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  1. Cumquest of the West by Deadedge

    3 months ago

    In mythical ancient China the monk Tang Sanzang was sent on a quest to retrieve the Xutras from a land in the mysterious West. Being the reincarnation of Buddha's most dear disciple, Tang had within him an all powerful Godly Seed. This meant his journey would not only be arduous due to the dangers inherent for such a perilous mission, but that he would also be besieged by many a demon wanting to feed off this power to become more powerful themselves... Will the monk survive the journey? Will he be able to conquer these obstacles and fulfil his destiny? Well he wouldn't be able to do it alone...

    100% (64 users)
    19 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  2. Adventures of Flint Hardwood, Bounty Hunter by RicoLouis

    1 year ago

    Flint Hardwood heads into the plains on the trail of two outlaw sisters who killed their father and stole his money along with a ledger which could lead to a buried treasure. He tracks them to an old mining town called Widow Hills full of women.

    100% (75 users)
    14 Chapters Deep
    Group Sex
    1st Person, Male