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  1. A Shameful Sentence by ValerianXIII

    1 week ago

    After a costly automobile accident a grown woman is sentenced by a judge to be under the care of her evil stepmother. Help her stepmother along with an endless supply of rivals who would like to see her humiliated and punished.

    99% (848 users)
    23 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
    diaper change, ENF, padded bra, humiliation, foxy boxing, public indecency, indecent exposure, flat chested, small breast humiliation, sbh, diaper, wet, peeing in public, bush, pubic hair, public orgasm, forced orgasm, orgasm, smell, odor, scent, scent fetish, domination, insult, degradation, public, exposure, submission, collar, puppy, unaware, ironic, breasts shrinking, haircut, small breasts, small breasthumiliation, small breasts humiliation, smal breasts, tiny tits, spanking, enforced nudity, bathtime humiliation, catfight, ruined, ruination, financial, hypnosis, exposed, secrets, arrested, wedgie, demotion, asian woman, punishment, dress up, euf, blackmail, betrayal, trick, drugs, marijuana, alcohol, drinking, prank, life ruined, public exposure, bottomless, stripped, streak, indecency, desperation, wetting, peeing, urination, shame, accident, authority, choice, incontinent, social demotion, downgrade, social downgrade, social status, loss of standing, loss of status, status loss, panties, wardrobe malfunction, indecent, lewd, deception, onesie, girlie, tinytits, age regression, smallbreasts, shaming, training bra, shame clothing, embarassment, stuffing, weight gain, embarrassing outfit, goofy, intoxicated, diapered, ageplay, hypnotized, realistic hypnosis, naked, abdl, infantalized, small tits, pee, urine, piss, wet diaper, bladder control, unpotty training, unpotty trained, reverse potty training, dirty underwear, stained, dirty panties, smell panties, public embarrassment, Park, accidental exposure, topless, force feeding
  2. Absolute Power by mcmartin

    1 day ago

    You wake up from a dream and find that you have complete control over everything in the world.

    99% (1,616 users)
    36 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male
  3. Beastmen Rising by TigrisSeductor

    1 day ago

    An ancient goddess has awakened in Europe, transforming innocent men and women into lustful furries.

    96% (259 users)
    33 Chapters Deep
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    2nd Person, Both
  4. Blowjob Universe by pois1

    1 month ago

    Congratulations. You have discovered an entire world of submissive, cock hungry women. Facefucking galore.

    100% (2,812 users)
    46 Chapters Deep
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    2nd Person, Male
  5. Caught by McCalister

    7 months ago

    You're jerking off to thoughts of your mom when you get caught

    99% (69 users)
    12 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  6. Control And Lust by KanekiCode

    4 months ago

    A very depraved and twisted boy gains the ability to control the thoughts and actions of those around him as well as alter reality. His only goal, testing the limits of his power and getting revenge on those who he deems deserve it.

    95% (21 users)
    2 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Male
  7. Demise of A Schoolgirl by KanekiCode

    4 months ago

    This is the tale or a girl who finds herself in various situations caused by many different thing that always go the wrong way for her. Worst of all she is cursed to relive the day with no knowledge of what happened. All the choices she makes affect the course her cursed day will end. Rape, Schoolgirl, Loli, Gangbang, Tentacles, Magic, Forced Sex, All Holes, Large Insertions. Some of what you can expect to find, enjoy.

    97% (169 users)
    5 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female