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  1. A Sexy Day in Suburbia by hematoma

    1 week ago

    Joy just turned 18, her parents are away, and it's time for some summer fun.

    99% (1,474 users)
    70 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    2nd Person, Female
  2. A trip back home by silverdream

    1 month ago

    It has been a long time since you took a holiday and had some fun....

    100% (50 users)
    13 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    1st Person, Male
  3. An Asian and Her Daughters by dareman

    2 years ago

    An organized story about the "rape" of an Asian woman and later, her daughters.

    100% (7 users)
    4 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  4. Aurora by Genericc616

    1 month ago

    In a land which only promises a simple life with a job as a craftsmen or farm hand, the lure of another world, where tales of fortune and glory are shared, proves to luring to some, giving up on your old life, you step through to see how true this promises are.

    100% (126 users)
    16 Chapters Deep
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    2nd Person, Both
  5. BlazBlue: Sexy Intervention by Fiftyfiftyfifty

    6 months ago

    You're an entity within the BlazBlue universe that can intervene with reality itself, changing anything you see fit. However, instead of using it to bring about peace on Earth, you use it to do naughty things.

    100% (49 users)
    10 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    2nd Person, Both
  6. Bridget's New home by aroes

    7 hours ago

    Brigit is an attractive single women, 5' 10" in height. She has a decently large pair of breasts, attractive hips and the hole set which attracts the attention of many, male and female alike, regardless of age. Bridget's recently graduated from college, gotten a new job as a secretary in a small medial clinic. Bridget did not have a lot of money following college, so instead of a full house, but she's has managed to move into a condo. A condo always has shared laundry, but this one goes beyond that with the showers are also a shared amenity, and are on the ground floor of each building. In order to even get the job, Brigit had to move not just to a new town, but to a whole to state. She hopes 'fit in' in her new community, have fun and make friends. What crowed will Brigit attract, and how well will she fair?

    100% (154 users)
    33 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    1st Person, Female
  7. Dark Angel by supman

    3 months ago

    Max is forced into various sexual situations as she tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic future.

    99% (2,802 users)
    44 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Both