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  1. The Book of Control by VioletWinters

    32 minutes ago

    You find a book of mind control in the woods. What will you do with this newfound power?

    11 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Both
  2. Wet Hot Summer by cphi

    3 hours ago

    Inspired by the Houseguests story, but my goal is to flesh out the choices a little more widely, with more hidden variables and twists and turns. Incest, cheating, BDSM, non-consensual content, and even some darker themes (within the boundaries of the CHYOA rules of course :) ) can be found, though some of the more taboo or fetish-rich content will be more difficult to get to. My intention is to have some scenes be difficult to achieve, but rewarding if found. A Work in Progress, feel free to leave feedback.

    20 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Male
    Non Erotic, Awww, Romantic, Dom, Little, Willing Sub, Cheating, Power Fantasy, Roleplay, Pulling Out, Cum on Back, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Handjob, Facial, Femdom, Blackmail, Compromised, Forced Cheating, Fun, Shower, Memory, Cum on Tits, Nipple, Standing Sex, Lifting Sex, Creampie, Screaming Orgasm, Edging, Orgasm Denial, JOI, Incest, Sister, Bondage, Punishment, Coercion, Prone Bone, Masturbation, Standing Doggystyle, Bent Over, Performance Issues, Anal, Anal Virgin, Breaking In, Dominant, Daddy Dom/Little Girl, Spanking, Forceful, Anal Play, Hair Pulling, Voyeurism, son's girlfriend, Aggressive, Angry, Domination, Control, Cum Fetish, Cum on Clothes, Mutual Masturbation, Female Orgasm, Female Ejaculation, Oral, SPH, cock worship, dirty talk, predicament, risky sex, Cum, Cum Swallowing, Mild Coercion, Quid Pro Quo, Favor, Titties, Car Porn, Author Appeal, Impregnation, Daddy Issues, Doggystyle, Guilt, Accusation, Gagging, Bad Girl, Daddy Dom, Walk of Shame, Cum Leaking, Daddy/Daughter, Making Out, Fake Tits, Groping, Restraint, Virtue, Faithfulness, Lying, Unaware, Gag Spit, Infidelity, Fantasy, sister-in-law, Swallow, Suspicion, Jealousy, Non-Erotic, Narrative, Porn Addiciton, Cuckold, Text, Cuckold Fear, Teasing, Foursome, Orgy, Wife Sharing, Jerk Off Encouragement, Dildo, Striptease, Kissing, Marriage, Sweet, Forced, Non-consensual, power play, World Building, Quickie, Sex, Barely Legal, Cowgirl, Sixty-Nine, Weed Smoking, Smoke and Fuck, Humiliation, Manipulation, flirting, Begging, Wife, Love, Stripping
  3. At the Cabin by Duskford

    3 hours ago

    A group of close friends decides to spend Spring Break at a cabin in the woods. There they'll strengthen their bond, form new ones and may even find love, everything filled with as much sex as possible.

    219 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  4. The Rulebook by ashes2ashes

    4 hours ago

    A lucky protagonist stumbles across a magic book that lets them rewrite the rules.

    22 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Both
    sexy officer, handcuffs, public, public nudity, uncontrollable, lust, free use, freeuse, rape, rape fantasy, cum eating, facial, masturbation, blackmail, indian, teen, shemale, cuntboy, Wet T-shirt, Tank Top, Scissor, Gym, workout, rack, DD-Tits, Cosplay, Gagged, Panties, Thong, Lactation, Blowjob, bondage, bdsm, orgasm control, roleplay, femdom, light bondage, skimpy clothing, slutty clothing, frivolous dress, casual nudity, petite, collar, humiliation, work, office, office slave, public disgrace, Nudist, Mind Control, senran kagura, Nudism, Naturism, Nudity, lifeguard, exhibitionism, femboy, cuntoy, sissy, gay, sexslave, small breasts, All sex is safe, Reality Change, enf, naked in public, Beach, Naked, Nude, Blonde, Sex, Gullible, Naive, Embarrassed, Stripped, gangbang, cum, cum in food, lesbian, non-consent, reality alteration, bacon, secretary, noncon, anal, latina, Maid, Costume, Percy Jackson, Hera, Aunt, Gamer Girl, Naturist, Tan, Tanlines, raceplay, asian, big dick, homeless, ginger, redhead, virgin, dildo, upskirt, swallowing cum, swallowing, skirts, groping, casual, maturbating, cunnilingus, domination, lingerie, flirting, Fingering, classroom, student, teacher, light bdsm, remote vibrator, spanking, strap-on, spitroast, threesome, interracial, black cock, bbc, cuckolding, hotwife, forced exhibitionism, premature ejaculation, sph, small penis humiliation, cumshot, Thin, Handjob, Swallow, Ejaculate, Manual, Hand Job, creampie, breeding, Voyeur, Cross Trainer, Fondling, Video, bisexual, slave, deepthroat, office sex, sensory deprivation, degradation, Class, Power Play, Worm (web serial), urination, diaper, oral, flat chest, feet, Incest, Ballgag, sex toys, waterspourts, Vote, EUF, Butt, Spit, Undressed, Playful Touching, Sisterhood, Romantic(ish), Tender Lovin', First Time, Barista, Apron, Dominate, Spank, Eargasm, Nekomimi, fangirl, huge libido, horny chicks, small penis, car sex, Caught masterbating, goth, cheerleader, sex toy, costumes, dominatrix, Face-fuck, Public sex, Selfie, Slice of life, Banter, Trap
  5. The Monster Cock Nerd. by Semprini

    5 hours ago

    A simple and sexy story. Poor nerd Kenny Douglas has trouble meeting women at his university, Les Anna Uni, and just has no luck getting to know any. He gets awkward, he stammers, he blushes, and most upsetting, his 12 inch monster cock keeps getting rock hard in the presence of all these beautiful ladies. He's done his best to keep his third leg a secret from people, but maybe he won't be able to keep his beast on a leash for much longer, and when the women of Les Anna Uni discover him, maybe he won't want to.

    15 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    3rd Person, Male
  6. Demonic Intrusion by ServantOfLilith

    6 hours ago

    People are falling to the lusts of rampant Incubi & Succubi as the Lilith Strain rampages throughout the city. Now they've entered your apartment block, can you escape or will you ultimately fall into the Demonic Intrusion?

    8 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Alyssa, Slutty, Cousin, Seduce, Kiss, Crawl, Sultry, Cunt, Labia, Pussy, Maw, Fangs, Lips, Onyx, Plump, Kate, Demonic, Cock, Wrap, Snarl, Hiss, Mewl, Leather, Belt, Crack, Slick, ServantOfLilith, Jade, Fiery, Red, Ginger, Meal, Pouty, Crimson, Domineering, Hell, Bitch, Slut, Folds, Cum, Trance, Latex, Rubber, High, Heels, Delicate, Features, Human, Instincts, Auburn, Blue, Raven, Apartment, Locks, Predatory, Gaze, Daze, Entranced, Wet, Patch, Whore, Whorish, Jeans, Skirt, Fight, Flee, Fuck, Succubus, Succubi, Petrified, 6, Inch, Lynette, Neighbour, Tears, Arousal, Crying, Howl, Smash, Splintering, Wood, Door, Youthful, Blood, Shot, Bloodshot, Eyes, Weeping, Whimper, Animals, Daddy, Daughter, Incest, Demons, Trap, Nape, Neck, Sleek, Tender, Incubus, Incubi, Determination, Clit, Mistress, Lover, Father, Weak, Support, Nude, Flesh, Humid, Heavy, Air, Cool, Wall, Lift, Head, Finger, Peep, Hole, Hidden, Identity, Metallic, Chain, Flat, Smart, Phone, Smartphone, Green, Bethan, Evans, Hermaphrodite, Boobs, Breasts, Tits, Buxom, Blonde, Streaks, Balls, Glasses, Frame, Hazel, Drugged, Haze, Sickening, Cushions, Pillows, Lap, Lick, Voluptuous, Delectable, Jasmine, Musky, Smell, Yelp, Charlotte, Caucasian, White, Female, Friend, Knock, Antiseptic, Wound, Torn, Bite, Mark, Sterile, Salt, Water, Piping, Hot, Pat, Dab, Skin, Dry, Bandage, iPhone, Face, Time, Call, Buzz, Vibration, Medkit, Clean, Coat, Jane, Girl, Best, Girlfriend, Serpentine, Slits, Hellish, Left, Behind, Sacrifice, Demoness, Seduction, Survival, Lobby, Unknown, Fate, Ding, Descent, Shuddered, Shudder, Screams, Chorus, Groans, Hall, Way, Hallway, Prey, Stalk, Soul, Food, Arrival, App, Hashtag, Lilith, Strain, Trust, No, One, Tranding, Video, Clip, Photos, Social, Media, Geeky, Figure, Anal, Sex, Rut, Dominated, Sordid, Make, Out, Passion, Husk, Erect, Cunninglingus, Masturbate, Masturbation, Heated, Loins, Saunter, Lewd, Display, Splinter, Implode, Explode, Escape, Gleaming, Persona, Talons, Fang, Tail, Click, Clack
  7. Fixing the straights by cdbaby

    7 hours ago

    You begin as a straight male/female, but you surely wont stay that way.

    35 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both