Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Max is forced into various sexual situations as she tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic future.

Chapter 1 by supman supman

Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Angel or any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This is a Parody.

This story follows the character of Max Guevara (Jessica Alba) from the canceled TV show 'Dark Angel' Inspired by the German language story 'Dark Angel' started by MACC which you can find on Chyoo.


Seattle, Washington. 1:00am

Wind tore through Max's hair as she rode her motorcycle through downtown Seattle. She accelerated, pushing the bike faster, the skyscrapers that towered above her turning into little more than blurs of concrete and glass as she flew down the empty streets. It was hard to believe that just a few years ago this part of town, even at this time of night would be bustling with activity.

The pulse had changed all that, multiple nuclear strikes detonated high in the atmosphere over most US cities. The high altitude of the explosions saved the cities from total destruction but not from the electromagnetic pulse that followed. The pulse had crippled infrastructure, wiping out so many of the things people took for granted. Computers, cell phones, television, the internet, almost anything electronic was rendered useless.

The resulting panic and chaos brought the nation to its knees. Almost overnight the world had changed to a much more dangerous place.

Max herself was different; she was born and raised in a facility called Manticore, a government run agency meant to create a better solder, a super solder. Genetically manipulated to be both faster and stronger then the people around her. She had meant to be perfect, beautiful beyond imagining. With luscious lips, dark soulful eyes and a perfect body she was made to be the desire of any man. Her beauty, strength, speed, all tools given to her to enable her to do things no normal solder could.

But it came at a price, the scientists who had manipulated her DNA made mistakes. Faulty brain chemistry caused her to have seizures which weakened her immensely. And the feline genes that granted her so many abilities also caused her to go into heat, resulting in her need to breed to be almost unbearable.

But she had never asked to be a solder, so she with 12 others escaped Manticore's hellish training facility many years ago. Now she is on the run, trying to survive in the harsh future while Manticore does everything in its power to hunt her down.

Amongst the crime and corruption Max had made a life here in Seattle. Friends, a job and a roof over her head, despite Manticore's best efforts she had made a life for herself. Max smiled, knowing how lucky she really was.

Max's bike slowed as she turned onto the street that led to her home. Slowing even more when she saw the red and blue flashing lights of a few blocks in front of her.

It was a police roadblock.

What does Max do?

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