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  1. LAUREN'S LITTLE SECRET by splotch

    1 day ago

    Lauren is beautiful young woman who's hiding something. All her secret's are about to revealed though, as she finds herself being exposed!

    429 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Female
    Dinner, finally getting to the main part, Vanessa, Charlotte, small breasts, tiny tits, flat chest, age regression, AR, enf, embarrassment, public, exhibitionism, artifice, naked, milf, pool, embarrassed, bdsm, mistress, Public exposure, transfer, demotion, degradation, age loss, status reduction, Bet, Lauren, Boobless, Topless, Humiliation, petgirl, puppygirl, collar, leash, punishment, burlesque, body shame, Humilation, Court, Judge, Diaoer, Boobs, Nude, big ass, mistaken identity, shy, doctor, thong, regression, succubus, Nudity, flattie, domme, tiny, petite, naked in bed, small breats, supernatural, Exposed, stripped, padded panties, flat chested, stubble, unshaved, untrimmed, embarrassing, thick, caught, bath, Catfight, bald, wig, domination, submission, reversal, status, pantsed, Pocket Knife, Strange Man, Atmosphere, small, Panties, Stripping, Meeting at clubs, The meeting ended badly, medfet, rectal thermometer, Oh my so lewd, embearassment, nakie Lauren, Rude Vanessa, ...Does anyone else feel that odd atmosphere is back?, shrinking breasts, small breast, Butt, Carol, Max, reveal, feet, big feet, immature, silly, downgrade, degeneration, exposure, Fortune Telling, Crystal Ball, attempts at comedy, Crystal, girls, Streaking, underwear, Diaper, Diapered, Choices, Win, Sock cock, baby bottle, milk, Fine dinning, deals, these characters are stupid!, Well this took a turn, Baby, humiliatiom, laugh, camera, Drama, Fortune Teller, Lilly, tall mommu, bad attempt at accent, pee, thicc, pawg, Karma, Payback, Odin’s knife, NAKED LIKE NEVER BEFORE!, Gore, Bows, Goth, Gamer, Get on with it!, Mysterious figure, spooky scene, clothes loose, Lauren’s Little Secret, Dance, enf art, nude art, small tits, ENM, wishes, Redemption, Big Punishment, masochistic, Hey she kinda said the thing, Secret revealed, SBH, insecurity, shame, Sleepwalking, Dreaming, spy, shower, embarrasing, dreams, dancing naked, EUF, undies, body control, masturbation, horny, Ouch, Mall Security, Betrayal, Vanessa’s good at that., female masturbation, bush, hairy, flaws, Zoo, Spanked, big butt, ass exposed, transformation, Teasing, Stolen Clothes, wild, sisters, skulls, I need to end this!, spanking, Working out, Future, vibrator, aroused, orgasm, rivalry, pet, insecure, ITS FINALLY DONE, Skull Lauren isn’t real she can’t hurt you!, Skull Lauren, Skull Vanessa, Shocking Larry lore turned dramatic!, Turned Dark, TurnedSexual, David, bed, Model, Odd atmosphere, Build up, Tickling, hair, haircut, makeunder, beauty loss, power loss, power transfer, role reversal, chubby, mocked, fat, Meet and Greet, mind control, House, home invasion, vandalism, game, Downfall, Thrill, Decision, Denigration, clothing cut, bathing, Karl, Body, Wet, desperation, embarrassing underwear, embarrassing panties, embarrassed underwear woman, Trapped, Bondage, cutting clothes, clothing destruction, ripping, pee desperation., bottomless, dance naked, naked nightmare, sabotage, reprisal, expsoure, bare arms, bladder, incontinent, lost control, lost, streaker, fatass, Sarah Moon, Sarah, Lauren is hot, Lick, girdle, corset, weight gain, negotiation, status loss, class struggle, power play, power struggle
  2. Stripped On Screen

    1 day ago

    Women on the silver screen and the television are finding themselves without any clothes! Follow their tales of nudity and exposure!

    126 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Female
    Pokémon, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Huraine, Buffy Summers, Amy Madison, Kennedy, Faith Lehane, Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay, enf, embarresed, streaking, Paper Towns, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Cordelia Chase, Drusilla, Nia Nal, Doctor Who, Anya Emerson, Halfrek, Vampires Suck, Bella Swan, Becca Crane, Slapstick, Parody, Twilight, Vampire, Human, Stupidity, Nude, Naked, Bubble butt, Big Boobs, Brunette, sansa stark, margaery tyrell, game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, sansaery, Kathryn Merteuil, Teen Wolf, Star Wars, Captain Phasma, Phasma, Stormtroopers, Tall Woman, Armoured Woman, Peggy Carter, Dorothy Gale, Chloe Grace Moretz, Avatar, Future, Hick, Boobs, Ass, Rich, Megan Fox, Flash, Sci-fi, Humiliation, Amy Pond, Oswin Oswald, Niki Sanders, Hela, Glory, Jennifer's Body, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Check, Needy Lesnicki, Mud, Lesbianism, Gwen Stacy, Stranger Things, Ass shot, Thong, Spank, Washroom, Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, Rose Tyler, Missy, Marcie Ross, Shuri, Black Panther, Aquaman, Invisible, Shower, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Titfuck, Anal, Sex, Makeup, Condom, Anya Jenkins, Strippers, Dinah Drake, How to Train Your Dragon, cmnf, embarrassed nude female, clothed male naked female, stripped, teleporter, Mystique, Emma Frost, Susan Mayer, Clara Oswald, Divergent, Nudist, CFNM, Lost bet, Pam Beesly enf, The office enf, Pam Beesly lost bet, Legally Blonde, Netlfix One Piece, Nami, Netflix Nami, Buffy Summerfield, Eve, Sister Lilith, Dr. Stone, Jessica Sanders, Adora, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Over Her Dead Body, Ashley Clark, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Ky Furneaux, Joyce Summers, Zia Rodriguez, Disney, Dream Lord, Ginger, Nightgown, Doctor Who ENF, Penny, theflash, embarrased, Cate Randa, Godzilla, Monsterverse, Dana Scully, Bush, Starship UK, The Librarians, korrasami, exhibitionism, riverdale, Laura Zerra, Masturbation, Fondling, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Arcade, Joystick, Boob Honk, Boob slap, The 100, Final Destination, Final Destination 3, Horror, Babe, Final Girl, Stargate SG1, Stargate, Samantha Carter, Ready Player One, Temperance Brennan, Burtonverse, Wanda Maximoff, Glass, Mooning, Charly Baltimore, Martha Jones, A Discovery of Witches, dc, embarrassd, streakingg, Kong: Skull Island, Friends, Jennifer Anniston, Darla, Sonic Screwdriver, Orgasm, Landing Strip, Pee, Public Humiliation, Public Nudity, Nightmare, Constantine, Wayhaught, Stumptown, Stargate Atlantis, Eureka, The Last Witch Hunter, Laurel Rosenberg, Terra Maclay, Shazam!, Torchwood, Charmed, Jasmine, Deadpool, iZombie, Arcane, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer, Melinda Gordon, Possession, ghost, spirit, food, Ariel, Mermaids, ahsoka, ahsoka tano, mandalorian, chased, The Outpost, Dawn Summers, Romana, Donna Noble, Bright, Mcu, Euf, Public, Exhibition, Kate, Hawkeye, Birds of Prey, Helena Bertinelli, Harley Quinn, Dinah Lance, Renee Montoya, Kathy Newman, Laurel Weaver, Liz Sherman, Life Sentence, The Walking Dead, Warrior Nun, Winifred Burkle, The Fosters, Christina Hendricks, Body Inspection, Inspector, #enf, #riverdale, Vanessa Fisk, April O'Neil, TMNT, Pet, Leg hump, Boot lick, Eva McCulloch, Iris West, Mirrorverse, Castle, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Arrow, Pregnant, Pregnant ENF, Jentorra, Quantumania, Tied Up, Embarrassed, Exposed, Caught, Caught Naked, Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, conditions, strip, Breast expansion, BE, Sexy, Fire, Nerd, Paramedics, Bar, Teen, The Prince of Egypt, octavia blake, Ava Sharpe, Astra Logue, Sara Lance, Catwoman, Selina Kyle, She count as a catgirl?, Burglar, Kill La Kill, Stolen Clothes, Missing Clothes, Freaky, Voyeur, rey, Mind control, Van Helsing, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, Peridot, 10 Cloverfield Lane, spanking, predicament bondage, bondage, exhibitionist, Jillian Jensen, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Ashildr, Band, Jean Grey, Eve Baxter, Last man standing, Sersi, Bed Sheets, Covering, Atlantis, AI, Topless, Alex Danvers, Chronicle, The Sandman, Embarrassing, Star Trek, Star Trek Discovery, Sylvia Tilly, Makkari, Eternals, Thena, Ancient Rome, Netflix One Piece, The Originals, Kelly Olsen, Namora, restrained, Aneka, Krypton, Ironheart, Riri Williams, Ant-Man, Motherland: Fort Salem, Echo, Caroline Farrell, 12 Monkeys, Wynonna Earp, Jenny Calendar, Mantis, Nebula, Kissing, Underwear, Panties, Bra, Jurassic World, Dark Willow, Monica Rambeau, Light, Marvel, Monarch : Legacy Of Monsters, Reva Sevander, Sith, RWBY, Neopolitan, Neo RWBY, Neo, Gwendolyn Post, nudity, defeated, submission, Stargate Universe, Batwoman, only one naked, naked in public, cfnf, clothed female naked female, Boy/Girl, BBC, Oral, CIM, Swallow, Rough, Dominant Male, Submissive Female, Blow job, cunnilingus, orgasm denile, tickling, tickle, bare feet, feet, ropes, Maddie Poppe, Alphabetized, Doom Patrol, Bewitched, Orphan Black, Miraculous Ladybug, Ella Enchanted, Queen of the South, Freaks of Nature, The Witcher, Chuck, Umbrella Academy, The Predator, The Punisher, Supernatural, Hellboy, Girl Meets World, James Bond, Psych, Rebel Moon, Harmony Kendall, Good Luck Charlie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alice, Catherine Madison, Michelle Jones-Watson, MJ, Killjoys, Austin & Ally, Angelina Jolie, Bikini enf, Pam Beelsy Bikini enf, The Office, The Boys, The Female of the Species, Kimiko Miyashiro, Powerless, Emily Locke, Pitch Perfect, Anya Taylor Joy, Casey Cooke, Split movie, M Night Shyamalan, Glass movie, split personalities, Brave, Dylan Sanders, Charlie's Angels (2000), Frozen, The Shannara Chronicles, Grimm, 2 Broke Girls, Max, Caroline, dare, money for dare, Black Lightning, Fantastic Four, Dottie Underwood, Warehouse 13, Army of the Dead, Lena Luthor, Big Hero 6, Maria Rambeau, Nancy Drew, Bess Marvin, Titty Slap, Pinned, Trapped, Spanked, Humiliated, Xialing, Rollercoaster, Fear the Walking Dead, DCEU, Kate Lockley, Anna Kendrick, Britanny Snow, Lesbian, Songfic, Fanfiction, Harry Potter Series, Manifest, Nyssa al Ghul, Butt, Kiss, Nipple suck, Ass Kiss, The Time Machine, National Treasure, Smallville, female threesome, Michonne, Michonne Grimes, Michonne Hawthorne, Alien, Beatrix Kiddo, Tangled, Hilary Banks, Ashley Banks, Streaker, Ladybug, Walker: Independence, Bernadette Rostenkowski, Sara Paxton, Comedy, Superhero, Jill Johnson, wet, Boob grab, Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games, Tara Macclay, Thor, Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars, The Winchesters, Schitt's Creek, Pool, Dunked, Emily Fields, Tara Chambler, Amelia Madison, Katrina Madison, Relic Hunter, Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, The Wheel of Time, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Spooner Cruz, Temperance Breenan, Spiderman, Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Connie, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Hanna Marin, Catra, Entrapta, 2nd P.O.V, Men in Black, Lapis, Lapis Lazuli, Steven Universe, Spencer Hastings, Lindsay Lohan, Herbie, Oil, Galavant, Cursed, Super Sentai, Sena Hayami, Kiramai Green, Pied, Pie in the face, Cream, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cyclone, Maxine Hunkel, Justice Society, Pam Beesly, Messalina, Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, Luka Millfy, Kaizuko Sentai Gokaiger, Statue, Wax, Punch bowl, Towel, Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, nudie, Heroes, Terminator, Terminator: Dark Fate, Sword Art Online, Candlelight, Rub, Kaya, Netflix Kaya, Into The Badlands, Tsukasa Myoujin, Patren 3gou, Patranger, V Wars, Kendra Saunders, Hawkgirl, Umika Hayami, Lupinranger, Moana, voyeurism, bdsm, gagged, rope bondage, bound, stripped naked, rope orgasm, playing with self, public masturbation, she ra, Jenna, Hamilton, Jenna Hamilton, Awkward, Awkward., Avatar the Last Airbender, Yelena, Enterprise, Vulcan, Suicide Squad, stripper pole, dance, pole dancing, pole dance, poledance, The Gifted, Valkyrie, making out, gay, blindfold, blindfolded, Strip Bet, Cloverfield, The Secret Circle, The Mandalorian, Charlie's Angels, stripping, The Vampire Diaries, Multiverse, Chaos Magic, Scarlet Witch, MacGyver, Breasts, Tits, TARDIS, Facesitting, Squirting, Wedgie, Swimsuit, Pussy Wedgie, Blushing, Camel Toe, Red Cheeks, Pink Nipples, Pink Pussy, Captain Marvel, Embarrassment, tattooing, God of Media, Siren, Rizzoli & Isles, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, lili reinhart, Transformers, Transformers Animated, Sari Sumdac, Voltron : Legendary Defender, Cuddling, Anna Camp, Beca, Aubrey, Bumblebee, What If, Scorpion, Lilah Morgan, H20 Just Add Water, Gen V, Marie Monreau, Jane Rizzoli, Maura Isles, The Fast and the Furious, The Venture Bros, Maya Lopez, Deaf, Prosthetic Leg, Orphan, The Mummy, Stitchers, Wet Dream, Clara x 11th (Eleventh) Doctor, Knickers, Lingerie, Romance, Bottomless, Pussy, Jordan Li, The Boys, Beyond, Leverage : Redemption, Shadowhunters, asian, shang-chi, Carmen Electra, Spoof, Meet the Spartans, beca mitchell, bechloe, June, Enid Sinclair, Wednesday, 10th Doctor, 4th Doctor, 7th Doctor, 9th Doctor, War Doctor, Bikini, Anastasia, Baile, Ayo, Dora Milaje, Mal, Descendants, Mythic Quest, Okoye, Wrobie Tyce, Stargate SG-1, The Goldbergs, The Peripheral, The Incredibles, Pussy Spanking, Televised, Titania, Incredibles, Violet Parr, Shredder, Captive, Karai, Knock out, Gas, restraint, domination, control, In Time, Jenna Proske, Ds, Jeans, School, Priest, Kate Kane, Firefly, King Of The Nerds, Guardians of the Galaxy, Empath, Marisa Kirby, Dog Eat Dog, Triple Dog, forcibly stripped, Iron Fist, Blindspot, How I Met Your Mother, Vagrant Queen, Glee, Lea Michele, Strap on, The Legend of Korra, Stripped on Screen, Butt Stuck, Detective Pikachu, Tierra Maclay, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Star Wars : Andor, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Elsa Bloosatone, iCarly, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Doctor Strange, Mad Men, Gwen Stacey, Firemen, Hose, Water, Jacob Kane, caught by father, Nikki Ramos, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Illyria, Kathryn Newton, Killer, Ripped Clothes, Comics, Comic Books, Carol Danvers, MCU ENF, What If?, Party Pooper, Amanda Crew, Pervert, Xu Xialing, Nora West-Allen, Iris West-Allen, Cisco Ramon, outerbanks, Timeless, Female masturbation, Kung Fu, Nicole Haught, bondage gear, Primeval, Corporal Punishment, Public Spanking, Mjolnir, Designated Survivor, Ginny Weasley, Ginny, Hogwarts, Harry Potter, Wizarding World, Cara Dune, Elliot Reid, Scrubs, Asgardian, Furry, transformation, no modesty, Index of Chapters, Foundation, Daily Bugle, Betty Brant, Magna, Pilot, Peacemaker, Sophie Song, Butterflies, Detective, Person Of Interest, Dnd, Dungeon & Dragons, Dungeons and Dragons, Tiefling, Sophia Lillis, Magic, Reba, Temper, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, Power Rangers, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Zari Tomaz, The One Where We're Trapped On The TV, john constatine, dc comics, curse, commited relationship, Pandora, Christine Palmer, Earth-838, Illuminati, Sleepy Hollow, Herbie Fully Loaded, Dirty, Streak, Slide, Construction, Redhead, Thea Queen, The Goes Wrong Show, Knives out, Madelyn cline, whiskey, glass onion, Black Mirror, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dumptruck, Thick body, Embarassed, Jiggle, Plump, Plus size, Annihilation, Jesse Quick, Natalia Alianovna Ramanoff, Bow, Shield, Jupiter Ascending, Exposure, Wizarding World ENF, Monk, Sharona, Wardrobemalfunction, Captain Carter, Bri'ish, Soldier, Ryan Wilder, Sophie Moore, Rosita Espinosa, Rosita, Dark Matter, Independence Day: Resurgence, Whiskey Cavalier, Karen Filippelli Enf, Enf bikini, Beach day enf, Bikini untied, Pam Beesly naked, Karen Filippelli naked, Silver Sable, Spiderman PS4, Demon, Revolution, Yumiko Okumura, Exposition, non-erotic, interview, reporter, plot, cw, arrowverse, hypnosis, Astrid Hofferson, Arishem, Jessica Jones, Leia Organa, Return of the Jedi, Castlevania, Ghosts, Miko Nakadai, quinn fabray, santana lopez, brittany pierce, tina cohen chang, Caitlin Snow, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, Lydia, Alina Starkov, Shadow and Bone, Netflix serie, Jessie Mei Li, Legion, Television, Netflix, Movies, Film, Daredevil, The Big Bang Theory, Glimmer, Queen Angella, Defiance, The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings, eliza taylor, Wednesday Addams, Enid Sinclaid, Bianca Barclay, Yoko Tanaka, Divina, Ajax, Xavier, Wizard of Oz, Power Rangers 2017, Art, Slasher, Blood, Angel, Armour, Clown, Wings, Cleavage, Wizards of Waverly Place, Bones, light Bondage, One Tree Hill, strippped, displayed, cleaned, captured, prisoner, Lesbian Kiss, Jem and the Holograms, Willow, Chocolate, Chocolate boobs, Chocolate ass, Sponge bath, Sensual, Butt scrub, Ghosts CBS, Blonde, Falling, Kahhori, Enf Pam Beesly, Claire Dearing, Curvy, Tokyo Ghoul
  3. The Lilith Strain by marevir

    1 day ago

    A mystical virus turns humans into sex-hungry demons.

    64 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Cum, Anal, Scat, Piss, Cock, Cunt, Incubus, Succubus, Corruption, Transformation, Lilith, Hell, Erection, Blow, Job, BJ, Blowjob, Angela, Hero, Failed, Tear, Shotgun, Alexa, Dani, Succubi, Vixen, Crimson, Slut, Transfomation, Transformed, Demonic, Slit, Souless, Eyes, Skin, Red, Flesh, Eager, Thrust, Tail, Tipped, Lust, Suck, Fuck, Bare, Pussy, Lips, Flicker, Either, Side, ServantOfLilith, Thalinya, Seraph, Plan, Talons, Catacombs, Temptation, Harem, Purestone, Business, Pleasure, Dank, Basement, Megan, Amanda, Maya, Latino, Attack, Infect, Lick, Lap, Air, Humid, Escape, Door, Hinges, Dumpster, Mick, Derek, Jake, Kristen, Jess, Sister, Group, Effort, Kiss, Darken, Labia, Ass, Asshole, Double, Stuff, Orgy, Ripped, WritersRedemption, Trio, Incubi, Sincubi, Sincubus, Deepthroat, Audience, S.O.Lilith, Betrayal, Demons, Aggressive, Nape, Sin, Facesitting, demon, Sisters, Run, Push, Away, Ravage, Soul, Brunette, Blonde, Roughly, Grab, Hair, Whip, Faint, Shriek, Orgasmic, Cowering, Pace, Shower, Ambulance, Swoop, Hint, Hunt, Daddy, Couple, Man, Woman, Lady, Closet, Janitor, Guise, Sweat, Pheromones, Strain, Coax, Out, The, Window, Onyx, Taloned, Feet, Claws, Razor, Sharp, Fangs, White, Tongue, Serpentine, Voice, Saviour, Buxom, son, mom, gag, spit, Doomed, Damnation, Taboo, Car, Crash, John, Baseball, Bat, Rose, Splinter, Smash, Explode, Captured, Capture, Held, Monster, Human, Enhance, Scream, Flight, Block, Watch, Join, In, Predator, Prey, Toy, Debauched, Gay, Homosexual, Rough, Strangle, Ted, Rut, Animalistic, Bestial, Muscular, Knocking, Tits, DD, Pig Demon, Fat, Multiple Breasts, Hippo Demon, Huge Breasts, Inverted Nipples, infected, naked, town, friend, Split, Chaotic, City, Streets, Horn, Siren, Stud, Female, Jogger, Newborn, Captor, Pearly, Manical, Laugh, Mary, Apartment, Stairway, Predatory, Snarl, Feral, Grin, Hunter, Terrified, Two, Nestle, Movement, Stalk, Submit, Glow, Menacingly, Fallen, Father, Alluring, News, Nudge, Warp, Mind, Edge, Erect, Sex, Glass, Shatter, Flood, Lover, Gay Sex, Arse, Breasts, DD's, Pure, Stone, Marines, NCO, Coward, Department, Store, Barricade, Sergeant, Anthro, Bicorn, Goat Woman, Big Breasts, Horns, Unsual Eyes, Hellhound, Body Modification, Dickgirl, Futa, Futanari, Hermaphrodite, Slime, Imp, Silent, But, Deadly, Night, Shade, Foreplay, Makeout, Sultry, Moan, Groan, Look, Bob, Head, Maw, Infection, Akasha, Musk, Scent, virus, worldbuilding, broadcast, room, house, government, Defilement, Cunnilingus, Writhe, One, Candidate, Watersports, Cat Girl, Tiger Woman, Lion Woman, Threaten, Daughter, Make, Cascade, Fountain, Jynx, You, Girls, Locker, Dart, Lapping, Fiery, Mounts, Him, Wet, Slick, Tight, Eerie, Hellish, Perversion, Heated, Monster cock, All, Fours, 4, Crawl, Ride, Cheeks, Plump, Rear, Bubble, Butt, Jostle, Clench, Ingest, Juices, Suffocate, Devilish, Details, Whore, shemale, double penetration, max, Julia, estate, Taxi, Driver, Cab, Subdue, Husky, Tone, Suggestive, Sublime, Action, Tentacles, Policewoman, skimpy outfits, Police Woman Uniform, Erotic Police Uniform, Pit Fiend, Pit Lord, Dominatrix Outfit, hotel, Deep, Throat, Lollipop, Ease, Apart, Thighs, Brutish, Form, Balls, Abi, Hospital, Ditch, Robyn, Party, Heels, Clicked, Pavement, Concrete, Intoxicated, Cloud, Noxious, Glazed, Over, Next, Move, Confrontation, Mother, Mall, Grip, Neck, Caught, Trap, HRIncubus, Jenny, Lustful, Actions, Friends, Protege, Deft, Tar, Like, Bethan, Former, Flecks, Amber, Left, Path, Chosen, Choice, Decide, Decision, Crept, Creep, Kaylee, Rev, Hope, Ooze, Jane, Wall, Bliss, Inhale, Pheremones, Raid, Heart, Beat, magic, girthy, muscles, mark, Sucking, Off, Transition, Lewd, Acts, Flawless, Cupboard, Page, Bitch, Fang, Thrown, Across, Voyeurism, Darkned, Grown, Exit, Building, Grate, Airducts, Commanding, Growl, Dad, Domineering, Survivor, Lone, Chris, Helen, Sluts, No, Heat, Mysterious, Figure, Recurring, Mistress, Spicy, Transformaed, Pitch, Threesome, dark, fear, nude, clothes, safe, anus, Pool, Mewl, Raven, Locks, Luscious, Domination, Alleyway, Walk, Survive, Shoulder, Wound, Chorus, Shadow, EroticScribe, opportunity, Floor, Sword, Change, Wings, Fanged, bike, road, Conversion, Hooded, Strangers, Cult, Redhead, Voluptuous, Green, Venomous, Beast, Pale, Tainted, Cop, Shot, Willing, Cocksucking, Tamer Demon, Nightmare, Demon Head, Succubus Head, Transformation Sex, Giving Head, Forked-Tounge Head, A, Sinful, Mounting, Chaos, Cleft, Spunk, Purr, Instinct, Stranger, Sly, Walgreens, Lizard Girl, Nudity, Angel, Lucy, Sam, Candidates, Abigail, Doctor, Patient, Demonised, Gash, Erupt, Staff, Nurse, Spider Woman, Madeline, Rescue, Attempt, Shift, Mad, Wicked, Longer, Lingering, Wrap, Around, Elongate, Pupils, Amelia, Natalie, Transform, Finger, Folds, Tender, Youthful, Kin, Master, Names, Unzipped, Fly, home, masturbating, pre, Ass Enhancement, Ass Expansion, Choices, Fingering, Nathan, Wilson, Nate, Encounter, Flashback, Flee, Twins, Brother, Distend, Dick, Oooze, Protegé, Peril, Hound, Clit, Pack, Cocks, Ichor, On, Guy, Seduction, succubus transformation, penis play, succubus sex, motorcycle, gaping, rod, flying, Ms, Peel, SGT, Civilian, FUBAR, Go, It, Alone, Argument, Kill, Or, Worse, Twenty, Lecherous, Freedom, Story, Pile, Glisten, Question, Anger, Shudder, Cold, Emotionless
  4. Normality by Murakami

    4 days ago

    Once upon a time, on a bet and while very very drunk, a higher power of some kind made a very special item.

    335 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Both
    Percy Jackson, One Piece, Erina, Nakiri, Zatanna, Normality, Mom, Sister, Green Lantern, Justice League, Magic, Dc, Konosuba, Consort Yu, Hinako Akuta, Morning BJ, Bodyswapping, Rangiku Matsumoto, The Legend of Korra, Demon Slayer, Earrings, Supergirl, Flash, Superman, Circe, Nonchalant pee, blowjob, Legend of Korra, Edwad D. Minato, Monkey D. Luffy, Koby, Roronoa Zoro, Shell Town, Shells Town, East Blue Arc, East Blue, Normality Earrings, Normal Tsujo, Alvida, Woop Slap, she’s a pirate, Mind control, Rin Tohsaka, Saber, Sakura Matou, Minori Mitsuzuri, Fujimura Taiga, Caren Hortensia, Inspector Tsujo, Tashigi, public inspection, public nudity, spanking, marine issued underwear, Tashigi’s toned tushie, big dick, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Unaware, oral, The Joker, Harley Quinn, sex, Wonderwoman, Black Canary, Byleth on Byleth is Smexy, Polyamory, naruto, Boruto, Koneko Toujo, Catgirl Koneko, Koneko gets some cream, Koneko gets double stuffed, Koneko gets spit-roasted, Public, Issei's Mom gets fucked, Motohama is normal, Issei's Mom gets creampied, Desire, Bartolomeo, Nami, public sex, changing room sex, cum shot, squirting orgasm, size queen, multiplied orgasm, mega orgasm, Reality Alteration, Free Use, Casual, Lisa, Senran Kagura, Orihime, Edward D. Minato, Bellemere, Buggy, Clown D. Buggy, fingering, alley sex, cream pie, Teen Titans, Beatboy, Raven, Starfire, Robin, Ringmaster Tsujo, Casual Undress, Underwear, dirty jokes, shimoneta, elf, Bracelet, Hestia, Plot Progression, Bell Cranel, Big Damn Hero Moment, lesbian, yuri, Camelot, Tis a Silly Place, Time Travel, Emiya Shirou, Luviagelita Edelfelt, My Muse is a Relentless Bitch, Panchy, Mrs. Briefs, Launch, X-Men, Milf, Submission, Mutant, Fetish, Ntr, Netori, handjob, school, hidden sex, cinnilingus, science, Invisible Tsujo, mannequin challenge, Nami's treasure chest, treasure tits, firecrotch, wet clothes, cocksock, exhibitionism, deepthroat, motherdaughter, Breeding Panchy, Sixty-nine, screwed stupid, humiliation, nipple piercings, clit ring, public masturbation, cards, fate, life is strange, normality dial, story setup, oc, freeuse, football, squirting, ass play, references to boat sex which means sex with her boat, femdom, dominant female, dominant woman, amazon position, amazon, submale, gym closet, impregnation, multiple orgasms, defloration, first time, kissing, french kissing, shamelessness, anime, creampie, Final Fantasy VII, Shirou Emiya, Deep Womb Fucking, Full Stomach, Taiga Fujimura, Shirou, Taiga, Harry Potter, girl-on-girl, pussy licking, hairy, flashing, Did that sneaky bitch really just rob him again?, Finished, Astolfo, Bradamante, Hassan of the Hundred Personas, Medusa, Cunnilingus, Arturia Pendragon, wrestling, masturbating, Idk wat else to put here man, Universal acceptance, scat, living toilet, Stealing the earrings, miraculous, Ladybug, Buggy the Clown, Cabaji, Mohji, Smoker, Selfcest, Twins, It's Always the Quiet Ones, Cross C needs to take a shower, He seriously stinks, Cock, Yandere, Bet, oblivious, Kurenai, glorious butt, Hawkgirl, Batman, frozen, pose, posing, ass, idk, other shit, jumpsuit, tattoos, strip show, a brief Smoker cameo, Kurenai Yuhi, Cuck Asuma, Kurenai gets NTR'd, Go find issei....., Green Arrow, Harry Potter AU, casual sex, Zeff, Patty, Carne, the Baratie, super smooth skin, under the table blowjob, a dinner date, Aiz Wallenstein, Ryuu Is Best Girl, Danmachi, Character Development, makeouts, smg4, melony(smg4), mario, luigi, meggy(smg4), tari, saiko(smg4), belle(smg4), casualsex, openedrelationships, publicsex, uhh, shimoneska, harem, group sex, Argus Filch, Lily Potter lives, Alice Longbottom lives, All Students are of age/adults, morning sex, morning wood, Step Mom, Principal, Uniforms, Izuku, midoriya, izuku midoriya, my hero academia, dwarf, druid, Kate Marsh, LiS, BtS, Before the Storm, Life is Strange Before the Storm, LiS BtS, Kate, Marsh, Principal Wells, What to do now?, Soifon, Bleach, gokkun, cum eating, footjob, Universe, panties, Marvel, Cross C smells like doo doo, DogDog is still alive, he needs your help, donate to his patreon, Makino, workplace nudity, all natural bush, High School of the Dead, watersports, voyeur, Kohta Hirano, naked on deck, Alvida finally puts clothes on, a deal is struck, deep throat, not so wholesome, Kama, Reika Rikudou, Hairwipe, teacher, student, porn, Smooth Sex, tit-fuck, sleeping sex, bar sex, threesome, guy-on-girl-on-girl, the vowel howl, Panchy Briefs, some other kinky shit, no one reads tags, I'm sexy :D, Boodle, Erotic Dungeon, Danganronpa, Makoto Naegi, Aoi Asahina, Psylocke, Rouge, Jubilee, Jean Gray, Strom, Cyclops, irrationally angry, naked and insane, ball play, Genderbending, Lancelot, Gareth, Dc universe, Superhero, I guess Wonder Woman would count as a tag since she was mention, Aquaman too, butt no one searches for him so whats the point, the idiot actually takes the earrings off, so that’s what happened to the sea monster, Half Blood, f/f, lesbianism, tribbing, Braless, naked in public, f/m/f, Rukia, Cinder Fall, Rwby, Salem, Villain Protag, Help Me I'm Doing It Again, Anko, Anko Mitarashi, Dango, fishnet, Familiar of Zero, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, the first appearance of Nami's treasure chest, Normal Tsujo is born, and so it begins, Matsuda fucks Akeno, cowgirl, lactation, speech change, Nudity, Ippon Matsu, sword play, masturbation, marine issued panties, cum covered glasses, Tashigi’s toned tushed, abnormal shame, tit job, a thoroughly enjoyed chocolate bar, Mineta Minoru, Mitsuki Bakugo, orgy, human, half-elf, teasing, mother, son, motherxson, big ass, Dogdog is awsome, marvel comics, Storm, Ororo, Jean, Scott, Mashikaku, Monkey D. Luffy is the definition of abnormal, anti-normal, Legend of Zelda, Luna, Max Caulfield, Maxine Caulfield, Caulfield, Max, LiS: BtS, Victoria Chase, Victoria, Chase, Blackwell, High School, Private School, Chloe Price, Chloe, Price, Amber, Beast Boy, toys, licking, Saphron Cotta-Arc, Terra Cotta-Arc, Faiy Tail, body transformation, fat Alvida become smooth Alvida, lingerie fashion show, Alfred, idk wat else to put here, Dogdog is amazing, someone had to say it, Normal, Ino, Tenten, Ino Yamanaka, gyaru, Mommy, Fsub, #Akeno Himejima, #Koneko Toujou, transformation, cock growth, bukkake, m/f, Arturia, Slut, Minerva McGonagall, McGonagall is hot and sexy, Glory Hole, Lore, Demon, Attack on Titan, Annie Leonhart, Topless, dungeon, George, Normalization, Oblivious to Change, Reality Altering, Highschool, Kushina Lives, Uchiha Live, Hinata's Mother Lives, Rin Nohara Lives, My Name, panty sniffing, gaming, sexting, Sad Times, Sera deserved better, The start of something beautiful, DogDog's chapter is after this, Get ready for some sex, Freya, Montage, Love Live, Kousaka Honoka, Muse, Mythology, Aqua's fine ass, Megumin's fine ass, Darkness is nonexistant, Megumin is best girl, Aqua is useless, Water is hot, Water Is Wet, Wetter Than My Dick After Reading A Konosuba doujin, Monster Musume, Miss Smith, Wet, Wetting, Bedwetting, Idiocy, a brief discussion about fishman penises, Lasagna (;, Nagito Komaeda, I'm not gay for Nagito I swear, Sick boi, Hajime Hinata, Hajimmy, Izuru Kamukura, eating during sex, altered morals, sex education, edging, Green Lantern is technically in this too.., Idk wat else to put, X Men, Comics, Daughter, Idk what else, I love my mom, I'm odd like that, ¿ Decir otra cosa que es "Normal" ?, Nonko Arahabaki, Sagiri Ameno, french kiss, fondling, Freya be CrayCray, Dickpic, Dickpics, Tionishia, Shokugeki_no_Soma, Rachnera, Second Verse will it be the same as the first?, Yoruichi, Shokugeki no Soma, Food Wars
  5. A Video Game Humiliation II by ittybittyht

    4 days ago

    Your favorite video game characters are about to go on some rather embarrassing adventures. Feel free to add characters to the list and add to their adventures. BUT BETTER!! BETTER ORGANIZED!! BETTER QUALITY!! (All characters are 18+)

    124 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Both
    cloud strife, cloud, Judy Álvarez, Cyberpunk2077, Lydia, Video Game, Video games, video game humiliation, enf, ENM, embarrassed naked male, embarrassed naked female, humiliation, public humiliation, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dontnod, life is strange, true colors, max, chloe, steph, nintendo, mario, mario kart, super smash, smash, smash ultimate, smash bros, super mario bros, Liara, Public Nudity, fallout, skyrim, bethesda, bethesda game studios, starfield, elder scrolls, elder scrolls enf, elder scrolls stories, final fantasy, Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed, ashley, ashley williams, Kassandra, Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy 16, Jill Warrick, Embarrassed Nude Female, Naked, Nude, Embarrassed, Benedikta Harman, Ezio, Lucy, Lucy Stillman, bowsette, female bowser, bowser, Tali, Tali Zorah, commander shepard, commander john shepard, maleshep, male shepard, commander jane shepard, femshep, female shepard, Pet, Safe Word, Theresa, Kingdom Come, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, What fate befalls Commader Shepard?, Max Caulfield, Victoria Chase, Chloe Price, Collared, Exhibitionist, Jack, Miranda, Caught nude, Dark Souls, Musk, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy 10, FFX, FF10, Lulu, North, detroit, detroit become human, android, Sonya blade, mortal kombat, Peebee, Streaking, Resident evil, Claire Redfield, Redfield, Shaundi, Tifa, Tifa Lockhart, AC Syndicate, Evie Frye, Exposed, Breasts, Nipples, Pink Nipples, Stripped, Samara., Beth, Beth the Exhibitionist, Frey Holland, Forspoken, Square Enix, Catwoman, Arkham City, Arkham Knight, Femdom, Shepard, Tattoos, spider-man, screwball, spider-manps4, insomniacgames, marvel's spider-man, princess peach, aela, werewolf, companions, Lucifer, Helltaker, Examtaker, astrid, dark brotherhood, Poker
  6. Ash's Metamorphosis by Katnaace

    6 days ago

    For so long, Ash has played the part of a trainer. But change is quite good, especially in the shoes of a girl.

    63 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
    Mabelle, Caroline, Elderly, Elderly Lady, Age Progression, Shopping, Age Dysphoria, Clothes Shopping, Identity Change, May, Retro, Older Lady, Perm, Trip, Daniel, Team Rocket, Grunt, Corrupted, Kasumi, Possessed, Isabelle, Big Baby, Diapers, Lush, Possession, Misty, Charizard, Geisha, Delia, Mother, Anthro, Twinning, Sisters, Lesbian Couple, Lopunny, Bunnygirl, Crossdressing, Annita, Surgery, Plump, Grandmother, Stepford, Stepford Wife, Lesbian, Margret, Church Lady, Knitting, Bimbo, Carla, Mistaken Identity, Grandma, Kisses, Carol, Old Lady, Makeup, Daughter, Makeover, Doctor, Glasses, Housewife, Lesbian?, Church, Religious, Waiting, Fluff, Old, Islam, Hijab, Muslim, Muslimah, Religion, Julia, Johanna, Celebration, Twins, Vintage, Ending, Moving, Elderly Woman, Date, Weight Gain, Revert, Beloved, Succubus, Lesbian Couple?, Jessie, Plush, (???), Smoker, Lying, Veiling, Modesty, Dresses, Possesed, Uniform, Gym Leader, [NSFW], Sex, Maha, Niqabi, Niqab, Veiled Woman, Cultural Change, Infantilism, Mental Regression, Regression, Baby, Ashley, Acceptance, Nails, Relaxation, Trainer, Ash, Hijabi, Hearing Aids, Medicine, Pretend, Dressup, Exercise, Hairstyles, Fairy, Aunt, Lookalike, Dawn, Trans Character, Twin, Planning, Salon, Officer Jenny, Officer, Swimming, Churchgoer, Outing, Kangahaskan, Retirement Home, Old Ladies, June, Chatting, Coordinator, Granddaughter, Plastic Surgery, Ganguro, Bisexual, Routine, Domestic, Dye, Prayer, Training, Corruption, Butch, Skincare, Irisivel, Iris, Clothes, Twin Sisters, Retro Clothes, Haircare, Ashlee, ABDL, Daycare, Hair, Lusamine, Dancing, Confusion, Age Dsyphoria, Older Woman, Dress-up, Nudity, Yes, No, He's interrupted before he can, but nothing happens, Start Over, Wedding, Ava, Marriage, Breakfast, Eating, [???], Birth, Baby Girl, Age Difference, Lisa, Meeting, Lesbians, Couple, Daisy, Work, Junior Officer, Uniforms, Test, Older Man, Convert, Dating, Heterosexual, Gay?, Arabic, Food, Bisexual Couple, Clothing, Age Progession, Face, Age Regression, Little Girl, Heterosexual?, Straight Couple, Deborah, Clown, Ivy, Stepfordization, Name Change, Hugging, Sisters?, Sister, Flirting, Performance, Shoes, Vintage Clothes, Crocheting, Praise, Teaching, Pregnant, Lillie, Married, Bouffant, Masking, Elderly?, Plans, Lesbian Sex, Max, Cara, Perfume, Friends, Mission, Ballgown, Fancy Dress, Identification, Team Magma, Liar, Tanned, Tanning, Denise, Party Girl, Partying, Girlfriend, Playtime, Nursing Home, Lamia, Hobby, Teacher, Sunbathing, Girly, Girly Girl, Shabada, Lolita, Lily, Caught, Femboy, Love, Ludita, Sissy, Whore, Wet, Wife, Polymory, Visiting, Ms Davis, Mother?, Proposal, Body Modification, Grandma?, Brainwashing, Stepford Housewife, Bisexuality, Duffel Bag, Ghaliya, MILF?, Transitioning, Lover, Ballroom Gowns, Kissing, Fancy Dresses, Heels, Decisions, Suckling, Magma Grunt, Irony, Hypnosis, Trickery, Height Increase, Jessica, Understanding, Straight, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Euphoria, Sensational Sister, FFM, Wardrobe, Posession, Playing Pretend, Traveling, Assembly, Confession, Sensational Sisters, Practice, Gowns, Violet, Sewing, Routines, Timeskip, Retro Clothing, Pokemon, Ash Ketchum, Bikini, Refreshments, Religous, Body Dysphoria, Victory, Transformation, Mom, Dima, Lina, Daughters, Clothing Shopping, Long Dresses, Trap, Julie, Vintage Clothing, Cookies, Deaf, Hearing Loss, Gray hairs, Cosmetics, Forest, Berries, Truth, Conversation, Team Rocket, Possesion, Maid, 1950s, Veil, Results, Princess, Voice Training, Homebody, Haircut, Bingo, Polyamory, Reunion, Party, Touring, Married Couple, Husband, Muslim Revert, Visit, House, Granny Carol, Fulfillment, Depression, Feelings, Mental Change, Home, Mind Control, Style, Stylist, Hairstyle Change, Gandmother, Pair, Religious Lady, Bonding
  7. Game Monster by Cantalope

    3 weeks ago

    You come into being as a low-level monster, the kind heroes chew through like popcorn. You know the drill, whether you're a player yourself or an artificial intelligence, and you're sick of it. You set out on your own quest: to defeat the heroes at any cost (or at least be an epic boss somewhere down the line).

    79 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    2nd Person, Other
    servant, Quest, Rescue, Zombie, minotaur, Chitros, Armok, Lorchos, Anari, Hilia, Gods, Goddesses, Level Cap, Cleric, Love, Betrayal, Nimrev, Abigail, Ties That Bind, Those That Are Above The Gods, Promises Kept, Abigail, femdom, bondage, Nimrev, Blessing, Major Split, Dwarf, Red hair, Short, First Hint of Erotica, parasite, mind control, slug, worm, Mimic, vore, taste, tongue, Coiled, System, Level Up!, Fight or Flight, masochism, sadism, orgasm denial, Fantasy, Volcano, Minor Split, Machetes, Monster, Tentacles, Thaumaturge Nyssa, Acolyte Vel, Pawn-Player-Promotion, Massage, Leadership, MacGuffin, Changing Classes, Wandering Mob, Fatality, Change Of Focus, sissy, mushroom, adventurers, cave, Opening Bid, Ghoul, Already Tried, Some Hearts Just Get Lucky Some Times, Lidia, Joss Sticks, Story, Bible Reference, Prayer Paper, Bar, wyrm, feral, loot, poison, aphrodisiac, King, Low Level Mook, Unfair Handicap, Strategist, lake mermaid, mermaid, tentacle, beach, Gods, Elves, hostage situation, fishing for mermaids, Slime, Dildo, Skunk, Choice, Beast, Gets Better, Four, Game Monster, Beholder, Rogue Tevoy, Barbarian Argres, Scholar Baehdor, Magic Erotica, Potion, Dwarve, Wizard, Tree, Fall, Cut, Lovehandle, Blood, Turncoat, Side with the Monsters, Bribery, Squick, orgasm, Tendril, Goblin, female goblin, bull, broodmother, horse cock, Bold as Brass, Orc, Warboss, Warchief, Ransom, Human, Negotiation, Garag Dorn, Lidia, Nyreen, Baneworms, Stagnant Water, Rogue, Divine Intervention, Vengence, Declaration of War, Oral, MFF, Rouge, Nudity, Combat, Oculgre, Magic, golem, giant rat, bard, Fighter, Bronze, Armor & Weapons, Exercise in Futility, Snake, Breeding, Rough, Inflation, Size Difference, Cervixal Penetration, Pregnancy, Mind Break, Collar, Control, Evolution, Level UP!, Character Sheet, Corruption, Mage Nora, horror, taken over, sekmet, possession, masturbation, Tamer, Thick as bricks, Trap, Fairy, Gazer, Paralysis, Snake, Simon_Silver, Erotic Patch, Molly the Tamer, Amazon, Anal, Witch, Guild Hall, Fenris, Major Split, role reversal, Mage Nola, Simon_Silver, 'Fenris', The Mifune Clan Guild, Quartermistress, Minitaur, Clothing, Lovers, Warrior Jurh, Rogue Ina, Bard Ani, Donkey, Donkey Dick, Horsecock, Equine Penis, Donkey Centaur, Centaur, Dragon, Gnoll, feet, Femboy, Hermaphrodite, Village, Cunnilingus, pussy eating, Succubus, Monsters, MMORPG, Body Modification, video game, hero, heroine, plant, Ambush, Ghouls, Hidden Treasures, Racist, Spray, Stink Gland, Rogue, Sorceress, Priest, Dubcon, Group, Fluids, Party Defeated, Ambush, Surrender, Ghouls, Battle, Paralysis, Cannibalism, Captive, Major Split., Stench, WereSkunk, Skunkubus, Smell, Timber, Crush, Stamina Potion, bukkake, Major Split., Level Up, Bar, Coffee Stain In Tuscany, Miracle, Worshipers, Nascent Cult, Reach Out And Punch Faith, Rat King, Sewers, Ostvale, Stats Picked, Orcs, Road to Garag Dorn, Thank Prime, Richard, Echo Scarf, Sewers, Finish Her!, Fatality, Vicious Kill, Tits, breast sucking, Phase out, Regret, Big Damn Heroes, First Hint of Erotica, Jenna, Pack Leader, Transformation, Butt Plug, Cassowary's Crypt, Obdurium, Amulet, Blowjob, Frighten, Fear, Dominate, Kiss, Kisses, Rimjob, Breaking In, Waking Up, Checking Out On The Prison Bus, Lake Kraken, Jenna, Pack Leader, Max, Vera, Fight, encounter, Micro-Boss, Cassowary's Crypt, Max, Marriage, Mawage, Bargaining with a kraken, White Hand Inn, Barkeep, Rogue Faylen, Amazon Eonoe, Curb Stomp Battle, Gather The Horde, Lucky Break, Male, Female, Fiendkin Nor, Sex, Huge Penetration, deity, Cursed Dagger, Mare, Meeting Of Minds, Plans Are Laid, addictive cum, cumshot, Plot dump, gang, Dialogue, Amnesia, Spike Traps, Hallway, Clue, Ninja, Wicked Game, Exposition, Knowledge Is Power, spider, Rack, McGuffin, Rolled a 1!, Mary Jane Gray, Pack Leaders, Spike Traps, Gaff Hook, Dungeon, Domination, Harem, Magical Erotica, Armok, Lorchos, Anari, Hilia, Goddesses, Level Cap, Cleric, Love, Betrayal, Those That Are Above The Gods, Promises Kept, Blessing, RPG, Hybrid, Griffin, Palladain, Priestess, Mountain Bat, Religion, Volcano, Minor Split, Machetes, Change Of Focus, Joss Sticks, Story, Bible Reference, Prayer Paper, Strategist, Nyreen, Baneworms, Stagnant Water, Evolution, Character Sheet, Tamer, Erotic Patch, Molly the Tamer, Fenris, Enemy, Online, Foot, Footsteps, 'Fenris', The Mifune Clan Guild, Quartermistress, Sorceress, Priest, 2 Girls, Surrender, Battle, Cannibalism, Captive, Coffee Stain In Tuscany, Miracle, Worshipers, Nascent Cult, Reach Out And Punch Faith, Rat King, Ostvale, Orcs, Road to Garag Dorn, Thank Prime, Richard, Echo Scarf, Hear, Talk, Speak, Ear, Transformation, Butt Plug, Waking Up, Checking Out On The Prison Bus, Vera, Mawage, White Hand Inn, Barkeep, History, War, Monk, Monastery, Crusade, Goddess, Kluexcia, Holy, Lovely, Forgotten, Elder Goddess, Gaff Hook, Dungeon, Post-Sex, Stink, Potential, Stripping, lust, Taming Tag, chicken, Amazon Julyen, gag, ring gag, Turned, Cum, Witness, The Vault, Maze, Victory, village idiot, dark elf, peasant, The brothel door opens, Nimrod Zodiac the Corinthian, High Temple, Resurrection, 'Sandman' Reference, Historical Reference, IRL Reference, No Looting PCs, Unfair Advantage, God, Bargain With Heaven, Overclock, Setup, Mother and daughter, MILF, Elf, Granny, Orgy, Loot!, Armed Party, Break Your Wyrd, Defy The Gods, Hard Reboot, Player-Pawn-Demotion, Class Change, Turning Point, Bride, Lorchos High Temple, spriggan, archer, Kelly, adventure, Creature, Erection, Pussy, Panties, Aim, 69, Tougning, Woman X Monster, Sheep, Critter, Rousing Speach, Equipment Screen, Waitresses, Blacksmith's Shop, Divine, Gold, Beauty, Lore, lady, Rest, Bottle, More, Risk, Theft, Equipment, Dastard, Opportunity, Adventurer, Giant, Halfling, Assassahate, Vengeance, Warrior, Dick!, Level-Up!, Lesbian, Fiendkin Nora, Gear Up, Digression, Grandfathered, Cultists, Burnt Out House, First Notes Of Erotica, fingering, Running Out Of Steam, Vomit, Tree Skunk, Forest, Elven, Pillage, Futanari, Argument, Ass, Ranger, addicting cum, pussy fucking, impregnation, big cock, addicting semen, belly bulge, elastic stomach, brunette, Barbarian, Hard Fought Victory, game logic, addictive semen, Gracious Charity, Plan, Pyrrhic Victory, teasing, Dead, Surprise, Palladian, Red Rage, Corpse, Perfume, Power, Growth, Strength, Fox Spirit, Kitsune, relaxation sex, Feeding Frenzy, Fighting, paladin, Turning, Gold Plate, New Ghoul, Unknown Class, Even Gods Need Miracles, Font of Power, Blessed Day, Nimrev: God of Vermin, Prophetess, GREAT DAY!, Perfect Upgrade, Drow, Hobgoblin, Troll, Thrall, Deep Elf, knight, armor, anal insertion, aw-yeah, fun, hentai-box, sucking, draining, Turned, Kinky, hentai, High Temple, Resurrection, 'Sandman' Reference, Historical Reference, IRL Reference, feeding, Break Your Wyrd, Bride, Lorchos High Temple, Kelly, Dastard, Opportunity, Waitresses, Adventurer, Assassahate, Vengeance, Level Up, Loot, Warrior, Failed stealth roll, Digression, Grandfathered, Cultists, Burnt Out House, First Notes Of Erotica, Egg, Gear Up, Running Out Of Steam, Demoness, demon, Weight gain, Micro-Boss, Pack Leaders, Hard Fought Victory, Gracious Charity, Plan, Pyrrhic Victory, Red Rage, Corpse, Fight, Feeding Frenzy, Mary Jane Gray, Turning, Gold Plate, New Ghoul, Font of Power, Blessed Day, Prophetess, GREAT DAY!, Perfect Upgrade, Exposition, Hobgoblin, Orc, Troll, Thrall, Deep Elf
  8. Fictional Lesbians by ittybittyht

    1 month ago

    Changing up pace, I dunno about you, but I have a lot of FxF or lesbian couples that I love or at least find appealing. So… I figured I’d make a story for all of them. Featuring lesbians/bi women from video games, movies, tv shows, cartoons and more. ENF, porn, and romance all in one.

    46 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
    Maid, Laura Kinney, X-23, Wolverine, Jubilee, Jubilation Lee, X-Men, Marvel, Charlie Morningstar, Vaggie, Hazbin Hotel, lesbian, sara ryder, suvi anwar, lesbian couple, lesbian romance, mass effect andromeda, Helluva Boss, Loona, Octavia Goetia, Pregnant, Miraculous Ladybug, DDLC, Yurika, yuri, monika, The Croods, Eep Crood, Dawn Betterman, Korra, asami, legend of korra, korrasami, games, vibrator, app-controlled vibrator, vibrating egg, Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, The Burning Shores, DLC, Aloy, Seyka, scissoring, Liara, liara t’soni, mass effect, commander shepard, commander jane shepard, Roleplay, Sub, Domme, BDSM, Domination, Submission, Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Max, Chloe, life is strange, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Diana, akko, diana cavendish, Atsuko kagari, akko kagari, little witch academia, Cinder Fall, Neopolitan, RWBY, Salem, Ruby Rose, Roman Torchwick, Poison Ivy, harley quin, HarleyIvy, ivy and harley, harley and ivy, dc girls, dc, dc heroes, dc villains, dc comics, Sabrina Raincomprix, Zoé Lee, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), April O'Neil, Oroku Karai, Hamato Miwa, Video game, Movie, tv show, cartoon, live action, animated, comics, anime, gay, female gay, female and female, female x female, fxf, f x f, porn, sex, lesbian sex, enf, embarrassed naked female, more than one naked, only one naked, group enf, romance, Catra, adora, she-ra, Catradora, Yumeko, mary, yumeko jabami, mary saotome, kakegurui, compulsive gambler, The Owl House, Luz Noceda, Amity Blight, Lumity, Alex Chen, Steph Gingrich, Bisexual
  9. The P.A. by Dansak

    8 months ago

    A man is given an opportunity he cannot turn down when his P.A. announces she will put the 'personal' into Personal Assistant!

    94 Chapters Deep
    Step Fantasy
    3rd Person, Male
    master, mistress, sex, erotic, bdsm, aftercare, S&M, whip, cane, flog, flogger, spank, spanking, cum, pussy, sister, daughter, dad, daddy, mom, mommy, cunt, fuck, lesbian, sisters, teen, 18, 20, 21, 19, lingerie, tied, flogging, whipping, porn, pic, pics, pictures, fucking, anal, orla, stockings, sub, gangbang, orgy, brother, uncle, neice, threesome, 3sum, Dom, submissive, MD/lg, little, blow job, oral, mom and daughter, throat fuck, gang, group, cock, bikini, hot, pool, submission, naked, whore, slut, slutty, teen anal, used, vaginal, daddy's girl, mum, mummy, son, niece, secretary, P.A., boss, ass, butt, heels, rough, vagina, office, first time, virgin, hairy, shaven, smooth, trimmed, public, lesbain, Mommy Dom, Daddy dom, punishmentt, Milf, ssexy, dick, prick, jerk, jerk off, sum, maid, worship, hardcore, butt plug, MD, smooth shaven, sexy, club, DaddyDom, DD, golden shower, sibling, piss, pee, urine, after care, teid, rope, bondage, girl, teens, foursome, penis, hard, daughters, picture, D/s, cute, blonde, brunette, redhaed, icest, hot tub, roll play, spunk, babe, domination, Dominant, bum, arse, panties, thong, G-string, shaved, punishment, redhead, erotica, famiy, father, mother, sis, naughty, sperm, bad girl, jacuzzi, petit, petite, doctor, flash, love, cheeky, summer, kinky, high heels, submisive, group sex, Viper, crop, kink, sex party, swingers, sharing, gifs, gif, gimp, sir, orgasm, climax, max, katie, beth, shock, sex toys, strap on, dildo, lunch, flashing, store