Bridget's New home

What will happen in her new life?

Chapter 1 by aroes aroes

It’s my first day officially in my new condo. The day is largely over, and night is fast approaching. I currently live alone, and now that I have finished moving my stuff in, I can relax a bit. It’s Thursday now, and I don't start till next week so I have a few days before my job officially starts. I now officially work as a secretary at the nearby Clinic. These extra days off will finally give me some time to get to know the area, and maybe make some new friendships. At the very least I can blow off some steam checking out some of the local dives, and spend some time at the shared amenities, such as the gym and pool.

I was a bit surprised to find out that the showers were shared, but given the cost of alternatives living locations, I felt it better not to argue too much. I needed to find a place, and there were not exactly a lot of options. At least, that’s what I told myself as I finished getting dressed. Even with a new job, money was tight. I've given some thought to getting a second job to earn some extra cash. Those options quickly grow larger if I consider prospect only a young lady, like myself, and could be able to perform. Sure, it would mean wanting to try someone a bit more risqué than I'm been accustomed too so far, but it may well be worth it. I’ve also posted some adverts online for a roommate, as I've got the space to share and it would reduce costs.

Regardless, I really should try to get to know a few people in the area I can really on. I can't do that from my condo. I like being at the center of attention, turning some heads and getting noticed. Hence, I've decided to wear something a bit more revealing for my first real night out. I picked out a low cut tank top, and sigh when I realize if I choose to wear a bra underneath, there would simply be no way to hide it.

To go with it, I choose a black mini skirt. I love how it clings tightly to my hips and ass, and I enjoy the idea it was just long enough too just cover my ass; short of it riding up in back. To finish the outfit off, I put on a pair of high heels on. Lastly, I make the choice not to wear any panties, either. The last thing I needed is a G-string to get stuck in the wrong place and distract me at an inconvenient moment.

Where does Brigit go first? Or does Bridget get unexpected guests first?

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