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  1. The Popular Girl by minus12

    3 days ago

    Write through the high school life of Peyton a blonde attractive skinny small breast soccer player and cheerleader.

    100% (31 users)
    10 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Female
  2. Chelsea's Humiliating Misadventures by Arlingtonc

    1 week ago

    A wealthy, arrogant and smoking hot blonde thinks she owns the world. She buys people like ware, mocks and insults the less popular students in school and overall gets treated like a goddess. Until one day people decide to stop playing by her rules.

    100% (12 users)
    2 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  3. Life of Jamie by JimJoeBob

    1 week ago

    Jamie is a 19 year old girl who can't catch a break because some unseen force (you) guides her life towards misfortune.

    100% (840 users)
    36 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Female
    ENF, Embarrassed, Nude, Public, Public Nudity, Naked, Crowd, Audience, Basketball, HORSE, Streaking, EMF, Exhibitionism, Embarrased, Punk, Caught Naked, Nudity, Park, Carnival, Fair, Circus, Towel, Shower, Forced, Sex, Bum, Hobo, Homeless, Old Man, Anal, Vaginal, Humiliation, Nudist, Slut, Bimbo, Big Tits, MILF, Mother, Blowjob, Exhibtionist, Bitch, Cop, Indian, Professor, Maid, Naive, Alien, Sci-Fi, Science Fiction, Outdoors, UFO, Beach, Public Use, Free Use, Drunk, Fucked Silly, Bukakke, Cumdump, Creampie, Cum Drinking, Double Penetration, Blackmail, Bounty Hunter, Space, Aliens, Groping, Breasts, Tentacles, Vore, Soft Vore, Forced Nudity, Circle Jerk, Handjob, Boobjob, Paizuri, Footjob, Group Sex, Outdoor, Shrinking, Embarassed, Humiliated, Gangbang, Orgy, Lesbian, Art, Class, Gay, Age Differance, Group, Bath, Bathing, Bubbles, Masturbation, Dildo, Vibrator, Horny, Busty, Unknowing, Large Breasts, Stripped, Strip, Prank, Lost Clothes, Stolen Clothes, Humilation, Clown, Stage, Act, Full Nelson, Fucking, Cum Dump, Outdoor Exposure, News, Reporter, College, Field Trip, Teacher, BDSM, Titjob, Bukkake, Age Difference, Hippie, Niave, OON, Farm, Woods, Forest, Stolen, Clothes, Doggystyle, Cunnalingus, Threesome, Foursome, Public Sex, Dog, embarrassment, Machine, Quadruple Penetration, Ahegao, Gapeface, Non-Consent, Milking, Lactating, Superhero, Hero, Powers, Show, Hiding, Locked Out, Hot Dogging, Nympho, Gullible, Leaves, Bikini, Microkini, Apron, Restaurant, Titfuck, Glory Hole, Licking, Tentacle, Hotdogging, Groped, Asain, Exhibitionist, Piss, Underwear, Masterbation, Oral, Game, Sports, Nightgown, Lost
  4. Tribulations of a Princess by JimJoeBob

    1 week ago

    Delve into the life of a princess and make her life a nightmare.

    100% (685 users)
    17 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  5. Fuck inspector by Queen Death

    1 week ago

    Harry gets a email telling him of a new job where he can fuck any girl and well as make improvements to them as well, what will he do with all that power, how many girls will be full of his cum

    100% (1,500 users)
    25 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  6. Rogue dimond by ENFMAN

    2 weeks ago

    Your spike, the last dragon in the land of Equestria, you are poor but one day your life changes forever. (Written with permission by the original comic creator)

    100% (4 users)
    7 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    1st Person, Both
  7. Pin Dick Peter by mmmmcookies

    2 weeks ago

    Follow Peter as he tries to deal with his under endowment.

    100% (12 users)
    3 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    3rd Person, Male
  8. Abduction! by dangerslut

    2 weeks ago

    Your first summer home from college is stressful enough. The last thing you need is to be abducted by aliens! Unfortunately for you, they're look for someone a bit... different. They're pressed for time; dark matter fuel doesn't grow on trees and all. They decide to cut a few corners and make some, less than minor, alterations.

    100% (447 users)
    27 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    2nd Person, Both