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  1. Blue Balls by airwreck

    1 hour ago

    Jerking off to porn does eventually gets boring. Eventually you need to cave in to your desire to get laid but with no girlfriend you will have to pay for the sex.

    100% (816 users)
    28 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    1st Person, Male
  2. Wow, I think I'm bi by

    4 hours ago

    Hayley realizes one night that she's actually into women as well as guys and seeks to act on these new desires.

    100% (1,102 users)
    34 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
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  3. Naruto: Secrets of the Kraigen Clan by Ragnockae136

    5 hours ago

    Join Aroi Kraigen as he attempts to rediscover his past, after being experimented on by Orochimaru For ten years he's finally escaped from the Snake's Clutches, and watdh as he joins the leaf as a Shinobi.

    100% (18 users)
    8 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
  4. Die Hochzeitsreise by MACC

    5 hours ago

    Unsere Hochzeitsreise nach Kenia

    100% (241 users)
    34 Chapters Deep
    Non-English (dated)
    1st Person, Both
  5. Free Cities Stories by schetefan

    18 hours ago

    Follow different Characters living in the Free Cities Universe The Original Free Cities games can be found here: freecitiesblog.blogspot.com

    100% (27 users)
    22 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    2nd Person, Both
  6. Goblin breding slave by kire5613

    19 hours ago

    A goblin of the forest wishes to find a female of any race to breed a tribe with willing or not.

    100% (447 users)
    20 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  7. Changing the Rules by street0

    22 hours ago

    The world is run on rules and taboos. What happens if you change a few of them?

    100% (2,142 users)
    21 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Male
  8. Das Klassentreffen by MACC

    1 day ago

    Das erste Klassentreffen meiner Frau und was dabei alles passiert

    100% (982 users)
    77 Chapters Deep
    Non-English (dated)
    1st Person, Both