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  1. Mistaken Identity by grimbous

    54 minutes ago

    You are caught up in a case of mistaken identity and your life is about to get a lot more interesting.

    100% (1,935 users)
    61 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  2. Risky by Genericc616

    3 hours ago

    Your best friend records some of your drunken antics which could least make things very awkward between friends and family, as well as jeopardize the trust and freedom you parents give you . How far will you go, or be pushed to keep the secret? Just what does your friend want you to do in order to, take more risks. Is she doing this to torment you, vengeance, or does she genuinely want you to live more on the wild side?

    100% (2,628 users)
    55 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
    Maze, incest, mother, son, daughter, pregnant, creampie, pussy eating, threesome, Pills, fertility drugs, birth control, risky, chase, Fertile, Accidental creampie, Insemiantion, Pregnancy risk, Pregnancy test, bareback, unprotected, Fertility drug, vibrator, Futa, Futanari, blowjob, swallow, facial, fingering, cum kiss, slightly risky, gloryhole, lesbian, girlfriend, cumshot, dickgirl, cock milker, tied down, revenge, Club, Condom, Quiz, Breeding, spit roast, Games, Blackmail, Sabotage, pricked condom, Impregnation, Tricked, insemination, brother, sister, fertility pill, cum in mouth, swallowing, in public, under desk, Webcam, camgirls, lesbians, broken condom, squirting, breed, self impregnation, cum play, handjob, Interacial, huge cock, imsenimation, Mistress, Punishment, bondage, blindfolded, gagged, Caught, bound, gag, blindfold, Risky game, Cumplay, Cold shower, animal treatement, risk, Game, skinny dip, forced stripping, pool, talk, unprotected sex, dad, fondling, Party, Drunk, Trap, Kissing, riding, Truth, Dare, Truth or dare, Trick, dildo, vibration, Hangover, Shaved, Teasing, cum, Incest fantasy, Dream, phone, Cosplay, Camshow, pussy licking, risky sex, Redhead, massage, 69, exposed, Drugs, Sleeping, Glory hole, Blowjobs, tricked fertility, sexy games, Porno, Strap on, Machine, forced, cum drink, Domination, injection, broken, Piercing, forced orgasm, Cum swallowing, Costumes, demon, kiss, Virgin, risky creampie, daddy, Mom, aphrodisiac, oral, anal, cum shot, strapon, masturbation, Butt plug, anal fingered, lingerie, Talking, bonding, stranger, possible incest, forced creampie, tricked creampie, squirt, deep throat, device, forced impregnation, orgasm denial, Ass to mouth, Medical, first time, sabotaged condom, orgy, gangbang, cum on tits, lactaction, twins, unproteced, interraccial, holiday, Nipple sucking, strip poker, vouyerism, spy cam, Outfit, handcuffs, Impregantion, Anonymous, Sex, Pregnancy talk, No condom, Dirty talking, Multiple Orgasm, girl on girl, sleep, cum swapping, forced insemination, clit, anal lingus, cum risk, fustration, Sybian, tied, Grope, recording, Shower, breeder, Public, Orgasm, Mad Science, Pill, Video, Emotional, Relief, deep creampie, naked, Leasbian, Open Relationship, Competition, Fertility game, bound orgasm, restraints, milk, Strapped down, Drug, flirting, Cervix, Squirting Dildo, Artificial Insemination, orgasm race, inseminated, foodplay, love, sis, bro, transformation, snowballing
  3. Futanari Fanfiction by Wikia

    10 hours ago

    Your favorite fictional locations filled with futanari ("dick girls") versions of your favorite characters.

    100% (282 users)
    15 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
  4. The Taming of Special Agent J by kinkyboy

    15 hours ago

    After two years of investigation, the young and beautiful FBI Agent Jenny McRae has finally put down one of the biggest sex slave trafficking rings in US history. Now she has decided to take sometimes off and return to her family in the Oregon countryside. But soon she will find out that there is a price to pay for her action. Father Jacob, the leader of the sex cult, has escaped and is now taking revenge by trying to fuck literally her entire family, starting with her half-sister Rosa in the Catholic nun college. Can the sexy red head agent save herself and her family before he breaks them all?

    100% (968 users)
    57 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  5. A Futanari Story by styxmaster

    1 day ago

    This story is about Kendra, a futanari. I've designed this story to be accessible to moth men and women, with each 2nd-level story thread introducing either a man or a woman. These men and women are Kendra's romantic partners, and the writers of each chapter can decide what that means for those characters. The characters can be submissive, dominant, or even switch it up. That's up to the writers, as is Kendra's personality for each thread. The story can be from whatever perspective you want, though it should all be in second person. If you want to write from the perspective of another character, please create a new thread stemming from this first page of the story. If you have any questions about this story please feel free to message me privately, as I will typically respond within a day or so. Feel free to leave comments or requests on chapters, but if you do leave a request, consider writing it yourself. I am more than willing to edit a basic outline into something more substantial if that works better for you. Kendra's anatomy: Kendra is 25 years old, and identifies herself to the large majority of the public world as a woman, hiding her penis from anyone but those closest to her. She has black hair, slightly wavy, with piercing blue eyes. She has fairly tanned skin. She is 5'11", with a well-toned physique. At work, she wears well-tailored business clothes, mostly skirts, but sometimes pantsuits. At home, she is more casual, and her wardrobe can range from nearly nothing, to workout gear, to a t-shirt and jeans, to a loose dress, to gardening clothes. Kendra has all components of both male and female anatomy, all fully functional (penis, balls, clit, pussy, womb, g-spot, prostate, tits, etc.). She is bisexual, and is no stranger to sex, either giving or receiving, and enjoys all kinds, be it oral, vaginal, anal, or penile. Her breasts are a large b-cup, though she used to be a c-cup before she started exercising daily. To nearly any observer, she's an average, fit woman in her 20s. An extremely careful observer, however, might notice a slight bulge in her pants when wearing particularly tight clothing. Her penis is uncircumcised, and measures 7" long and 1.75" thick.

    100% (30 users)
    5 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
  6. The virus by Queen Death

    1 day ago

    A Virus starts to spread in a small city, turning all who are infected into sex craved zombies, men's testicles start to grow every time they cum, woman's breasts and ass/hips start to expand every time infected cum is shot into them, girls will grow a cock above there vagina so they can fuck and cum like men to spread the virus.

    100% (1,789 users)
    15 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
  7. Succubi, and Other Strange Demons by Shassar

    1 day ago

    A story divided into parts, featuring lots of demons, corruption, sin, and more. An illustrated CHYOA.

    100% (258 users)
    32 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male
  8. Slut World by SwampThing

    3 days ago

    Another erotic RPG, from either a male or female POV

    100% (1,672 users)
    120 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Both
    Exhibitionism, Bellhop, Lolita, Anal, BDSM, Virgin, Mind Break, Fucked Silly, Gangbang, Drugged, ENF, rimming, hospital, Blowjob, Reluctance, Drugs, Rape, Mindbreak, Transparent Dress, Slut, Ball Gown, mother-daughter oral, face sitting, threesome, Princess, Public, Bondage, miniature golf, lesbian nurses, Lesbian, Dildo, Princess Gown, lap dance, diner, lesbian incest, corrupted, paladin, facesitting, Humiliation, Video Recording, Defloration, Camera, Recording, wet cum, lesbian rimming, Sex, Incest, Ass, Prom Dress, Transparent Clothing, Lingerie, mind control, Hypnosis, Xp, Rp, Roleplay, Spanking, Masturbation, lesbian squirt, ffm oral, panties, kissing, public sex, movie theater, Gang Bang, Impregnation, cunnilingus, lesbian 69, L7, Non-Consent, Submissive, Bimbo, Blackmail, Video, Video Camera, public blowjob, auburn, grinding, sisters, blonde, romance, Group sex, Fucking, analingus, Aphrodisiac, Drug, Group, Forced, barbarian, anal cousins, brother-sister, fellatio, marijuana, oral threesome, Webcam, Shower, Dominance, Titty Fucking, Surprised, Begging, lesbian exhibitionism, Dress-Up, Schoolgirl, Bride, Costume, Exhibitionist, 69, Interracial, Whore, beach volleyball, Ass Play, phone sex, shoe store, toe-sucking, foot fetish, Kidnapped, Cum on Face, Unconscious, parking, Exhibition, sex on the beach, cum, pussy-licking, cum-swallowing, group blowjob, Spit-Roast, Dress, popcorn, Filmed, oral, peeing, Hidden Vibrators, Princess Dress, Translucent Dress, Teen, vibrator, Bridal, Futa, Teacher, lovers lane, rpg, game, slave, twins, young, strip, school, strip tease, strip club, voyeur, kickboxing, desire, jilling, Voyurism