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  1. Free To Use For A Week by alternatereality08

    9 hours ago

    In the distant future, new measures have been taken to help combat sexual assault. These measures made it so a large group of women would be stripped each week, both of clothes and most basic rights. These women would be free to use and abuse for that week.

    19 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  2. The Naked Ones by VTDestiny

    1 day ago

    The United States has just passed a new law that states parents can put their kids in a punishment program that forces their child to be naked in public and do anything anyone wearing clothes tells them as long as it is reasonable. People can also willingly join the program often leading to being accused of being a slut or an exhibitionist.

    17 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Both
    Piss, Pissed, Pissing, Pee, Peed, Peeing, Urine, Urinated, Urinating, Pissed on, Pissing on, Piss on, Pee on, Peed on, Peeing on, Urinated on, Urinating on, Urinate on, Urinate, Golden shower, Water sports, Watersports, Public piss, Filmed, Recorded, Video taping, Naked, Nude, Public pee, Public, Public naked, NiP, School students, Public Nudity, Nudity, Freak out, Freaking out, Struggling, Bladder release, Soaked, Covered, Struggle, Weiner, Orgasm, Public orgasm, Video taped, Video recorded, Video recording, Video camera, Camera, Phone, Watching, Toy, Toys, Vibrator, Sex toy, Sex toys, Sexual pleasure, Release, Relieve Bladder, Accept deal, Bet, Offer, Deal, Covered in pee, Cfnm, Cfnf, NMNF, NFNM, Clothed female naked male, Clothed female naked female, Naked female, Naked girl, Naked boy, Naked teen, Naked teens, Teen, Teens, Student, Students, Public Area, Publicly naked, Publicly nude, Exposed, Uncovered, Law, Mom, Mother, Mum, Twin, Sister, Twin sister, Fetish, Bladder, Peed all over, Watched peeing, Watched pissing, Naked in public, Naked outdoors, Tied, Bound, Bondage, Tied up, G string tie, Rope, Watched, Outdoor, Outdoors, Walking naked, Piss Desperation, Desperation, Pee Desperation, Erection, Stiffy, Stiff Member, Arousal, Aroused, Horny, Embarrassed, Humiliated, Mortified, Hesitant, Measurements, Size Reveal, Secrets, Collars, Binds, Restricted Movement, Owner, Secret Revealed, Exposure, Ass, Butt, Discipline, Family, Punishment, Son, Posted nudes, Internet, Outside, Bared, Rules, Laws, Websites, Porn, Masturbation talk, Porn talk, Secrets exposed, Nudeness, Nakedness, Hard on, Boner, Penis, Taunting, Teasing, Tease, Taunt, Birthday suit, Nude in Public, Naked Program, Naked Law, Forced nudity, Forced Naked, Collared, Leashed, Leash, Size, Public exposure, Siblings, Twins, Exhibition, Exhibitionism, Forced Exhibitionism, Reluctant, Reluctant naked, Naked Rule, Nude rule, Blushing, Humiliation, Angry, Panty theft, Caught naked, Caught, Caught nude, Caught Naked in Public, Panty thief, Underwear thief, Underwear theft, Revealed, Crying, Begging, Pinned, Ball Gag, Breast Bondage, Daughter, Embarrassment, Humiliate, Embarrass, Pleading, Boobs, Vagina, Breasts, Piss holding, Drive by, Drive, Truck, Seen, Exhibitionist, Humiliating, Embarrassing, Urine holding, Pee holding, Masturbation, Stark Naked, Desperate to pee, Desperate to piss, Pussy, Cunt, Cooch, Dick, Balls, Nuts, Bare, Stripped, Public Punishment, Public humiliation, Public embarrassment, Driver, Laughed at, Program, N.A.K.E.D., Bare Naked, Butt Naked, Buck Naked, Stealing panties, Stolen panties, Collar, Secret, Pervert, Judging, Insults, Stolen underwear, Sleeping, Thief, Arousal Fluid, Stolen Clothes, Cursing, Name Calling, Slut Shaming, Taken Clothes, Party Preperation, Punish, Pubic Hair, Blonde, Fluid, Naked Outside, Water, Holding, Security Cameras, Crush, No Covering, Reluctant Nudity, Drinking Water, Tricked, Enm, Morning wood, Take clothes, Punished, Shaved pubes, Removed body hair, Fear, Cry, Bladder holding, Ballgag, Gagged, Humilated, Enf, Blush, Public Holding, Naked Female Naked Male, Naked Male Naked Female, Naked in the streets, Custom, Party, Lewd Comments, Unclad, Undraped, Undressed, Unclothed, In the nude, T and A, T & A, T&A, Embarrased, Vibrate, Urge to piss, Urge to pee, Have to piss, Have to pee, Got to go, Got 2 go, Oil, Oiled, Wanking, Wank, Masturbate, Masturbating, Oily, Spank, Slap, Smack, Shower, Restrain, Screaming, Forced, Threat, Mommy, Eager, Female Crush, Covered in oil, Tanning oil, Baby Oil, Drenched, Oiled Up, Shiny, Love, Staring, Stared at, Caught Staring, Caught with a Boner, Erect, Precum, Dripping, Suspicious, Crush's house, Revenge, Urolagnia, Spanking, Red Ass, Hidden Cameras, Cumming, Humping, Mattress, Mattress Hump, Mattress Humping, School, Customizable, Permanent Hair Removal, Hair Removal, Spanked, Security Camera, Caught on film, Caught on tape, Teenagers, Teenager, Red butt, Spanked red, Taped, Caught on Camera, John Willie G String Tie, John Willie G-String tie, Need to piss, Need to pee, Tears, Pain, Ball Gags, Public peeing, Public urination, Public pissing, Ball Gagged, Ropes, Squirting Orgasm, Squirting, Squirt, Pleasure, Remote, Trick, Female, Arousal Fluids, Fluids, Erect Nipples, Nipples, Voyeur, Punishment Program, Panty Stealer, Bliss, Screaming Squirting Orgasm, Squirted, Juice, Juices, Tits
  3. Dick for hire by Ankoino

    2 days ago

    You provide a very specific service.

    15 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    ariana grande, blackmail, redhead, celebrity, petite, purple hair, teen, teacher, non-consent, rape, casting, ellen page, lesbian, Virgin, slave play, s&m, gang bang, daisy ridely, bdsm, abuse, brunette, domination, submission, Submissive, blowjob, free use, secretary, arab, empregnation, lesbian on male, impregnation, vanilla, ridding, threesom, cunnilingus, bondage, kidnapping, huge dick, porn casting, college, sorority, pledge, humiliation, stripping, public, public nudity, forced nudity, blond, bimbo, bisexual, married, cuckold, against a wall, mixed race, prostitute, asian, tattoos, punk, piercings, prostitution, group, harem, spanking, cum dumpster, sex slave, titjob, deepthroat, job interview, brown hair, anal, revenge, facial, oral, roadhead, fingering, finger fuck, finger bang, ass to mouth, porn, female pov, lesbain, orgasm denial, oral sex, blow job, hand job, teasing, creampie, alternate start, gal gadot, inter-racial, pussy eating, cunnilinugs, trans women, trans, transgender, step daughter, couple, black, fake casting, rope-play, tied up, forced orgasm, professor, non-consenst, rough, blasian, voyeur, bound, trick, riding, gangbang, bukkake, spitroast, dp, double penetration, blindfolded, blindfold, sorority pledge, porn shoot, bar, gigolo, male prostitute, drunk, pink hair, fantasy, emotional abuse, non-consent fantasy, pigtails, consentual, payment, sex, silent, trench coat, non-consentual, glory hole, slave, stepdaughter, enf, cum shot, hair job, gagged, forced, threeway, threesome, christian, tied down, abduction, white, mixed-race, interracial, party, jennifer lawrence, gown, dress, drugged, filmed, begging, aphrodesiac, auburn hair, 18, bush, jewish, jewess, lesbians, exotic, biracial, interractial, against the wall, jeniffer lawrence, cum, burger, ejaculation, burger ejaculator, face fuck, bi-racial, throat fuck, penis, jack off, not gay, no, daisy ridley, cowgirl, lawyer, bathrobe, mistress, road head, british, orgy, mermaid, pornstar, ghost, supernatural, modern fantasy, Hayden Panettiere, bath robe
  4. Naked and Embarrassed by Username000

    4 days ago

    You've experienced embarrassing stories of others getting stripped in third person on this site, but what if you were the one forced to get naked in front of tons of people? Varying locations from a high school, the beach, or even your work place! Be male or female and decide whether to have bright red cheeks alone or with a friend in this interactive story!

    29 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    2nd Person, Both
  5. Mom's Boy by HunterDawn

    4 days ago

    A mother raises her son in a strange and isolated fashion. Now that he's 19, she decides to take things a little further.

    8 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  6. Pokeslut by Mooki

    5 days ago

    An all new Pokemon adventure awaits you in Kanto! Will you become a Pokemon master surpassing your long time rival, or will you be left to smell him later after he fucks the ever living shit out of you! (Public)

    34 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
  7. The Notebook by VTDestiny

    6 days ago

    A magic notebook is found on earth allowing the finder to change reality.

    7 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    3rd Person, Male
    Scissors, Destroy, Destroyed, Destroyed clothes, Cut Clothes, Cutting clothes, Cut up clothes, Stripped, Restrained, Naked, Naked teen, Naked in Public, Public Nudity, Nudity, Nude, Underwear, Lace, Sexy, Stripping, Forced strip, Forced Stripping, Forcibly stripped, Panties, Bra, Magic, Magic Item, Fantasy, Magic Notebook, Reality change, Reality Bend, Reality Bender, Reality bending, Reality Warp, Warp Reality, Fiction, Alter reality, Rewrite history, Blowjob, Fellatio, Sucking, Licking, Oral, Spank, Spanked, Spanking, Tease, Teased, Teasing, Suck, Sucked, Lick, Licked, Sex, Simulation, Oral stimulation, Teens, Virgins, Virgin, First time, Smack, Smacked, Smacking, Horny, Arousal, Aroused, Arousing, Ass, Butt, Boobs, Breasts, Boobies, Chest, Erection, Surprise, Mortified, Mortification, Law, Graduate, Public, Teen, School, Field Trip, Trip, Party, Amusement Park, Mind control, Caught, Orgasm, Enf, Cmnf, Embarrassed, Embarrassment, Embarrass, Humiliated, Humiliation, Humiliate, Desperate, Nip, Beg, Begging, Begged, Insulted, NiS, Strip, Public Strip, Naked in school, Customizable, Police, Mocked, Taunted, Size shaming, Shamed, Shaming, Nude in public, Nude in school, Penis, Vagina, Pussy, Cunt, Enm, Embarrassing, Covered, Schoolgirl, School girl, School girls, Schoolgirls, Male, Female, Embarrassed naked male, Embarrassed naked female, Vibrator, Sex toy, Toy, Sex toys, Toys, Controlled, Voyeur, Exhibitionism, Squirt, Squirting, Squirted, Voyeurism, Exhibitionist, Exhibition, Peeping tom, Pervert, Erect, Masturbation, Masturbate, Masturbating, Masturbated, Jilling off, Fingering, Magic wand, Butt Naked, Ass Naked, Pussy Out Naked, Stark Naked, Dick Out Naked, Ass Out Naked, Birthday Suit, Jilling, Jill, Jilled, Jill off, Jilled Off, Self Pleasure, Order, Law Enforcement, Cops, Officer, Officers, Polics officer, Police Officer, Police Officers, Cuffed, Handcuffed, Cuffs, Handcuffs, Gym, Bleachers, Arrest, Arrested, Teenager, Teenagers, Teenage, Public masturbation, Cfnm, Cfnf, CMNM, Dirty
  8. In the City of Flesh and Rust by Herobrine

    1 week ago

    Follow one of four characters as they explore the cyberpunk city of Lincoln, Nebraska. In this world, body modification is common and well-practiced. Cypeople voluntarily upgrade themselves with additional or replacement body parts, for fashion and for function. Because of the prevalence of machine parts, and the simultaneously elevated-and-depraved social ideology that comes with it, nudity and sex are everywhere--a staple of the cyberpunk lifestyle. Celebrities bare their genitals--be they organic or cybernetic--as they act and advertise. Men and women trade their bodies for good and services as readily as they do cash. Orgies may be organized or impromptu, in the streets or high-end clubs. Some might embrace cypeople, and strive to replace as much of their flesh with metal as they can afford. Others spurn the ideas, preferring the natural feel of skin and sex. In the city of flesh and rust, one thing is certain: everyone wants to fuck the classist elite, one way or another.

    3 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
  9. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Femdom by Onlysorta

    3 weeks ago

    In space, no one can hear these men plea for mercy. A story of bondage, debasement, humiliation, milking, and handsome heroes being made into women's playthings. Whether on a spaceship, an unknown planet or a medieval dungeon, one thing's for certain— these cock-hungry women take what they want. Wholesomeness and cute moments WILL be present.

    29 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both