Naked and Embarrassed

Naked and Embarrassed

An enf and enm story

Chapter 1 by Username000 Username000

'Today is going to be a long day.' You tell yourself while sighing.

The reasons for that is everything that could have possibly gone wrong this morning did. First the water stopped working for no good reason which prevented you from showering, then your golden retriever Rufus brought mud inside of the house when you let him inside, and just now you accidentally elbowed your oatmeal onto the floor.

The only day worse than this one was that one time you got your pants pulled down in front of everybody in middle school! That's a day you never want to relive.

Despite the horrific events that have occurred already, you unfortunately have plans made already and there was no possible way you would be able to ditch them.

What are your plans for the day?

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