Changing the Rules

Changing the Rules

A phone that can change the world

Chapter 1 by street0 street0

Josh West was checking out his new phone. The touchscreen was sleek and easy to use, and he quickly found himself buying some apps to match his interests. He spent ten minutes playing around with an app that let him jiggle boobs in any photo just by moving his fingers. When he exited, there was an app icon that he didn't remember buying.

"Rules of the World," he read its name and clicked. There was a note attached. "They are after me. I've encrypted and transferred this application before they get me. Use it wisely."

"Weird," Josh thought and clicked past it.

Thousands of lines scrolled past. A few of the rules caught his eye:

  • Men and women are equal.

  • One girl is born for every boy.

  • Most women don't like the taste of cum.

  • Businesswomen prefer to dress conservatively and cover skin.

  • A man can't ask a female colleague to fetch the coffee for the guys.

He tapped on a rule randomly. The on-screen keyboard came up. He started typing.

What rule does he change first? What happens?

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