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  1. Naked and Embarrassed

    3 hours ago

    You've experienced embarrassing stories of others getting stripped in third person on this site, but what if you were the one to get naked in front of tons of people? Varying locations from a high school, the beach, or even your work place! Be male or female and decide whether to have bright red cheeks alone or with a friend in this interactive story!

    69 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    2nd Person, Both
    Bunnygirl, Playboy Bunny, Dress, Bouncing Breasts, No Panties, Going Commando, Shortstack, Huge Breasts, Busty, twister, ENM, cfnm, embarrassed, humiliated, embarrassing, naked, nude, penis, humiliation, Torn Clothes, Breast Envy, Nopan, Braless, Covering, Stripped in Public, Stripped, Puns, Bunny Jokes, Fights, Streetfighting, Brawling, Knight in Shining Armor, White Knight, Rescue, SPH, invisible, Robot girl, CMNF, Only One Naked, OON, ENF, Naked in Public, NiP, Nude in Public, Public Nudity, Wardrobe Malfunction, Rescue Romance, Damsel in Distress, Romance, CFCMNF, pussy, clit, stuck, pussy juice, spread legs, swollen pussy, bee sting, handjob, swollen clit, swollen pussy lips, heat, pleasure, shiver, Harem, ENC, Embarrassed Nude Couple, Embarrassed Nude Harem, streak, dare, school, game, embarrassed naked female, clothed male naked female, exposed, Spp, public, Costume, bra, panties, Roleplay, cheerleader, nudity, clothed female naked male, embarrassed naked male, Small penis, blowjob, edging, bet, cheerleaders, exhibitionist, Chinese, Hong Konger, ENM Route, speedo, changing room, Sex, Group, Beach, Bikini, cock, Breastplay, Second Base, Topless, Boner, Erection, Hard-on, small penis worship, small dick, small cock, small penis encouragement, small cock confidence, cfnf, nfnm, bully, Tall girl, Jock, Cuddling, Hugs, Softness, wedgie, titty twister, pranking, butt, prank, Public humiliation, nurse, premature, Small, Ejaculate, conspiracy, secret society, Teacher, Store, Titfuck, Paizuri, public sex, oral, Buff girl, naked apron, humiliating, Around four hundred seventy-eight years ago I killed a man in what is now modern day Cambodia, female orgasm, Wet Pussy, Dat Ass, Fat Ass, Bare Ass, Booty, Thicc, Buttocks, Ass, Rear, Rear End, Bottom, Memes, You may spank it. Once., Fetish, girl on top, embarrassment, EUF, Embarrassed Nude Female, streaking, dick, shower, naked in school, hiking, hike, Massage, Sunblock, Sunscreen, Lotion, Rubenesque, Curvy, Voluptuous, Shapely, Curvaceous, Thick, Full-figured, Well-endowed, legging pants, small buttocks, large breasts, white top, premature ejaculation, pants down, bottomless, pee, shy, Stripes, Edgelord, Pantsed, EUM, facial, black, Kissing, Snogging, Making Out, Hugging, Thighs, Thighjob, creampie, CMCNNF, Chubby, Boobies, Big Tits, Hips, Glasses, Inverted Nipples, Dom/Sub, Dominant Male, Submissive Female, Femsub, Mdom, Fsub, Submission, Domination, Submissive, Dominant, Sub, Dom, Fingering, Praise Kink, Maledom, Female Sub, Female Submissive, Male Dom, Male Dominant, Spanking, Orgasm, Cumming, Public Orgasm, Snuggling, Lap Sitting, Sitting in Lap, Masochist, Masochism, Breast Grab, Fondling, Consent, Enthusiastic Consent, softball, arousal, ripped clothes, ripped pants, clothes destruction, halloween, Canadians, Your absolutely tiny, strip, Sunbathing, Suntanning, Tanning, nerd, threesome, make out, kiss, girl on girl, teen, naked man, Thong, horror, Demon girl, Lycanthropy, Werebeast, Bunny, Werebunny, Lycanthrope, shoplifting, bathingsuit, almost naked, swimsuit, revealing, Orgy, Egyptian, High school, blush, bdsm, risk, risky, exposed buttocks, exhibitionism, embarrasment, caught, shame, Voyeur, DnD, D&D, Nipple Piercing, Lesbian Domination, Public Stripping, Voyeurism, Clitoris Piercing, Big Clitoris, Nmnf, Pikachu, commando, Vampire, Masterbating, public exposure, classroom, goth, jealousy, See through underwear, Femdom, amazon, amazon position, crotch, stripping, tits, wet, fight, Voyuer, Eyepatch, Half-Asian, Masked, index, boxers, short skirt, cleavage, flashing, football, field, match, Hiding, Yes
  2. Reality Warped [Now Public] by Goliath

    3 hours ago

    Someone near you has gained the ability to change anything they want however they like.

    249 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Both
    reality warp, reality warping, femdom, omnipotent, omnipotence, love, futa, cumflation, Femboy, kitchen, unknown women, naked, dick, confession, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Principal, Vice-principal, cleaning lady, rude, brusque, home, attribute theft, muscle growth, breast expansion, butt expansion, bimbo, amazon, height, corruption, Domination, mind control, God, makeout, cum, blowjob, reality change, gay, Orgasm, mini giantess, messy, orgasm on command, pov, Transformation, Unaware, foot, feet, worship, food, fruit, genie, anal, collar, ENM, Masturbation, Master PC, MasterPC, Mother, Sister, Brother, cereal, breakfast, cock, rules, upset, Yandere, Handjob, Fake Breasts, Fake Tits, Breast Implants, Nudist, Normal, Son, magic, mommy, magical, control, power play, invisible, hand job, CFNM, mistress, femdomme, wish, cougar, teacher, kissing, licking, wishing, Porn, fly, flight, superpowers, gay sex, diety, palace, kiss, make out, power, hands, dildo, Nurse, milf, wish fulfilment, hunger, Phone app, edging, Thigh job, Gender bender, Gym, Gym Uniform, Futanari, Phantom Cock, Phantom Blowjob, Witch, Excessive Cum, Daughter, Best Friend, Shower, gender change, Futanari Transformation, Multicock, Solo, Mental conditioning, hypnotism, post-sex, Jewelry, Cum eating, Female to doll, possesion, evil genie, Djinn, inanimate tf, merging, evil, cock growth, reality alteration, male to female, Manipulation, dominance, weight gain, feminization, Piercings, Age Regression, Huge Tits, Bunny Suit, Redhead, breasts, Selfie, Latex, wormhole, cuckolding, humiliation, seductuon, race change, perspective switch, shebull, Dick girl, havoc, Siblings, Twins, Edge, Humor, invisibility, posession, mythical, powerplay, humiation, feminizing, shrinking, attribute loss, clothing, hair, excessive cumming, friendly fire, Dick Growth, Penis Growth, Cock Expansion, Dick Expansion, Penis Expansion, Mother Son, super power, Punishment, malnourishment, hyper obesity, exaggerated bimbo, Mom, M/M, Cum Inflation, Huge Cock, Big Ass, Breast Growth, Massive Tits, Giant Cock, maledom, lesbian, Reality Changing, female dominance, futa on male, goddess, m/f, male on female, sex, levitation, telekinesis, telekinetic, penis, expansion, growth, inflation, Gender bend, time travel, magic hands, Oral, first time, Pregnancy, exhibitionism, partially aware, tape recorder, roommates, spontaneous orgasm, bully, new world, free, nudity, women, men, amulet, reality altering, elderly, condom, filled condom, massive cock, lactation, foursome, asian, blonde, cock worship, ball worship, nude, you, AV, Mother/Son, Mind Break, rejuvenated, body modification, vanity, atletic, curvy, artifact, fisting, gape, Ass Expansion, Huge Cocks, Femboy Transformation, Voyer, Mom/Son, rubber, maid, Fantasy, Succubus, Mage, Berserker, Barbarian, Catgirl, Goblin, Demon, Demoness, Vaginal Sex, body control, Hypnosis, costume, momdom, penis enlargement, reality manipulation, stripping, embarrassment, realit warp, squirtflation, cuckqueen
  3. Snowball story writing by Whatsa

    5 hours ago

    Write one chapter of a story, and let someone else write the next.

    66 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    Streaking, Olivia Rodrigo, Victoria Justice, pregnant, mud, enf, embarrased, naked in public, muddy, dirty, wet and messy, predicament, accidental nudity, messy, covered in mud, flirting, erotic couplings, bdsm, training, seduction, forcibly stripped, only one naked, Dua Lipa, robot, machine, cmnf, SPH, Diaper, Humiliation, Hotel, Towel, Batman, Ivy, Mind Control, catfight, NAKED LIKE NEVER BEFORE, Size comparison, cuck, big cock, Magic, ABDL, adult-baby, diapers, ENC, Embarrassed naked couple, strap-on, strap on, Nude at work, Wonder Woman, Superman, Temogam, Female Dominant, maid, french maid, public, orgasm, nipples, Alexandra Daddario, Crossdressing, Feminine, Sophie Turner, museum, Arrest, arrested, roommates, van, public sex, shy, redhead, nudist, naturist, priest, Prank, stripped, stripped naked, lost or stolen clothes, Discipline, Punishment, nude, beach, paradise, Emeraude Toubia, Emily Kinney, stewardess, flight attendant, Nude Model, Nude modelling, AI, Stage, Warcraft, stuck, glue, Ben the Binman, Kristen Bell, Party, Jennette McCurdy, telekinesis, invisible, dress, skirt, euf, teacher, college, Gay, EnM, Hypnosis, Sleeping, Ariana Grande, twink, trap, yaoi, lipstick, anal, oral, punk, Embarrassed Nude Couple, Wallis Day, Physical education, Laundry, Laundromat, free use, aphrodisiac, gone wrong, accidental sex, Jodelle Ferland, Cheating, Soap, Whore, public masturbation, Daniela Melchior, exhibitionism, nude in public, Joey King, Maisie Williams, Hailee Steinfeld, thick, fembot, android, small tits, breast envy, voyeurism, bondage, submission, blonde, MILF, camp, conversion camp, Sybian, slim down, dunk tank, spanking, Transformation, exhibitionist, streamer, egirl, bad dragon, Fluffer, hazing, dare, freeuse, Mermaid, Pink hair, Forest, School, Softcore, Embarrassed Naked Female, Embarrassed Nude Female, Perpetual Nudity, Naked, Embarrassed, game, rules, outdoor, oon, Invisibility, Japanese, bunny, costume, show, Fellatio, Shower, Shaved, Magical Girl, blowjob, Tribal, Nubile Savage, Kate Mara, fleshlight, portals, face fucking, dirty talk, throatfuck, facefuck, gagging, human fleshlight, rimming, throatpie, gag reflex, swallowing, throat noise, sex toy, glory hole, magic portal, deepthroat, interview, panties, food play, art, exhibition, Femdom Porn, Starfire, Starfire x Barbara Gordon, Barbara Gordon, DC Comics, Reese Witherspoon, regression therapy, wardrobe malfunction, naked unaware, public nudity, cfnf, Ass worship, Wet, Emma Roberts, Jamie Chung, Shrinkage, Shrinking Penis, Small, Penis, TG, trans, M2F, TF, nfts, commando, Locked out, dildo, one bar prison, College party, masturbation, sex toys, Handcuffs, streakers, pulp, Mind shift, reality shift, SLUT, Gal Gadot, Olivia Cooke, 1980s, time travel, pianist, spotlight, jumpscare, wreslting, small boobs, stolen clothes, speech, orgy, group, lesbian, beach sex, sex on the beach, bisexual, face-sitting, gangbang, threesome, oral sex, goddess, love goddess, Aly Michalka, AJ Michalka, Alyson Michalka, Amanda Michalka, Aly & AJ Michalka, Aly & AJ, Amanda Joy Michalka, guards, Croatia, Bosnia, Body Modifications, Javicia Leslie, Lesbians, abduction, circus, billionaire, tan lines, talked into stripping, office, teen, swimsuit, Evanna Lynch, destroyed clothes, clothes thrown in garbage, Florence Pugh, mistress, open marriage, bullfighting, wedgie, rope, thong, thicc, Selena Gomez, store, ghostbusters, ghost, ghosts, monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, witch, vampire, vampires, Halloween, werewolf, posing, positive naked feelings, Natalia Dyer, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, naked onstage, nude singer, Zoey Deutch, two cocks, multiple cocks, Harem, aliens, robots, alien abduction, naga, naked at home, insertion, Adam and Eve, Eden, Garden of Eden, cop, Madison Beer, Horse, amusement park, sex doll, gynoid, NFNM, portal, Miranda Cosgrove, New Age, Male/Male, Inde Navarrette, Leni Klum, Christmas, nudist party, orgasm denied, orgasm denial, Neuralink, small breasts, Self love, Natalie Alyn Lind, lost clothes, bikini, fingering, femdom, lezdom, Katherine McNamara, zero-gravity, zero-gravity sex, science fiction, scientist, commander, tiny tits, problematic, Kristen Stewart, pap smear, customs, lawn dart, Florida, 70s, 1970s, Sci-fi, clones, booty, sex magic, Medic, Exam, Asian, Small penis, oedipus, Naked on camera, NIP, Photographed, Male swimsuit, Male swimsuit challenge, Fondling, Cunnilingus, Caught naked, Kissing, Romance, Celebrity Falls, Return to Nature, Island of Eden, dinosaurs, Alicia Vikander, porn star, merfolk, mating season, Hilary Swank, Creepy priest, hot nun, convent sex, abusive relationships, MILF Huntress, ambulance, resuscitation, medical, transform, butt shrinking, Marooned, Stranded, Adam, Eve, post apocalyptic, Tragic mushroom soup accident, barefoot, burglary, Skinny dipping, Summer, Pool, big boobs, studded, revealing outfit, photos, gym, fatass, strip game, jenga, deadlift, mooning, full moon, moon, Lilith, The Bible, Book of Genesis, Distaff Counterpart, Sexy Lifeguard, Barbara Palvin, big dick, Emma Watson, Jessica Green, Sister, Brother, Hypno, Lucy Hale, Sammi Hanratty, Cards Against Humanity, livestream, Hayley Orrantia, Casino, Roulette, Bet, oops, exposed, Jewel Staite, fairy, Nature, outside naked, Kathryn Newton, nude dare, flashing, diaper girl, breastfeeding, Kelli Berglund, Olivia Holt, bimbofication, Laura Marano, Dove Cameron, Madisyn Shipman, Invisible girl, public orgasm, littles/caregivers, littles, caregivers, top model, model, next top model, Molly Quinn, Dream, UNF, Unaware Nude Female, bully, dom, clothes denial, Body Modification, roleplay, ageplay, golf, Nude modeling, Discipline Humiliation Punishment, Goodwill, donation, clothes donation, Erin Moriarty, masturbating, ruined clothes, Homeless, stormtrooper, abstinence, denial
  4. A Magical Tale by ANonnyMouse12

    6 hours ago

    You are 18. You're a normal boring girl, with a normal boring life. Or rather, you were until a talking cat told you you had Magic Powers, and that you were needed to save the world. Now, will you grow to become the savior of the people? An icon of peace and justice? Or will you fall to those who seek to destroy you?

    154 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
    blowjob, sex, vagina, penis, monster, magical girl, female pov, woman pov, deepthroat, fighting, defeat, hero, fiend, cock, dick, ass, anal, oral, corruption, boobs, big boobs, degradation, bully, bullying, masturbation, shower, female lead, adventure, customizable, friend, friends, classmate, public, exhibition, humiliation, creampie, anal creampie, oral creampie, facial, bukkake, gangbang, tentacles, swallow, slut, slutty, whore, journey, quest, sexy, nerdy, high school, honor student, high school girl, homeless, homeless man, mind control, bdsm, colosseum, lesbian, lessbians, bi, kiss, kissing, orgasm, male orgasm, female orgasm, camera, news, hidden camera, nipple, breasts, condom, threesome, foursome, blowbang, pregnancy, threat of pregnancy, ball gag, dildo, sex toy, sex toys, vibrator, fleshlight, human fleshlight, class slut, strip, stripping, filmed, straight, bisexual, submission, cum, cumshot, cumbath, stranger sex, public sex, bad end, voyeur, voyeurism, submissive, sub, RPG, cum on tits, cum on boobs, cum on breasts, fingering, handjob, sex shop, job, streaking, public nudity, collar, cunnilingus, eating out, scizzoring, bondage, face fuck, fellatio, irrumatio, fondling, bj, MF, MMF, MMMF, FF, FFM, raw, unprotected, minor cumflation, cum soaked, recorded, recording, brother, father, ring gag, public exposure, online exposure, news exposure, no condom, nudity, fantasy, magic, magical powers, hyper sensitivity, evil influence, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, broken, mind break, horror, fear
  5. The Rulebook by ashes2ashes

    6 hours ago

    A lucky protagonist stumbles across a magic book that lets them rewrite the rules.

    71 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Both
    asian, big cock, orgasm denial, raceplay, WMAF, Stay at the coffee shop., cock orgasm, Domination, Submission, Humiliation, Stripping, Spanking, Punishment, Whipping, futanari, Mind Control, Teacher, Big Boobs, Motor Boar, Rules, Reality Change, School, Magic, ENF, Public nudity, sexy officer, handcuffs, Sex toy, Ballgag, Teasing, Reality alteration, Anal, Student, Exhibitionism, Outfits, Maledom, Futa, Embarassment, Public, Nude, Naked, Nudity, Exhibitonism, Exposure, Nudist, Busty, CMNF, Sph, Nurse, Nude Beach, Shrinkage, strip search, Discipline, Corporal Punishment, Diaper, Abdl, Ageplay, Breeding, Blowjob, Harem, Foot, Job, Footjob, Lips, Femdom, edging, Cunnilingus, University, Lesbian, Chores, uncontrollable, lust, free use, freeuse, Rulebook, The Rulebook, Change Common sense, Common sense, Mike loves human nature, Fetishes, Porn, Casual sex, Casual masturbation, Casual, Casual nudity, Watersports, Ear penetration, cum eating, facial, masturbation, Pee, Wetting, Beach, Doctor, Impotence, handjob, Self-humiliation, curse, self-inflicted, unaware, ignorant, Reality rewriting, Total drama island, Diva, Actress, Disney, Blow Job, Deep Throat, Ex, camgirls, asian women, camming, Transformation, Coffee, Model, Nerd, Butt plug, Pet girl, Vibrating egg, Tail plug, indian, teen, Businesswoman, Office, Lesbian Conversion, Saphoric Digestion Disease, Principal, Vibrators, Race play, Mommy, Polyamory, Humiliating, Reveng, cock polishing, overstimulation, Upskirt, sexy, grope, Bi, Male on male, misogyny, shemale, cuntboy, tf, tg, gender bender, transform, gender transformation, twins, quadruplets, super powers, Wet T-shirt, Tank Top, Scissor, Gym, workout, rack, DD-Tits, Switching, Brutal, Gay, Gay sex, sex, Gay blowjob, Femboy, Daddy, Daddy kink, name calling, degradation, Creampie, lingerie, Police, Cop, Petite, Dirty, Blonde, Cleavage, Cosplay, facefuck, assfuck, throatfuck, cum, covered, women, cock, pussies, sister, makeup, Tickling, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ddlg, BDSM, ass to mouth, self degradation, dirty talk, public humiliation, stockade, Diaper lover, impregnation, CFNF, bukkake, High school, Classroom, Public fingering, catgirl, topless, Sport, big dildo, nymphomaniac, cumslut, cumdump, Pokemon, Adult baby, Size difference, virgin, gangbang, Sorority, Maid, Enema, objectification, Fiction to Reality, WAM, pornography, toilet stall, compulsion, Gagged, Panties, Thong, Plot, gentle femdom, public sex, fluids, outercourse, intercourse, semen, cum on breasts, cum on clothes, bottomless, sloppy blowjob, romance, Shower, Shrinking penis, small, penis, huge, threesome, deepthroat, possession, femalepossession, female possession, asians, bodywriting, filming, heroine, voyer, Secretary, Boss, Piss, Nude in public, hooters, feminization, big tits, bad tips, blow jobs, Small girl, Woman and man equal, bondage, orgasm control, dominant woman, Show, hold the moan, Fate Grand Order, FGO, Lactation, Insecurity, Penis shrinking, humilation, premature ejaculation, PE, PS, Femboydom, Futasub, Straight to male, roleplay, light bondage, Cheerleader, Oral, name-calling, AI, cheating, piercing, nipple piercing, yuri, fingering, Wishes, Growth, Supernatural, work, public disgrace, Mind manipulation, Orgasm, Slice of life, CFNM, Brother, Mother, Foot Worship, Missionary, Rule Book, Amazon, plug panties, command, master, Breastmilk, Polycule, Tit-Fuck, Triggers, Students, Normal, Stripped, Fingered by woman, Pet play, Makeover, Slut, Bimbo, Boltedon, Boltedonlips, Boltedontits, Silicone, Cardin Winchester, Glynda Goodwitch, Jaune Arc, Pyrrah Nikos, Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose, Nora Valkrie, Coco Adel, Velvet Scarlatina, Lie Ren, common sense change, RWBY, Body Inspector, Public masturbation, Trap, Swallow, Femboi, Inscest, Nudism, Naturism, breast expansion, butt expansion, ass expansion, Female Nudity, Paddling, Xander, BTVS, Body Modification, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tails, Black Hair, Gun, lifeguard, mpreg, sudden impregnantion, pleasure, compelled, body control, tongue, mouth, balls, dick, cockhead, dickhead, erection, babe, suck, Role reversal, Princess Dresses, Crossdressing, Face sitting, ENM, double penetration, simultaneous orgasms, anal creampie, cuntoy, sissy, female-dominant, male-submissive, Asian cumsluts, cumsluts, Fanfic, hypersexual, revealing clothes, Maids, Wedgies, Reality warping, Buffy, Faith, Pregnancy, Sadism, Breasts, Redhead, Rub, Oil, Massage, Spanish, Exotic, Apartment, Erotic, Foreign, inspection, Seduction, Dildo, small breasts, CMNM, Straight to Gay, Straight-to-Gay, All sex is safe, Felatio, Body writing, squirt, squirting, buttplug, gender-bender, neko, cat-girl, gender-change, gender swap, unwilling transformation, fondling, Mom, Brother Sister, Mom Son, old, pussy, goth, studying, boobs, hairdying, licking, kissing, namechange, dressing, Prostitute, money, pervert, cumcovered, fake, tits, fakelips, voice change, identity change, anal expulsion, Maintenance, naked in public, Realtiy warping, hitachi, mindfuck, female dominant, ass shaking, bimbofication, Gullible, Naive, Embarrassed, Diapers, Ginger, pussy spanking, leash, collar, Adult baby diapers lover, Nerd bullshit, class, sharing seat, barefoot, bare feet, ejaculation, female fluids, girl drool, Virus, big dick, fetish, Anilingus, cum in food, Dick Growth, Ball Growth, huge cock, huge balls, Lord of the Rings, Why Am I Doing this?, How Long Can I Last?, Tolkien's Work Defiled, Sex World Arda, Will Sauron be a Dommy Mommy?, The book owner, Breastfeeding, Piblic, Coffee shop, bbc, Feet, Shoe-Hands, bacon, Mdlg, Puppets, Breast spanking, Crossdresser, Crossdresing, Pussy whipping, male submissive, fffffm, Motohama Shinya, Filled, Big balls, Chastity, Dominant, submissive, inexperienced, latina, boypussy, mangina, ass stuffing, tatoos, anal creampie eating, She opens them back up., News, Fighting, Sex ed, Werewolf, reality, time, time control, fantasy, sex toys, torment, cameras, college, Nipple Play, Rulebook the Rulebook, Power Exchange, Excessive Cum, Hyper Cocks, Breast whipping, Minoru Mineta, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Fanfiction, Dickgirl, Costume, Male, Apology, Pubilc nudity, Sub, group orgasm, Cuckquean, dick-slevee, spe, Percy Jackson, Hera, Aunt, hypnotic, park, Petplay, cage, Female masturbation, Disicpline, Gamer Girl, Changed Common sense, IQ, IQ LOSS, scat, bisexual, Wedgie, Boy spanking, Nip slip, Mind Shift, Stranger, Black, Regression, Birth, Buxom, Spank, Male Dom, Anna Faith, Nipple, Pinch, Flirt, Freeze, Tease, Memories, Naturist, Tan, Tanlines, Sam, Speech restriction, Business, Cock suck, clothes, no sweaters, sweaters, high heels, Ginny, muscular woman, Foot fetish, Debt, Clothing Control, Clothing, Reality shift, Yes he does have the book, No he wants this to play out, Human furniture, Object play, Connie Maheswaran, Priyanka Maheswaran, Steven Universe, Car, Voyeur, Agni Arvelle, The Witch's Throne, homeless, Cockexpansion, Man to woman, Expansion, Goblins, Dwarfs, Monsters, Society, Worldbuilding, Lore, Minotaur, Drow, Horsecock, Lebian, Saphoric Digestive Disease, loving, skirt, skirt-flip, humilated, public humilation, bra, panty, changing, Orgy, Milk, Feminist, images, lick, Climax, Firearm, Interracial, Latex, leather, rubber, straight, 1 In School?, 2 in Home?, 3 change media and entertainment show?, Daisy Oak, cat girl, cat boy, bully, maturbating, Physical regression, game, exhbition, hand job, voyerism, Superpower, Cumflation, inflation, sisters, Minigiantess, Shortstacks, hive mind, yellow fever, cumshot, gokkun, Flashing, massive cock, Makoto Naegi, Danganronpa, Rimjob, The Classic Deadly Meet Cute, Just Because Hot Woman does not mean Not Deadly, Orc Muscle Waifu, Warg Waifu is a Bad Doggo, lapdance, lap dance, masterbation, strip, editing, flirting, MFF, cuck, cuckold, Couple, Attack on Titan, cum swallow, light bdsm, remote vibrator, track, running, futa on girl, bj, Lesbianism, Shapeshifting, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Stuffing, full body inflation, weight gain, bbw, Giant, Work Out fetish, Personal slut, Son, strap-on, spitroast, black cock, cuckolding, hotwife, small penis humiliation, fucking, name change, anime, cartoon, comics, re-write, Qrow, Glynda, the Brothers, Qrow Branwen, reality rewrite, Thin, Ejaculate, Manual, Anal fingering, Deep throath, Hidden camera, swearwords, jizz, mastrubating, Mind Conctrol, Giles, Cock growth, anal orgasm, Cross Trainer, Humiliaiton, crotchrope device, Video, Cursed, blowjob curse, Cam, Camgirl, Sleep until you have to leave, Nonchalant pee, Poop, Shit, Toilet-free, Reality warp, large breasts, piercings, Analingus, sizequeen, office sex, sensory deprivation, crap, public pee, public poop, free pee, free poop, small cock, Uniforms, Professor, futa-on-girl, Dick girl, Power Play, Worm (web serial), Muslim, LGBTQ+, Niqab, Lesbian Couple, Niqab Couple, urination, Avatar, The last Airbender, Size comparison, measurements, LOTR is an old Christian Setting, Eliminating Sexism, Genderbending, Equality, Reality modification, Age Regression, Diaper-lover, The rule book, Fates, The hunters of artemis, Artemis, Male Slut Shaming, Reversed Gender Roles, pantsed, ass, flat chest, observation, mastrubation, Matsuda Shinya, Legalise Phyisical Discipline, Purchase your own woman, Denial, surprise blowjob, accident, accidental, accidental blowjob, Unbirth, Hunters, Picture, exhibition, Dad, Foot Sniffing, waterspourts, jiggle, Julie Toilet, Christine Shower, workplace, horny chicks, draco malfoy, blaize, theordore, Vote, EUF, Butt, Spit, Undressed, Playful Touching, Sisterhood, Celebrity, Megan fox, Mind, Control, Celebrities, Jennifer, Lawrence, Camera, Humiliated, Embarassed, Romantic(ish), Tender Lovin', First Time, Clown, setup, Barista, Apron, 'Discipline, Pet, Adam Taurus, Dominate, OON, Only one naked, Swim class, Maldeom, pantsing, Porn Star, sexy outfits, Subway, futa on female, stomach deformation, belly inflation, Omegaverse, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, Milking, Toru Hagakure, Photos, Voyeurism, Femboys, Gay fingering, Gay handjob, Sayaka Maizono, Eargasm, Nekomimi, Smell, Cops, Mutual masturbation, Male Impregnation, Puppy play, bitch, huge libido, sexpot, fat shaming, Rimming, Hairy, Bush, asphyxiation, Patriarchy, Lesbian Authoritarian, crossdressed, Average penis, Rough Sex, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Batfam, Nightwing, Dick Grayson, Black Bat, Ass Grab, He’s horrified and tries to resist, he’s honored, Schoolgirl, Drew T, Underwear, flash, Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, gloryhole, no clothes, milfs, risky sex, stripper, vanilla, kinda, shibari, breast grope, oral creampie, Caught masterbating, Shopping center, sweat, religion, uncut, hijab, spandex, bulge, body odor, lesbians, futafication, Female to futa, costumes, dominatrix, Face-fuck, image, bend over, writing, ass writing, playboy, playboy bunny, wheelbarrow position, some indirect BJ in the end, Alpha, Beta, Omega, Alpha beta, Alpha and beta, Alpha and omega, Flavored Pussy, Self-spanking, excessive fluids, cum in hair, cum stains, Older Woman, MMF, cocksucker, spunk, drool, mouthfuck, accidental sex, bellend, Urban Fantasy, Casual exposure, romantic, crush, 69ing, Belting, 69, ignored sex, saliva, surprise sex, A secret organization, A global approach, You want your subjugation to be special, Woman and Male equal, Altering Reality, Cougars, Amazons, Bimbos, Hotel, Pull-ups, night, sleep, Tit whipping, Cruelty, female ejaculate, cum dispenser, cum stain, My Hero Academia, Mineta, Principle, Autofellatio, self-suck, self, puffy lips, big lips, edge, paddle, Ginny Weasley, Draco, giantess, mini-giantess, penis growth, ball expansion, cum inflation, breast growth, fem-dom, Mike, Tattoo, Branding
  6. Pokeslut by MooMoo

    14 hours ago

    An all new Pokemon adventure awaits you in Kanto! Will you become a Pokemon master surpassing your long time rival, or will you be left to smell him later after he fucks the ever living shit out of you! (Public)

    231 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
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  7. Clothes Snatched by lloyds

    16 hours ago

    Luke wakes up one morning in his shared house noticing that something is missing - his entire wardrobe. Worse than anything else, he is stuck in nothing but a pair of tighty-whities! Join Luke as he has to meet friends and explore town wearing nothing but his underpants as he searches for the mysterious disappearance of his clothes. Will he have an embarrassing time? Maybe something sexual? The choice is yours.

    35 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Male
  8. Supernatural Exhibitionism

    20 hours ago

    Normal exhibitionist tales are about someone that is ashamed of their exposure. In our story the MC loves showing herself off to the world, but she doesn't want to do it herself. This story is set in a less realistic world, which our MC can manipulate in many different ways. She has powers that can make people do things they normally wouldn't do, and make people react very different than they normally would. All of this wouldn't be complete without wiping everyone's mind, just for a day.

    31 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Female
  9. The Afterparty by Cloontang1

    2 days ago

    A group of friends gets closer than ever.

    106 Chapters Deep
    Group Sex
    2nd Person, Male
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  10. Mod your life by Jlizardi

    2 days ago

    You wake up one morning with the power to alter anyone you want with the snap of your fingers!

    48 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male
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