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  1. Sarah's Slutty Reawakening by XenoUkulele

    1 month ago

    Sarah was a huge slut in her 20s, fucking any guy that would do it with her and being stupider than a 3rd grader. However now in her later 30's she's completely reformed. Having a husband and kids, along with a job as a teacher. The only thing she kept was her fake tan. However that all changes as she goes back to her old ways of living. Will she be able to thrive as a Sex Toy again or will all her savings run dry and she'll end up dead on the street?

    6 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  2. The Plaything by Robopoop

    2 months ago

    Your mind and body has been taken over by forces unknown, and your controllers take full sexual advantage of you. This story contains strong elements of non consent. Beware.

    20 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Both
    lost, dangerous, magic words, pass out, music, nightmare, sore, bathroom, hawker center, room service, order, local, man, naked, exposed, soup, blowjob, cum, jizz, sperm, swallow, suck, enjoy, hungry, swallowing, seconds, forget, mystery, dance, nipple, strip, gang, grind, tease, beach, bestie, Bali, hangover, bikini, party, spa, treatment, revelation, locals, lazy, lounger, equipment, led, group, horny, manipulated, cum in mouth, undress, mind control, forced, deepthroat, humiliation, weird, joke, bar, manager, complain, fucked, pussy, hut, orgasm, kidnapped, alone, fear, mattress, raped, touch, stroke, boobs, assault, moan, slut, lick, drugged, alcohol, blurry, MILF, mom, boys, 18, mother, step mom, department store, normalization, comfort, underwear, panties, bra, son, incest, lounge, creampie, fucking, club, VIP, teenager, bimbo, bimbofication, dancing, tit fuck, taste, bucket load, practice, idiot, manipulation, dumb, cock, necklace, cream, shopping, mall, friends, young, girls, ring, ultimate, power, inventory, slave, slaves, sold, sex toy, sampling, lust, magic, introduced, body, foreign, naughty, pussy fuck, fuck, whore, willing, fuck boy, male, rape, gang rape, semen, load, cumming, face fuck, mouth, throat, evil, rod, mind, night, market, celebrity, scarlettt, johansson, pleasure, numb, catatonic, euphoria, behind, pound, licking, free use, house, cum drinking, saliva, adict, red carpet, event, hotel, formal, girl, irresponsible, perfect, tits, dinner, call, static, janitor, ugly, dropout, high school, alarm clock, drink, libido, nymph, hot, sex toys, program, remade, beaches, airport, jet set, holiday, island, tropical, media, drunk, smoke, crew, happy, glamour, old man, shower, supermarket, cart, stall, fresh, concern, freak out, grope, drug, kidnap, vulnerable, fondle, command, touching, groping, prowl
  3. Be careful what you wish for by sammy123

    3 months ago

    A classic tale of a genie granting 3 wishes that goes wrong

    15 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Male
  4. Master PC: Jenny's Tale by 4EyesDawn

    3 years ago

    Jenny Nguyen comes across the Master PC program and her life becomes much sexier.

    23 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Female