Reality Book

Reality Book

Who's Writing the World to their Whims

Chapter 1 by iReed iReed

Flitting in and out of multiple existences. Multiple worlds. Changing the reality of that world to best suit one's image and moving onto the next. That was the nature of a god.

At least the nature of the entities that called themselves gods.

These entities had been around for as long as creation. Without form, unless they wanted to be seen. Without identity, unless they wanted to be known.

Without all desire beside reshaping the world to their wont. It was like an incessant need. The one driving purpose. This god was not cruel and the changes it had made to the realities that it had visited were nothing but beneficial in its eyes.

That power to modify reality in whatever way it wanted was near limitless. Even for a god, that required accountability. That was why it carried a tomb and infused it with its reality-bending abilities. Whenever the god wished to make a change, it would write it into its book, so that there would be a written account of any alteration.

That would be especially helpful, should a god accidentally modify the world of another god, which happens often.

Like two stags, fighting for dominance, these gods would battle amongst each other. The victor would get to keep their changes or erase the changes of the interloping god. Whichever.

Perhaps it was this event that led to one of the Reality Books to be separated from its owner and fall through the space between dimensions. Lost to the gods but perhaps would be found by another.

To which world does this book end up?

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