oh if you've any question feel free to contact me. Or if you like or dont like something please do leave comments I'm happy to have them.

    33 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    Post-Apocalyptic, Raiders, Vault, Survival, Sci-Fi, Space Station, Robots, Factory, Creepy, Stalker, neighbor, transformation, force, non-consent, ruin, stolen, hacked, brainwashing, porn, naked, strip, ritual, striptease, alien, femboy, sexy, hot, pheromones, Ordinary, Life, Gone, Wrong, cock, candy, food buffet, tease, boi, femboi, Knight, Embarrassed, Elf, sex, cum, vaginal, semen, doggy style, nude, mindbreak, elven, maiden, petgirl, dark elf, drow, training, half-orc, crossdressing, trap, tucking, public, story, feminization, risk, robot, sissy, cross-dressing, forced feminization, karma, Scavenger, Self-Bondage, Bondage, Caught, anal, bare-back, rape, butt fucking, Creampie, Messy orgasm, Butt plug, Non-con, Tied-up, Failed Escape, Punishment, Spanking, cheating, crossdresser, cross-dresser, cheater, Futanari, Magic, Body Change, Dickgirl, saviour, deal, potion, mindcontrol, Corseting, Step-Sister, restrained, blowjob, fellatio, expermiment, nylons, padded bra, vibrator, scare, shower, male, gay, armor, Game design, digitized, cyberpunk, hacker, Glue, fake breasts, femdom, Scifi, Assembly line, femdroid, super hero, empath, Fantasy, Adventure, Fairy, Elves, Bandits, Dwarves, Curse, Oral, M/f, Mistress, Enchantment, Hypnotism, Superhero, Crime Scene, Kidnapping, Trapped, Stripped, Captured, Drunk, Drugged, Lesser evil, wrestleing, race, choice, pansy, prisoner, orc, human, straight, party, androgyn, cute, abduction, trade, hero, mimic, shapeshifter, Android, Kidnapped, Reprogrammed, transgender, bisexual, jock, football, femme, makeup, romantic, love story, branding, slave, hormone shot, helpless, cheating spouses, revenge, Reluctance, College, Gymnast, Accident, Forced, Twin, Humiliation, buttplug, penetration, Neighbour, Chloroform, Facial, Masterbate, Pantygag, Criminal, Burglar, AI, Machine, BDSM, Restraints, romance, dancing, transwoman, transgirl, m/m, alley, witchboi, heavy petting, lust, King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Royalty, cowgirl, slut, darkelf, bound, tied, capture, whore, Alien femboy, assassin, aliens, Downloaded, Hidden, Masturbation, Sedative, Unconcious, Found, amazons, amazonian, dildo, ambush, gangbang, cocksucking, frat, fraternity, Lesbian, Tricked, Orgasm, smart, boy, nerd, Pressure, Predicament, Makeout, Squire, teleportation, history, dark, forcedfem, hair removal, Estrogen, TG, Hormone treatments, Crime, Court ordered, dark-elf, lady, pet, leash, owned, genre, A Castle?(Fantasy), snoe, dolls, step-daughter, Bunker, Fallout, Monsters, Minotaur, Werewolf, Vampire, close, groping, corset, corsetting, dress up, Cursed, Doll, Dresses, Sex Toys, transformed, Vacation, Las Vegas, Camping, Foreign Country, Dragoness, Forced Crossdressing, Auction, Brothel, examination, female, petting, spy, reluctanc, cat burglar, cocksucker, competition, latex, crossdress, quest, adventurer, group, noble, hormones, Office, Does she make you a sex slave a stripper or her sexy sister, prinsoner, Villains, Hypnosis, Plot, Guard, Sorceress, Jester, barbarian, archer, swordsman, lost in the woods, witch, pixie, small penis humiliation, forced stripping, crazy neighbor, gagged, tape, super, powers, supersissy, famous, dungeon, madame, man, kissing, costume party, Slime, full-body, symbiot, feminine, alchemy, leather, super heroes, superheroes, fondling, touched, groped, teasing, humiliating, Jealous, Brother, celebrity, private, touching, killer, changed, brainwash, conditioning, dominant, burned clothes, destroyed clothes, incriminating video, recorded, control, domination, paranormal, horror, ghosts, witches, haunted
  6. The Invasion of the Futas by MrTwister3

    3 days ago

    Weeks before the invasion began, your kingdom managed to capture a lone scout party. Subjected to experiments and public display, these scouts learned first-hand that your kingdom did not respect their race. However, nothing lasts forever...

    43 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  7. Wanted: Prince for Wildly Implausible Fuckfest by HighGrove

    4 days ago

    Through the (obscenely thinly-sketched) machinations of what can only be called a magical job application, you find yourself transported through space and time to an egregiously sexual fantasy realm. Forced into the role and form of one of several noble suitors, you find yourself literally (figuratively) balls-deep in the struggle for the hand of the kingdom's fair princess. Will you find the will to overcome the absurdly high-concept insanity of it all to win the princess's...heart? Let's say heart. It's like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, but poorly written and with substantially more fucking.

    31 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
  8. When They're Gone by 8inchesandcounting

    6 days ago

    After surviving the unthinkable, one small family deals with the daily struggles of life after nuclear Armageddon. Fortunately, your father was an obsessed prepper, and had the forethought to build a fallout shelter beforehand. Unfortunately, he was working overtime on the Saturday when the bombs fell. When the sirens rang, your family gathered in the safety your father had built, and prayed for their lives. Months after the last explosion, signs of nature have started to return to the outside world. Grass is growing, animals are scavenging, and the temperature is climbing. Still, the Geiger counters still show hints of danger, but the time may be soon that you need to leave the shelter and return to the outside world.

    27 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
    Sister, Brother, Incest, Grinding, Dry-Hump, Dry-Humping, Humping, Dry Humping, Dry Hump, Dickgirl, Futa, Futanari, Shemale, Transexual, Trans, Big Dick, Cousin, Cuddle, Cuddling, Fallout, Shelter, Nuclear, Bomb Shelter, Fallout Shelter, Trapped, Apocalypse, Post-Apocalypse, Post-Nuclear, End Of The World, Family, Future, Working Out, Fitness, Work Out, Military, Army, Mother And Son, Mom And Son, Son and Mom, Son and Mother, Mom, Mother, Son, Mom and son incest, son and mom incest, Mother and son incest, son and mother incest, Masturbation, Dildo, Horny, MILF, Oral, Sucking Cock, Cock Sucking, Cock, Sucking, MMF, Threesome, Cum, Cumming, Semen, Swallow, Swallowing, Bisexual Male, Bisexual, Dick, Sucking Dick, Older Sister, Younger Sister, Older Brother, Younger Brother, Sex Toys, Masturbating, Fingering, Finger, Vagina, Pussy, Dildos, Vibrator, Big Tits, Big Ass, Big Breasts, Large Breasts, Large Tits, Huge Tits, Big Booty, Ass, Tits, Breasts, Boobs, Booty, Teen, Teenager, Little Sister, Big Sister, Virgin, Busty, DP, Double Penetration, Nipple Clamp, Nipple Clamps, Nipple, Nipples, Breast, Tit, Female Masturbation, Sex-Toys, Female, Girl, Mother Son Incest, Son Mother Incest, Brother Sister Incest, Sister Brother Incest, Sibling, Siblings, Sex, Mother Daughter Incest, Daughter Mother Incest, Daughter, Fit, Strong, Muscle, Muscles, Toned, Short Hair, Little Brother, Big Brother, Father, Kiss, Kissing, Cousins, Kissing Cousins, Large Ass, Large Booty, Dark Hair, Long Hair, Hair, Wife, Brother and Sister, Sister and Brother, Built, Jack Off, Jacking Off, Jerking Off, Jacking-Off, Male Masturbation, Vouyer, Brother-Sister, Sister-Brother, Giant Tits, Huge Breasts, Giant Breasts, Huge Ass, Big, Huge, Giant, Work-Out, Workout, Sleeping, Asleep, Non-Consent, Non Consent, Non-Consentual, Non Consentual, Post-Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apocalypse, Stuck, Guilt, Daughters, Sisters, Brother Sister Sex, Sister Brother Sex, Fucking, Fantasy, Fantasizing, Mutual Masturbation, Cum In Panties, Cum Fetish, Cum Play, She Male, Dick Girl, Transgender, Large Dick, Big Cock, Dick-Girl, Blonde, Brunette, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Male, Radiation, Caught, Tease, Teasing, Brother Sister, Sister Brother, Brother-and-Sister, Sister-and-Brother, Massage, Handjob, Hand Job, Jerking-Off, Cum In Mouth, Drinking Cum, Big Cousin, Female Cousin, Male Cousin, Little Cousin, Blowjob, Felatio, Public, Risk, Risky, Sneak, Sneaky, Sneaking
  9. Curiosity Changes by mostlyclothed

    1 week ago

    Being the baby of my friends was be hard, from being the youngest to being the only virgin, it always feels like I was missing out. It didn't help that they liked to talk about their exploits all the time, it didn't help that I was not conventionally attractive and had no confidence and it really didn't help that I had always been curious about the other side of the gender fence. It wasn't like I wasn't comfortable, or like I had been born into the wrong body, it was just that I was curious. Running into the old man at the movie theater changed all that. Going from the baby to the babe was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything.

    4 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
  10. Gender Change: Housewife Project by Zekar

    1 week ago

    When you first came to this quiet gated suburban neighborhood it becomes apparent that nothing is what it seems. The picture perfect families have a dark secret, and the pinup housewives even more so.

    16 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male