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Chapter 1 by Murakami Murakami

"All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. In the event that they are canonically underage, their appearance here is in an AU in which they are of age."

Once upon a time, on a bet and while very very drunk, a higher power of some kind made a very special item.

Whoever wears it is granted the power of normality: Anything and everything the wearer does is considered normal and people won't bat an eye at it no matter what is done. Not content with how bad of an idea this was, a second bet was made that an even more outrageously dangerous item could be made. This second item, kept as a set with it, has the power to let the user determine what society finds normal and what it does not, through use of the word 'normal'.

Once everyone sobered up, the items were put away...somewhere. It didn't matter, after all, since they were completely normal pieces of work, nothing special about them at all, so there was no real need to keep track of them.

At least, unless you were wearing them...

(Based on the "Normality Earrings" thread line from the Breast Expansion Addventure. They don't have to be earrings this time if you don't want them to be.)

What are these?

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