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  1. Items of Power by Cross C

    1 hour ago

    A depository for stories involving magical items that control people and alter reality usually for erotic reasons...

    90 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Both
    Xander, Buffy, Joyce, BTVS, Buffy the vampire slayer, fanfiction, body modification, mind control, Master P.C., Faith, Harmony, Smallville, milf, mini giantess, giantess, cuckold, cum eating, oral sex, blowjob, fucking, cheating, gay, pussy eating, heterosexual, bisexual, Fanfic, Breast Expansion, Whores, Conversion, Locker Room, ENM, Public, Fire Emblem, Three Houses, Monica, Kronya, sexy dance, body control, mind alteration, Dorothea, Ingrid, Shaving, doctor who, fan fiction, voyeurism, exhibitionism, inanimate-turned-animate, Reality change, shemale, Whore, Goth, Byleth, Edelgard, Bernadetta, sexy dancing, Mental Change, BDSM, Lesbian, cum, Music, Shantae, Corruption, cock growth, Foursome, Harem, Sex, sci-fi, feminization, sissification, cross-dressing, SPH, Transformation, ENF, stripping, voyeur, Panty and Stocking, Angel, Demon, Bimbo, Mercedes, Ashe, Marianne, Homosexual, Gay blowjob, femdom, Ghost, gender bender, croptop, bathroom, blonde, bimbofication, redhead, brunette, Danganronpa, Teruteru Hanamura, Kyoko Kirigiri, Makoto Naegi, rules, Disney, Tarzan, Time Stop, Sylvain, striptease, Stargate, Age Regression, Age Progression, Breast Enlargment, Futa, Persona 5, Makoto Niijima, Boombox, Sissy, dickgirl, anal, change, trans, big dick, blow bang, cock sucking, huge cock, Black girl, brother sister, Gwengolyn Post, kate upton, Sakura Futaba, Okumura Haru, Niijima Makoto, Takamaki Ann, Sadayo Kawakami, Futaba Sakura, Dance, Twerk, giant dick, bathroom sex, reality alteration, big tits, Gyaru, Dark skin, mind break, Mind Swap, Haru Okumura, Pole dance, Pink, Elf girl, Shamir, Catherine, Rhea, personality change, ass expansion, Transsexual, tits, motorboat, wish fulfilment, ball growth, Piercings, Thong, master PC, fanfication, gender change, invisibility, mischief, body transformation, stripper, femboy, Pantless, dick girl, m2f, Willow, Discipline, Spanking, Aoi Asahina, Akane Owari, Komaru Naegi, Hiyoko Saionji, narcissism, mother, alternate reality, Body Modifcation, Cuckqueening, timeskip, X-men, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU, Tony Stark, French, Ugly bastard, clothing modification, unaware, living toys, action figures, science fiction, humiliation, Lace underwear, alexandra daddario, russian, Sluttification, Pussy Expansion, latex doll, Blindfolded, Bounded, Cum slut, New York City, Ladyboy, Domination, SM, ballbusting, kiss, bbw, Lesbian sex, robot transformation, reverse cowgirl, Miu Iruma, K1-B0, breast growth, Sakura Ogami, squats, Snyder, Hairy guy, Hair Growth, wish, Junko Enoshima, Tenko Chabashira, Suspicious Kyoko, genderswap, watch, experiment, oral, ass to mouth, a2m, atm, mild scat, scat, criminal, thoughts, evil, cheat, Latex, Fuck hole, Obediance, Nympho slut, My hero academia, cheerleaders, fem sub, submissive, mistress, Anna, twerking, Asian slut, Japanese, size, libido, midoriya, izuku midoriya, izuku, Sex toys, handjob, Piercing, Punk, slut-conversion, twins, Sayaka Maizono, Bad end, transofrmation, Slutty tattoos, Slutty piercings, Rimming Benefits, Office Ass Eating, Buttplug, mindfuck, constant orgasm, sperm faucet, grope, plaything, class consciousness, Life Swap, Identity Change, Clothing Swap, Identity Swap, Tattoo, Swap, doll, control, porn, perv, magic ring, hypno, hypnosis, brother-sister, Spliced tongue, Long tongue, Ann Takamaki, Shiho, Persona, Persona5, alien, Teaser, Lesbians, Face fuck, mmorpg, virtual world, ntr, MM+F, double penetration, mother son, father son, Shaved head, cumshot, load, sperm, cumstain, Robot, Mom, mother-son, breasts, Make up, Kawakami, big cock, school setting, teacher, Jock, multiple orgasm, cunnilingus, squirting, fertility, public sex, car sex, Annette, Felix, duplicating, lactation, blow job, threesome, MasterPC, Sterling Archer, Archer, Mallory Archer, Cheryl Tunt, Pam Poovey, Lana Kane, Cyril Figgus, Reality remote, Pimp Cane, Gang bang, Pet girl, Slutty, body alteration, sister-brother., cumdump, pussy, creampie, fuck, strip, spunk, jizz, cuck, TMNT, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle, magic item, awareness, costume change, Public Nudity, Futanari, Reality shift, Plump lips, Emma Watson, Titjob, Naked, morning, wood, happy, toy, fun, Ibuki Mioda, Mahiru Koizumi, music hypnosis, gold boombox, Masturbation, Latina, Venom, Corrupted, Mary Jane, Symbiote, futasub, hypnotic voice, large penis, small penis, Ass Licking Belt, Office rimming, race play, race-play, white on asian, WMAF, White Male Asian Female, milk, femization, bride, wedding, nipple play, Student, Dance/Music, anal sex, Reality warping, Shrinking, Tittiefuck, dolls, living doll, witch, magic, age gap, Comics, Spiderman, Black Widow, Sex doll, son, change in common sense, perverted rules, Sorority, Ruby x Weiss, trap, femboy main character, kissing, brother-brother, brother-mother, dungeon and Dragons, deep throat, piss, watersports, humliation, Raceplay, One Piece, Tattoos, DC Comics, Transvestite, 69, cunt eating, group sex, Dumb down, Dick growth, Queen Bee, school, Breasts expansion, Girl transformation, Bruce Wayne, Batman, clown, Sex stuffs, Homophobia, Barbarian, Bad English, Asian, facesitting, Natsumi, Peko Pekoyama, Vulgar, M+MM, MFM, Emo, Twink, Straight-to-Gay, Facial, Bimboification, Game, Item of Power, ass worship, Black Woman, Submission, Tifa Lockheart, FF7, Final Fantasy, Music/Sound, Race swapping, petrification, Slut, Cosplay, Spider-Man, Monkey paw, Mind-Control, ts, Android, objectophilia, object sex, sex with a sofa, Horny, Sothis, Hilda, sexual awakening, possession, high school, big boobs, blow-job, MMM, Older woman, Girly, Nicknames, Bitch, French maid, Body writing, Submition, Rimming, Enchanted clothing, Lesbian Rimming, Exhibitionist fetish, Female-to-Male, Transgender, Full suit, Chastity belt, Taylor Hebert, worm, Body writing fetish, Dance/Muic, Slutification, Celeste, Mukuro Ikusaba, Fuck Doll, MM+M, Xander Harris, Buffy Summers, Vegas, wishes, Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa), Tease, genie, cunninglingus, Romance, Fetish, Mind Change, breastplay, Pigtail, Cute, Bi-Curious, Hubert, Monkey's paw, Claude, interacial, Bunny outfit, Teasing, punk bitch, DC, DC/Marvel, virtual reality, Breast exanpsion, public rimming, self entrancement, #sissy, #feminized, #chastity, Punishment, embarrassed, embarrassment, Dominant, pocket watch, time, Straighttogay, roleswap, sexualityswap, boyfriendstealing, Beast, Bad girl, Hairy, Sub, Latex suit, Spider Man, interracial, ass licking, MTF, Transition, TG
  2. Sexual Privilege by SanctifiedVillified

    1 hour ago

    These branching stories are going to have 3 very simple premises: 1) You exist in a world where your character AND ONLY your character gets to have sex with whatever group or groups of people you choose wherever and whenever he or she desires. 2) The circumstances under which he or she can have sex with that group can be specified generally or specifically. 3) The response of the people you have sex with and/or the general public can be chosen.

    60 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male
    teen, high school, public, freeuse, big ass, cheerleader, mean, rude, brunette, lesbian, creampie, doggy style, spanking, latian, tattooed, Inbreeding, asian, abg, asian baby girl, striptease, strip tease, blonde, bimbo, foreplay, student, teacher, student-teacher, fingering, exhibitionist, nipple play, Excessive Cum, Backup, Big Dick, Friends, Celebrity, Enf, Embarrassed, old man, AI, BJ, cheating, phone sex, schoolgirl, voyeur, flashing, upskirt, skirt, college, basketball, locker room, blowjob, swallow, friends sister, sneaking, sneak, shower, spy, spying, creep, perv, recording, panty fetish, black hair, stoned, weed, dirty panties, girlcum, jerk off, masturbating, Gym, Mind Control, Cheating Spouses, Blair Willams, sleep, sleeping, slapping, braces, cum in mouth, free use, bdsm, stall, gymnast, sex, orgasm, exhibitionism, sadism, sister, ownership, oral, fingers in mouth, handjob, lesbians, Messy, Messy Blowjob, Deepthroat, Messy Deepthroat, Watching, Can’t move, Goth, Petite, Pale, White, Pale-skinned, Appreciation, graduation, eighteen, raven hair, athletic, white girl, Teasing, making out, sneaky, Taboo, cum, semen, anal, cuckolding, roommate, Holly Willoughby, innocent, busty, mff, athlete, sweet, doll, objectification, fleshlight, Asian women, yellow fever, humiliation, Fat, Fat girl, Chubby girl, chubby, Bbw, Cum in ass, prositution, german, hot teacher, student and teacher, tease, cumshot, cucking, facefuck, oral creampie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, riding, tits, big tits, interracial, raceplay, latina, toy, Perfect Cock, Threesome, Milf, Magic Cock, tbh the most vanila sex i have ever produced, classroom, grey eyes, rough, grope, pussy eating, Impregnation, nude, naked, bed, piercing, bar, Inspection, Rating, Masturbation, Car, casual, almost caught, restroom, mmf, double play, throatfuck, submissive, bondage, living sex toy, mother, blond, pigtails, cunnilingus, oral sex, medieval, mountains, magic, group, troupe, bard, elf, orc, human, mage, sorceress, ruins, artifacts, curse, spell, showering, gay, male, body gelato, body wash, Harry Potter, ex, african american, black, gangbang, imprenation, nuns, harem, triplets, bimbos, greek, Transgender, Transgirl, teens, emo, native american, masochism, virgin, friends girlfriend, Slumber party, roleplay, office, school, The anime convention, mixed race, phone, exhibition, caught, Rimjob, Daughter, Trap, t-girl, trans, femboy, sissy, Mesmerized, Orgy, Big Cock, Ebony, Cute, Red Head, police officer, cuckold, blue haired, blue hair, bent over, sex toys, ball gag, Magical, Fellatio, ass, anal fingering, denial, pierced, tattoos, tailgate, football, shotgun, beers, hazing, flirting, tiny tits, mind-control, religion, master, cock worship, love, lesbian with man, rough sex, public sex, nosex here, prision, wolf, cum swapping, cumswap, fun activities, I know, massage, alt girl, alternative, pussy, sucking balls, submission, pet girl, birdie pet, Treadmill, male on lesbian, breath play, appology, Italian, restaurant, waitress, snobs, mafia, Nosex, Wheelchair, Paraplegic, Church, library, bathroom, cum in panties, hickey, neck kiss, seduction, candid, thong, gullible, idiot, hot, shaving, changing, bedroom, mall, blue eyes, Billie Eilish, employee, Alexandra Daddario, muscles, nudity, politician, receptionsit, redhead, spit-roast, mom, Asshole, Strip, customer, dubcon, cleavage, Leggings, monster girl, lamia, First time, 69, prostitute, cum eating, costumes, lingerie, contract, rimming, pregnancy, petplay, cleaning, promises, fucking, doggystyle, femdom, Mom Dom, Daddy Dom, nakadashi, huge cock, huge ass, Well Fucked, After Sex, Shaking, Imminent Sex, Imminent Oral, 18, Mature, Small Ass, Pale Skinned, Nervous, Fearful, Cum covered, Deepthoat, Imminent Deepthroat, Video, Videotape, Evidence, Bragging, After threesome, Begging, Dirty talk, Daddy, Sore, Anticipation, Penis Awe, big breasts, secretary, high, soccer, sweaty, spandex, panties, get naked, setting guidelines, face fuck, slut, co-ed, dates, bald, punk, dildo, mother daughter, Hard, labour, Celebrities?, Transformation, Normal, son, Hawai’i, hawaii, vacation, hotel, birthday, party, publid nudity, class, Asians, brutal, texts, text, fantasy, mfm, dp, bi, chastity, green hair, piercings, swallowing, footjob, foot job, frottage, kneesocks, licking, feet, foot, stripping, lawyer, audience, crowd, vouyer, facial, cheering, curvy, ginger, tattoo, toes, hairpulling, short, thick, thicc, pub, beer, experienced, sweat, sweating, lift, carry, lots of cum, cosplay, pegging, washing, fondling, pet, blasian, roadhead, driving blowjob, car blowjob, gag, spit, cough, ear kissing, downblouse, lips, toned, tight body, skinny, fit, build-up, inheritance, indian, spitroast, orgasm denial, fluffer, throatfucking, noisythroat, noisy throat, noisythroatsquelching, throatpie, throat, throats, facefucking, power, corruption, impregnate, topless, black woman, husband watching, #cuckold, #cuck, #Chanel, #blowjob, #picture, #vouyer, #porn, #power, #fingerinass, #story, finger fuck, kissing, heiress, bikini, medical, vaginal, korean, japanese, shortstack, professor, dick, public nudity, Perfect Dick, Stud, librarian, body control, Writing, tricked, india reynolds, page 3, misogyny, domination, humiliate, blow job, fetish, swimsuit, pool, swim, skinny dipping, Redheads, missionary, tights, tearing clothes, ripping clothes, brunnette, pickup, piss, popular, bitch, brat, tall, humilation, degrading, worship, sucking ass, car sex, hookup, Nicole Thorne, instagram, model, used, gropping, mf, breasts, nympho, anal cumshot, anal creampie, ass play, summer, workout, hard nipples, toned stomach, abs, corrpution, mutual masturbation, high-schooler, college-aged, undressing, pussy lips, clit, Gagging, Awe, Teaching, Lesson, Huge Penis, Exam, Hopefully This Uses Game Mode, asian freeuse, ass eating, Psychologist, Acting, pornographic photography, halsey, Social Media, cumshots, degradation, talking, dominant, punishment, ass-spanking, food wars, food sex, bully, Strip show, masterbation, legs spread, Shaved, talk, eating ass, eating pussy, Victoria Justice, couple, trickery, fingers, throat fucking, dancing, club, Grinding, makeout, suck, sperm, ebony wife, husband there, decision, asian american, actress, hollywood, Los Angeles, casting, audition, hair pull, contracts, deal, discussion, pregnant, prego, forniphilia, breeding, cum shot, dyed hair, Marrige, Chastity Cage, lying to yourself, Ass Pounding, Presenting, voyeurism, threeway, les, unaware, doggy-style, stripped, brother, wedding, african-american, maledom, lesbians get dicked, LGD, mind altering, normalized reality, orientation play, lesbian fetish, lesbian fetishization, casual sex, fuck buddies, alternate universe, sexual reeducation, oral fetish, body modification, prostitution, breathplay, clothing play, public humiliation, sloppy blowjobs, messy blowjobs, messy oral, mind break, edging, orgasm control, overstimulation, swinging, bisexual, lesbian turned straight, lesbian fucked straight, cock addiction, cum addict, cum addiction, musk, religious kink, Mershark, Muscular, Muscular female, Larger female, Mermaid, heterosexuality, homemade porn, peep show, mother-daughter, lesbianism, newscaster, Broken, Large Cock, Orgasms, Multiple Orgasms, Passed out, Too Much, Tired, heavy humiliation, biting, Photography, Hangover, Command, Body writing, Sydney Sweeney, Instant Loss, Harpy, haram, absurd, fun, combination, bombshell, Russian, Axe-commercial, face sitting, break in, afraid, tears, Nipples, Sucking nipples, erotic, towel, lap dance, no panties, Ex-girlfriend, embarassed, women, Cake, until they like it, slender, flat chest, cum inside, cum outside, short chapter, premature ejaculation, tit-fuck, tit-wank, sloppy, Fuckbuddy, human furniture, Foursome, thighfuck, arab, cum on tits, cum swallowing, Adoration, Big Penis, Big, Fat Ass, Big Boobs, Huge Boobs, Sloppy Seconds, Dirty Blond, Ponytail, Officer, Police, Female Officer, Cop, Female Cop, Momdom, Subdaughter, neighbor, neighbors daughter, neighbours daughter, half-asian, hapa, Star Wars, Zeltrons, Twi'lek, Mandalorian, Jedi, Sith, Exercise, Vanessa Hudgens, Kristen Bell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Fivel Stewart, bathroom sex, Tiger Mom, Defeat, Defeated, Insults, Hatefuck, defloweration, virgin guy, Asian Milf, Came, Boobs, Racism, Conquering, Conquered, Whore, echo fetish, interspecies, tonguejob, anilingus, Amazon, Videotaping, light bdsm, control, powerplay, joke, cock growth, dick growth, big balls, cumflation, reverse freeuse, demonic, modern fantasy, pink hair, trunk, abduction, Breastfeeding, clit-licking, exercise bike, squat rack, competition, Mother and son, co-workers, train, coach, sexcercise, power reversal, throat fuck, himiliation, straight, kiss, universal acceptance, Cops, Assisted, Help, Giant Penis, Dominate, Does anyone even read these tags?, Bimbofication, Tit Fucking, Embarrassing, Embarrassment, Filming, male domination, male protganist, prison, small tits, detention, punish, fascial, mixed-race girl, condom, adult, fishnet, age gap, fight, sisters, love in an elevator, superhero, hipster, pussy licking, Kitchen, Multiple Girls, Size, Big Woman, Tall Woman, Domination Loss, Squirt, Squirting, Deep Throat, Table, Teachers, pettite, slow burn, barista, purple hair, dumb, from behind, indifference, gang bang, Shopping, money, worker, buy, pay, buying, paying, retail, shop, store, work, working, cnc, teen girl, barely legal, Amish, lauren drain, caitlin, eating sperm, Mother and Daughter, Covered Fucking, Sandwich, ass expansion, Freckles, Romantic, Loving, 2 Girls, cock cage, muscle, smell, brother and sister, schoolgirls, magical girl, mind cntrol, obedience, super powers, what was Aragorn's tax policy?, eighteen year old, doggiestyle, Devotion, intern, Cumming, Song, SU, Steven Universe, Parody, impegnation, body-writing, Ancestor, Older, Magic Dick, Huge Dick, History, Trying not to cum, crawling, teeth, panty, lapping, growls, dirty-talkning, enm, teacher+student, infidelity, playful, mindcontrol, fetishes, nurse, semiconsensual, collar, POV, Girl POV, Marriage, Romance, Climax, dirty, text message, video message, monster cock worship, drag, makeover, make-over, leash, butt plug, sex while on the phone, Clothing, Interrupted, Questions, Stop the blowjob, Sloppy Blowjob, Tiny Girl, Small Girl, Hyper, Giant cock, Hyper penis, Hyper cock, maisie williams, sophie turner, sansa stark, sansa, double blowjob, Bloodline, Storyline, Ancestors, Cock, hucow, miling, lactate, hentai, vibrator, free, use, hypno, Own, Arousal, Costume, spank, black slut, screaming, Girlfriend, father, assfuck, ass to mouth, atm, strugglefuck, eat ass, black tears, ruined makeup, 19, nineteen, sneaky sex, nosex ?, Loss, Lost, Plotline, Fucked, Fucked Silly, Fucked Stupid, throat pie, degrading fetish, friend, best friend, fuck buddy, booty call, gimp, Exhibitionnism, femsub, Assisted Felatio, Assisted Blowjob, Helping, Small, Little Girl, Piper Perri, ENF: Embarrassed Nude Female, mastrbation, ejaculation, upside-down, pony girl, hansom, sister-in-law, sil, magic ring, ring, Male POV, Female POV, Dominated, professional, catfish, power fantasy, con, consensual, willing, double anal, hate fuck, nudism, porn, post-cum masturbation, cunninlingus, Yuri, Mother on daughter, Facesitting, Egg laying, Birthing, urine, urination, watersports, You go to gym class, You go to the library, NSWF, Green Eyes, Older Sister, 18 yr Old, Workplace, Girl on Girl, goddess, demigoddess, magical powers, backstory, hmmm nonadultery cunnilingus, male/male, anal sex, #housewife, #husband, #wife, #ChanelPreston, #finger_in_ass, #bareback, #cum, #raw, #big_boobs, Hypnosis, monster cock, dark skin, ?, nipple clamps, Hospital, Doctor, Perfect, Female, cougar, Body mod, futa, alpha, alteration, yoga, Reality Alteration, interview, reporter, Jizz, Warm, non-white women, fuck, other world, bored, outside, non-compliance, grandma, granny, GILF, mommy, receptionist, Arithmancy, sundress, I apologise for the pun, eating cum, Good Girl, cumming inside, she is on the pill, gina gerson, florane russel, sexual filth, cum-covered, Mindbreak, Race, Dom, Submition, Sub, twins, Tall Girl, Anger, White Male, Asian Female, Asian Woman, mfff, cum bucket, Wife, Daughter-Wife, elevator, Claim, breast expansion, negligee, sexy attire, Natasha Romanoff, Marvel, Fan fiction, Marvel cinematic universe, Aphrodisiac, Avengers, gaming, black girl, teen girls, 18yo, Matute, choice, oblivious, bride, Old-age, intercourse, sex game, fornication, Dragon, Kobold, Scalie, Scaly, Servant, mind controll, aliens, end of the world, school counselor, sucking, mature woman, humil, Galina, Zarya, Religious, Enormous Cock, Perfect Ass, Tight Ass, Round Ass, Caucasian, mood, modeling, Girl, standing, panties in mouth, Gamble, Gambling, Bet, Wager, dentist, Cuckquean, Lesbian Conversion, Spunky, Short girl, Mom and Daughter, Strict, Humiliated, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, Dragonborn, Dovahkiin, Alduin, wet t-shirt, soaked, Cry, Pleasure, Mentor, Hero, Duty, Tiny, Large Girl, Onahole, three-way, straddle, jilling, Large Penis, vaginal sex, sex show, smoking, hooker, coed, business woman, suit, large breasts, thighjob, saliva, Bigtits, Bestfriend, ABDL, mommy kink, glasses, nerdy, nerd, Furry, band, Latex, Boobjob, blowjob while talking, my 2 most favourite porn trope, Paralyzed, Proud, Woman, Break, Ruined, owner, orders, primal, Cross Eyes, O-face, Uniform, Drooling, trick, perpendicular paizuri, vaginal fisting, changing room, married, asian free use, Mixed, sexual harassment, e-girl, alt, New uniform, Wet panties
  3. Only On ENF-TV! by eternalpandaman

    4 hours ago

    Streaming straight to you from our newly discovered parallel universal neighbor, the universe ENF-2, comes ENF-TV, the home of all of your favorite and unforgettable new and old content for films and shows in the Embarrassed Nude Female genre!

    22 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
    The Summer I Turned Pretty, Michelle Jones-Watson, MJ, MCU, Michelle, Michelle Jones, Spider-Girl, ENF, Bottomless, Naked, Embarrassed Naked Female, Embarrassed Naked, Embarrassed Bottomless, College ENF, Sister ENF, Prank, Prank ENF, Pantsing, Streaking, Sydney Sweeney, Zendaya, Anya Taylor-Joy, Doctor Who, nudist, spy, Jenna Ortega, Eurovision, Alice Eve, Bucks Fizz, College, Pants drop, Embarrassed, Caught, Eden Golan, DC, DCEU, Jane Foster, Mighty Thor, rivals, Kari Byron, Karen Gillan, Erin Moriarty, Ana De Armas, Charlize Theron, Emma Roberts, Maya Hawke, Locked Out Naked, Jenna Coleman, Embarrassing, Stolen clothes, Scarlet Witch, Christine Palmer, Sophia Lillis, Emilia Clarke, Angourie Rice, Girl that'll kill, This count as a yandere?, Look behind you, Made you look, Chloë Grace Moretz, Awkwafina, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Vanishing clothes, ariana grande, Anna Kendrick, Monsters, Scientist, Clara Oswald, Maria Rambeau, Lashana Lynch, Chloe Grace Moretz, Elizabeth Olsen, Kathryn Hahn, Agatha Harkness, public, nudity, Caught naked, Kaitlyn Dever, nip, public nudity, streak, Milly Alcock, Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink, Natalia Dyer, Karen Fukuhara, Living Clothes, Cara Delevingne, embarrassednudefemale, barefoot, nude, stripped, shy, bare, silly, cute, Lily Collins, Brie Larson, Hailee Steinfeld, Cobie Smulders, Melissa Barrera, ENF college, Yakuza, Asian, Nagoya, Gangs, Japanese, Natasha, Black Widow, heist, Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, Captain Carter, breast envy, small breasts, small boobs, big boobs, sydney sweeny, keira knightley, alexandra shipp, krysten ritter, dakota johnson, kyrsten ritter, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Superheroes, Vigilante, Eye-Catching
  4. The Submission Accelerator by drek

    13 hours ago

    You are a person living in an environment with many dominating and bossy women. Be it your job, home or school. You have always secretly fantasized about having more power in your life, but for some or other reason you just can't get people to listen to you. That's where The Submission Accelerator comes in. A handy little app, that lets you radically change everyone's submissiveness towards you. Consider this a darker version of "The Affection Multiplier", where the goal is not love, but total domination of everybody around you. Build a harem, humiliate people, make them dance to your whistle. The world is yours.

    256 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male
    Submission Accelerator, Buffy the vampire slayer, Xander, Anya, Fanfic, Btvs, Mind control, dominating, submission, bdsm, breast envy, domination, slut, spanking, paddle, Maid, slapping, humiliation, panties, maledom, trashy, bitch, whore, spank, slap, fingering, ordering, shower, nude pic, feet, high heels, smelling shoes, embarassment, fantasy, witches, magic, technology, assfuck, male dom, Lezdom, Lesbian Conversion, D/s, Dominantion, Public, Sexy, Auction, bondage, knockout, naked, leash, collar, Virgin, Asian, Pet, Doggystyle, Hunt, Rope, Capture, Persue, Chastity Belt, Exhbitionism, Gag, Master, Mdom, Male Dominant, Female Submisive, FemSub, Rope Bondage, Fuckpet, Deflowering, Romantic, Cuddling, Unprotected sex, Cute, Scary, bombshell, blonde, big tits, arrogant, stuck-up, Rich, Wealthy, Heiress, Persuit, Hunting, Rope Harness, CMNF, Redhead, Public Sex, Voyeur, Voyeurism, Foreplay, Crotch Rope, Dom/sub, Dom, Sub, Dominant, Orgasm Control, Cage, Caging, Teen, ENF, Dog Collar, Blue Hair, Petite, Owner, Owner/pet, Puppy, Puppy Play, Puppy Girl, Cunnilingus, Pussy Eating, Human Pet, Pet Play, Cattle Prod, Cuffs, Handcuffs, Restraint, Ballgag, Indian, Black, Ginger, Electricity, Dyed Hair, knock-out, big breasts, nubian, two girls, outdoors, 69, gagged, Piercing, Clit Piercing, Tattoo, Crotch Tattoo, Speech Restrictions, Human Animal, African American, Tall, Athletic, Leather, Pet Girl, Degredation, Subsmisive, Strap-On, Teasing, Stripping, Undressing, Bra, Public Humiliation, Blond, Animal Roleplay, Clit Ring, Kissing, Yuri, Pets, Making Out, Queening, Breath Play, spit roast, oral, anal, ass fucking, cunniliungus, anilingus, ripped shirt, bound hands, lesbian, threesome, blowjob, phone, secretary, boss, office, facial, ass to mouth, come in pussy, torn panties, finger fucking, Lesbian threesome, ravished, airtight, cunt, dumb secretary, bimbo, two women, Meghan, gagging, Begging, threats, whipping, riding crop, fucking, dildo, lashes, shackles, chains, fucking machine, flogging, desk fuck, exhibitionism, car sex, bareback, naked including barefoot women, shoe licking, diddling, video, over the desk fuck, latex, watersports, bimbofication, crawling, Pixie cut, toes, licking, hucow, branding, cowgirl, selfcest, Pictures, mff, cum sharing, antisemitism, breathplay, cuntjuice, Knife, fear, D'Hoffryn, The Submission Accelerator, breast enlargement, body modification, tying, namecalling, lust, footsniffing, orgasm denial
  5. Helltaker: Demons Don't Share by MidbossMan

    1 day ago

    The Helltaker may have assembled his harem, but what happens when one of his demon gal pals decide they're ready to move up to the next level? Read on, as the ladies of Helltaker muscle for rank in the best way that a sexy demon knows how! Why not support your favorite waifu with stories of your own?

    8 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Female
  6. Tiny's Tavern by TheSpectator

    2 days ago

    In this universe, you are a Contractor/Bounty Hunter who has found himself far north in what used to be the Canadian-American border. Though it seems unlikely that you will get out in time for winter, you are confronted with life-changing choices as you begin settling in a (Tiny's) tavern. Each one of these choices will drastically change the outcome of your chosen your path. Which one will you take? Which one will you regret? Enter Tiny's Tavern and find out for yourself!

    200 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    Romantic, Date, Awkward, Friends to Lovers, Friends, Lovers, Interest, Accident, Condom, Safe Sex, Birth Control, Advice, Opening, Talk, BDSM, Vaginal, Rope, Climax, Orgasm, Girl, Solo, Male, Female, Winter, Sports, Special, Bittersweet, Facial, Succubus, Demon, Supernatural, End, The End, Path, Ending, Played, Boy Toy, Tit Fuck, Boobjob, Comfort, Reassurance, Unfaithful, NTR, Cheating, Cheater, Act, Pussy Eating, Eating out, Eat, Master, Rough Tongue, Cute, Plaything, Naughty, Broken, Mind, Feet, Footjob, Toes, Foot Fuck, Handjob, Handy, Quickie, Quicky, Virgin, Girl-on-girl, Two Girls One Boy, Two Girls, Lesbian, Lesbians, Cowgirl, Sloppy, Slurs, Tied, Submissive, Public, Sneaky, Blowjob, Wet, Bathtub, Shower, Drama, Roleplay, Kinky, Playing, Play, Acting, #7, Spin the Bottle, Games, Game, Pranks, Public Sex, Movie Theater, Stripper, Strip Club, Lap Dance, Erotic, Creepy, Scary, 2020, Halloween, Neutral, Restart, Blindfold, Fingering, Finger Bang, Finger Fuck, Deepthroat, 69, Sasha, Oral, Light-BDSM, Miranda, Threesome, Delilah, Couch, Fucking, Lust, Threeway, Girls, 1 Boy, 2 Girls, Titfuck, Boob Job, Passionate, Love, First, Intimate, Rushed, Secret, Capture, Taken, Trapped, Glory hole, Gloryhole, Anal, Fuck, Make up Sex, Pleasure, Rough, Piss, Pee, Fetish, First-time, Hot, Mommy, Handi, Bottom, Girlfriend, Going Steady, Finger, post apocalyptic, Tiny's Tavern, Personality Forge, Tavern, Fantasty, 2ND, Story Driven, Paths, Endings, Person, harem, Solo Male, Universe, Solo female, Interaction, Babes, Original, Blow Job, Missionary, Alternative, History, Arabella, Women, Fluff, Sex, Positions, Candy, Sweet, Story, Maple, Nuclear, Fetishes, Fun, Akiko, Twins, Hybrid, Mikko, Gwendolion, CYOA, Three-way, Foxes, Fox, Sexy, Thora, Sally, Personal, Doggy, All Fours, Muffle, No Consent, Sub, Dom, Dominated, 2 Girls 1 Boy, Throat Fuck, Messy
  7. Femdom Scenarios by unknown156

    3 days ago

    Congratulations! You are given an opportunity to live out your wildest femdom fantasies with the hottest girls. Whether you're into feet, strap-on fucking, dirty talking, ass worship, small penis humiliation, cum eating instruction or anything else, this is the place for you

    18 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  8. A New World! Your Party of Hopeless Hotties by Fiftyfiftyfifty

    3 days ago

    Click "Start Game"! You've been mysteriously brought over to an RPG-style world of sexy elves and powerful magic, but things aren't as easy as you first imagined. The only adventurers that you're able to recruit into your party are cute girls that are entirely hopeless, and kinky as hell! Hopefully you don't die because of them. (This story was inspired by Konosuba. Cover is from Sakura Knight. Also known as YPoHH.) ----- We have a wiki now! Too many characters to keep track of in this setting? Check out the constantly under-construction reference site here: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/absoterra-fiftyfiftyfifty

    1,281 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    cum, dildo, sex toy, funny, bath, queen, amazoness, amazon, dark skin, warrior, red eyes, sensitive, ticklegasm, tickle, tickling, tits, midriff, navel, stomach, pajamas, pyjamas, love, black hair, short hair, tomboy, kitsune, fox, kimono, orgy, orgasm, handjob, blowjob, elf, elves, bunny, toy, toys, magic, mouse, elven, legs, nightgown, blond, blonde, green eyes, thighs, cleric, priestess, ride, cowgirl, cow girl, rabbit, bunny ears, cleavage, busty, enf, exhibitionist, mage, naked, nude, blue eyes, lavender, cute, curvy, short, bathe, bathing, river, stream, wet, shower, voyeur, tournament, desert, camp, camping, tent, tents, dryad, bra, panties, clown, sleep, exhibitionism, strip, titjob, tit job, water, exibitionist, moth, moth girl, spell, challenge, test, gown, tease, stamina, remote, vibrator, android, golem, robot, wormhole, slime, devil, dullahan, doll, magic doll, cat girl, catgirl, threesome, fingering, tail, white hair, green hair, embarrassment, embarrassed, wrestle, gym uniform, gym outfit, shorts, sports bra, anal, succubus, ass, missionary, pink hair, long hair, romantic, romance, succubi, demon, alley, alleyway, swimsuit, bathing suit, bikini, one piece, beach, dungeon, dungeon crawl, pixie, pixies, fairy, fairies, milf, skinny dipping, shortstack, short stack, goblin, barmaid, bar maid, tavern, purple hair, piercings, lesbian, lesbians, mind control, voyeurism, peeping, cat, catfolk, cat ears, ninja, masturbate, dragon, school, uniform, uniforms, vampire, vampiress, rat, small, goggles, tsundere, weeb, paizuri, maid, submissive, tittyfuck, breasts, doggystyle, doggy style, bendover, feet, foot, massage, masseuse, oral, pussy, sex toys, cyclops, cock, hung, orgasm denial, denial, tease and denial, collar, ball, party, noble, enm, sex, hentai, magazine, tongue, forest, witch, bondage, rope, lick, grope, arabian, arabic, silk, belly dancer, undress, pigtails, pig tails, twin tails, twintails, shared senses, isekai, game, game mechanics, rpg, adventure, harem, riding, bouncing, bounce, shy, bee, wasp, stinger, insect, honey, food, virgin, virgins, vibrate, lich, undead, skeleton, masturbation, mindbreak, mind break, shared sensations, ghost, seashell bra, shell bra, mermaid, mermaids, green skin, yuri, paladin, knight, wings, antennae, antenna, fluffy, foursome, twins, brunette, tanned, tan, breastplate, sexy, hot, harpy, harpies, feather, feathers, blue balls, chastity, lotion, sunscreen, dark-skinned, hot spring, brown skin, rogue, flat, horns, princess, resist, temptation, tattoo, tattoos, nails, trap, trapped, stripped, armor, armour, pink-haired, vibration, kiss, kissing, leash, sword, ooze, slime girl, keyholder, towel, dog, dog girl, hotspring, cat fight, catfight, bunny girl, art, drawings, silly, imp, tentacle, tentacles, upskirt, aroused, castle, leg, hot springs, dress, tentacle monster, commando, nopan, no panties, brat, giantess, fivesome, sensitive breasts, face sitting, skirt, chains, schoolgirl, school girl, french maid, servant, bj, hero, super hero, heroine, superhero, spandex, bodysuit, mask, devil girl, red skin, wizard, masochist, humiliation, slender, ears, priest, sweet, archmage, archwizard, exercise, gym, twosome, dwarf, crash, masssage, athletic, bunnygirl, suit, workout, devil., lake, swim, skinny dip, stripping, shrink, shrinking, spider, clussy, lap dance, sub, jerking, wet shirt, wet t-shirt
  9. EroFights by Winston

    5 days ago

    Welcome to EroFights, a city populated by the hottest sexfighters, the most pleasurable of dommes, and the most exotic of pleasures... Find us here: https://www.erofights.com/

    58 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Lesbians, Fantasy, Sexy, Sexfight, Public, Wrestling, D&D, mixed wrestling, lesbian wrestling, humiliation, spa, fingering, anal, Talking, Nsfw, SexWrestling, Gym, Funny, spanking, grinding, begging, hair pulling, sexfights, fit girl, monk, barbarian, RPG, cartoon, Lesbian, Warrior, Athletic, Couple, swimming pool, erofights, lucha, Sex Wrestling, Fighting, Orgies, Orgy, Threesome, Double Team, Tag Team, Bimbo, Seductive, Betray, Submissive, Femdom, Domination, Sex, Aftersex, Shower, Morning, Teasing, Mixed, Battle, Erotic, Training, Maledome, Maledom, Ruined, Orgasm, Romantic, Handjob, Blowjob, breast smother, footjob, redhead, Naked, Topless, Breasts, Beautiful, Ladies, Ring, Pro-Wrestling, Fight, homosexual, bisexual, After Sex, Knocked Out, Fun, Yuri, suspicious, relax, night club, Feud, Sex-Wrestling, Campus, Popular, Drama, sadomasochistic, Ryona, Cuntbusting, Defeat, Defeated, Dom, Lezdom, Strap-On, Vibrator, Fingerfuck, Facesitting, Sport, Hatefuck, Shock, Elettric, Girls, Romance, After-Sex, Tension, Passion, Love, Fit, Muscular, Sexfighting, Rough, Doggystile, Missionary, KO, Knock Out, Creampie, Rough Sex, Cowgirl, Mommy, Male Domination, Female Orgasm, Quivering mess, Rough Fuck, Male Wins, Breeding, Ebony, Black, hotel, Hardcore, cute, Facefuck, Fucking, Older Woman, introduction, bar, sexfighter, Dungeon, Adventure, Witch, cocky, solo female, Cheating, Boxing, Sadistic, Sex-fight, Nymph, Spit-roast, Feet, Losing, Humiliated, Peg, Cum, Cum Inside, Inside, How do you react?, slapping, pub, Milf, Fitness, Maze, Aphrodisiac, gag, hentai, breast smothering, titfuck, multiple orgasms, submission, cumshot, Orc, Sadist, Masochist, Catfight, Start, Student, Collage, Friends, face sitting, competition, manhandling, Sex-Fighting, Pinfall, :K.O, Sex.Wrestling, Female solo, Masturbation, Erotic Fantasy, Gym setting, Girl on Girl, Sensual, Kinky, Power struggle, bet, stakes, forfeit, Gril on Girl, Revelations, Caught, Run, Boxe, Box, tribbing, Flirt, Cunnilingus, BDSM, character, wrestler, Beach, Kissing, kiss, passionate, foreplay, neck kiss, flirting
  10. The Curse of Corrupting Comments (Open) by MegaMarshmallow

    6 days ago

    Corrupt and control women as they struggle to fight off the voice in their head (you) that keeps driving them towards sluttier, sexier and degrading situations. Build up their corruption points to make biggger and badder corruptions possible.

    47 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Female
    Toy, Stripped, ENF, Slut, Name Calling, Strap-on, BDSM, Bondage, Handcuffs, Finger Fucking, Masturbation, Exhibitionist, Stripping, Flashing, Tits, Pussy, Girlfriend, Bunny Suit, Thot, Blow Job, Throat Fuck, Massive Cock, Big Dick, BBC, Femdom, Race Play, Degradation, Humiliation, Streaming, Chat, Video Games, mind control, transformation, breast enlargement, sluttification, bimbofication, lactation, hucow, Huge Cock, Small Chick, Handjob, Public, Public Sex, werewolf, breast growth, lycanthropy, fisting, self-nursing, dehumanization, lesbian sex, squirting, nursing, cunnilingus, thralldom, submission, Selfie, Ahegao, Sex Story, Public Humiliation, Corruption, Arousal, Wet Pussy, Hard Nipples, Pervert, butt plug, animalistic, adult nursing, possession, spanking, 69, fingering, big titties, goth, Gag, Gag Speech, Lesbian, dream sequence, heat, milking, Naked In Public, Topless, Lap Sitting, Crop, Masochist, Impact Play, Slapping, Sex Toy, Gag Talk, Nipple, Baiting, Fantasy, Futa, Body Chnages, Body Modifications, Boob Growth, Ass Growth, Butt Growth, Mental Chnages, Penis Growth, Dick Growth, Cock Growth, Gender Change, Gender Swap, delirium, group sex, Arousing, Horny, Wet Panties, Nude, Magic, Impregnation, Risky Sex, Anal, Cum, Creampie, orgy, lesbian orgy, succubus, girlcock, cum play, pregnancy, Heavy Bondage, Blindfold, Ball Gag, Nipple Clamps, Hair Pulling, Statue, Bad End, Bad Ending, branch end, ff, Big Cock, Flirting, cheerleader, exhibitionism, voyeurism, nude gymnastics, Turth, Dare, Turth and Dare, anal sex, airtight, morning after, cum swallowing, blowjob, Sex, Women, Female POV, Dice, Asian, University, College Girls, Outfit Control, Baggy Clothes, Praise, Dirty Talk, Worship, Thicc, Thick, BBW, Large Woman, Impreg Talk, White Woman, White Women, Black Man, Kissing, Licking, Foot Play, Foot Worship, Feet, Strapping, Full Body Woman, Big Woman, Chubby, Cute, Fat, Big Breasts, Huge Boobs, Massive Tits, DC, Robin, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Spoiler, Batgirl, Premature Ejaculation, Quick Shot, Cream Pie, Always Hard, Sex Doll, futanari, autofellatio, suckling, bizarre, Catcalling, Jogging, emcee, girl orgy, triggers, public nudity, Alchole, Cum As Food, Denial, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Nipple Piercings, Sexy Selfie, Nipple Play, Bitting, Pinching, Punishment, Breast Envy, twintails, party, convertible, Hostage, Animal Play, Mount, Goblin, happy ending, gif, gifs, Busty, Big Boobs, hidden, hiding, bribery, skirt lift, no panties, commando, goddess, oral sex, fucking, magic cum, compulsion, threesome, fff, thrall, petplay, slutwear, Naked, Nip Slip, Caught, Edging, Edged, Cum Denial, Pussy Fingering, Begging, minotaur, lacation, Make Out, Throat Fucking, Cum Down Throat, Cum On Face, Cum In Mouth, Head, Roadhead, Cosplay, Hug, Bulge, messy, Fallout, Bimbo, Wasteland, Cum Eating, Living Clothes, Double Penetration, Fallout 3, Fuck Doll, Premature, Premature Ejactularion, Shame, cum facial, milk facial, Angel and Devil, Angel, Devil, Morality, Porn, Lace Underwear, Vibrator, Teasing, Strip Tease, Bra, Poll, Making Out, Orgasm, Twerk, Ass, Ass Eating, Squirter, witch, spell, frat house, Impreg, Bent Over, Peeping, Piercings, Tight Clothes, Hand Job, Cum Swollowing, Cockwarming, Flexibility, AI, Artifical Intellgence, Cyrber Punk, Redhead, D.Va, Boundage, Gangbang, Hallucination, Mushroom, Pussy Fucking, Monster Fucking, Mouth Fuck, Sub, In Heat, Jealously, Insecurity, Small Breasts, Tiny Titties, B-Cup, Boobs, Tease, Attention Kink, Isekaied, Demon, Cock Sucking, Throatjob, Chocking, Chocking on Cock, Dick Sucking, Semi Plublic, Pet Name, Pet Names, Gropping, Mistress, Goth Girl, dubcon, rough sex, chained, huhog, epilogue, shameless, alt end, Horse Girl, Blinders, Nipple Rings, Human Cattle, multi-breasts, Face Fuck, Facial, Cum on Tits, Store, large clit, multiorgasmic, big tits, tiny tits, dominance, Braless, tribbing, mystery, Phone, Sexting, Girlfriends, Lesbians, Gal Pals, Hold That Moan, Public Play, Domination, Domme, Dom, Submissive, Dominate, Breast Worship, Titty Sucking, Damsel in Distress, MILF, Vote, Nipple Pericings, First Time Anal, Lube, Finger Fuck, Anal Prep, Dildo, Live, Live Stream, Kiss, self-suckling, Yes Sir, Impreg Play, Pussy Stretching, Pussy Gapping, Hole Ruining, Sobbing, Thick Cock, Spit, Dominatione, Boob Smothering, Aqua, Konosuba, Wiz, Lich, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, Kazuma, Satou Kazuma, Kazuma Satou, Bus, Janitor, Facefuck, Closet, Throatpie, Rough, Cum Control, Eating Out, elf, elf girl, dark elf, tattoo, degrading tattoo, kneeling, Playboy Bunny, Bunny Girl, Almost Caught, Picture, Prostitution, Outdoors, Cam, Webcam, Video Game, Breasts, Poneygirls, Horsegirls, Cum Deit, Cages, Cagged, Gagged, Rope, Remote Toy, analingus, demon sex, Texting, Photos, Underboob