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  1. Sexual Privilege by SanctifiedVillified

    13 hours ago

    These branching stories are going to have 3 very simple premises: 1) You exist in a world where your character AND ONLY your character gets to have sex with whatever group or groups of people you choose wherever and whenever he or she desires. 2) The circumstances under which he or she can have sex with that group can be specified generally or specifically. 3) The response of the people you have sex with and/or the general public can be chosen.

    100% (830 users)
    9 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male
  2. Victoria Black In... by MsKittyVicki

    20 hours ago

    Victoria is the penultimate example of overly proportioned! Well, she wants everyone to think that because without her tremendous beauty aids, aka her super stuffed bras, over watermelon halved butt pads and even her super secret pussy enhancer, "Big Titty Vicki" is nothing more than a young woman cursed with the body of pre-teen... Flat everywhere and never once needing to shave... If anyone ever found out that this sumptuous young woman was anything but curvy, she would die of humiliation and cower and cry like a child!

    100% (282 users)
    76 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  3. Extracurricular Adventures by vgadict

    1 day ago

    A girl recalls the events that changed her life after high school. Raised in the rural Midwest as a timid, conservative young woman, her first weeks at college flipped her world upside down. While facing the possibility of losing her scholarship or disgracing her family, her forays into exhibitionism and masturbation ultimately lead to a complete psychosexual metamorphosis.

    100% (445 users)
    60 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    1st Person, Female
  4. Naked at College by nahdude

    1 day ago

    College girls find themselves in embarrassing situations with less clothes than they'd prefer.

    100% (687 users)
    19 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Female
  5. Friends by Baumwoll

    2 days ago

    This is a story about a guy and his friends. A lot can happen between two good friends. They could turn in to fuckbuddies. They could become a couple. They could become soulmates. This story will be open for others to write their own story lines, but I'll moderate it, so don't write stupid or lazy stuff :P

    100% (742 users)
    15 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  6. Stripped On Screen by writerperson

    3 days ago

    Women on the silver screen and the television are finding themselves without any clothes! Follow their tales of nudity and exposure!

    100% (1,360 users)
    14 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Female
  7. Cheerleader Destiny by GoodBoy

    4 days ago

    You're given magic powers to totally reshape the lives of the high school cheer team.

    100% (1,533 users)
    31 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Male
  8. Monster Girl ENF/CFNM by TeratonArm

    6 days ago

    A story wherein you follow either a monster girl who winds up naked and embarrassed, or a human guy who winds up naked and embarrassed around monster girls. Or a mix of both! Rules: No scat, vore, underage, incest, or death. No hardcore violence or rape, and generally try to keep a lighter, kind of comedic tone in the story, if you can.

    100% (219 users)
    23 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Both