Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales

The fire isn’t the only thing getting them warm

Chapter 1 by OppositeOfMiddle OppositeOfMiddle

Six of us sit around the fire passing a bottle of bourbon. We rented a 3 bedroom cabin out in the middle of nowhere to get away from our families and the stress of life for a night.

My wife, Monica, sits next to me. Her wavy brunette hair frames her full cheeked face and brown eyes. My wife has never been a thin woman, and has put on some weight over the years. Our sex life has really slowed down recently. This weekend we planned on spicing things up and rekindling the physical part of our marriage.

Next to us are Ross and Rachel. They run marathons together. Rachel’s light hair looks blonde in the sun, but in flickering fire light, it looks more red than blonde. She wears a tight v-neck shirt with jeans and boots. Despite her slim runner’s frame, she reveals a nice amount of cleavage that I can’t help but stare at across the fire. Ross has an athletic build, and has kept in shape with age.

The last couple is Joey and Phoebe. Joey is the tallest in the group and towers over his small Asian wife Phoebe. Joey has grown out his beard and let himself go physically. Phoebe has dark hair and eyes. She wears form fitting leisure wear that show off her subtle curves. They are both known for their sexual histories.

When we were roommates, Joey had a new hot girlfriend every month. Every time we hang out, he always slips something about his “big dick” into the conversation. He seems especially flirty with Monica and always makes her laugh. But his wife is equally flirty with me. I assume that it’s just their personalities.

Phoebe might have a higher count of sexual partners than her husband. She is open with her sexuality and doesn’t try to hide anything. So it doesn’t surprise me when she says, “Why do I always get so horny when I’ve been drinking? I need to talk some sex and get it out of my system.”

Who does she ask first?

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