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  1. What Ifs and Elseworlds -- A Lesbian Multiverse by AltUAuthor

    3 hours ago

    Stories of parallel universes, where the world's greatest superheroines and villainesses love (and lust after) other women.

    32 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  2. Monster Isekai by Crazyjacky

    17 hours ago

    Reborn into a fantasy world... with a twist

    177 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
    Will breaking, Demon Lord, Machine Lord, Dungeon Lord, Monster, fantasy, minotaur, rpg, Footplay, Foot worship, Corruption, Isekai, Blowjob, angel, femboy, teasing, enemies to lovers, potentially, we'll see, manipulation, game mechanics, OC, Mind Control, Deepthroat, Rough Oral, Snake woman throat goat, Excessive cum, Huge cock, Orc, Futanari, Muscle, Character Creation, Horsecock, mind break, elf, Breathplay, Branding, halfling, creampie, breeding, game, inflation, impregnation, lactation, breast growth, Hyper sperm, Cum all the way through, sissy, breeding kink, emotional manipulation, intense arousal, pregnancy request, >:), rough sex, fucking, facefuck, female masturbation, devil lizard beast, cunnilingus, power play, kobold, mindbreak, impact play, slap, tears, sobbing, dragonboy, vaginal, vaginal sex, group sex, sex, begging, degredation, pleading, Sex Toy, Sextoy, Gape, Gaping, Casual Sexualization, Restraining, Tentacle, Knot, Harem, Tentacles, Futa x Female, Scent, sneak attack, cult, mind-break, half-elf, Medieval Fantasy, Strangling, humiliation, embarrassment, uncomfortable, teen, teenager, FFM, anthro, lioness, submission, master, dragon, dragon man, dragonkin, Smell, Domme, Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Anal Sex, Werewolf woman, Polygamy, Hardcore and unrealistic, Transformation, tentacle monster, male domination, dark story, kobold sex, shortstack, fingering, size difference, dialogue, rough, biting, Triple Penetration, Pussy Gape, Changeling, Shapeshifter, Combat, Huge Tits, Horse-cock, no sex for now, there will be plenty sex though don't worry, ribbed cock, Obscene sex, unrealistic, cumflation, Rough to Affectionate MDom, Executions, Ship, Power, Sea, Negotiation, Story, Battle, pillaging, sorta world-building if you squint, Sci-Fi/Fantassy, Story in Progress, First Time Author, lesbian, oral, sister/sister, dungeon, Ball worship, Fsub/Mdom, Aphrodisiac, Breast Expansion, all the way through, This will be slow, There will likely not be sex for at least a few months XD, Twerking, Ass shaking, Face-Fuck, Angels, Femdom, BDSM, Mindcontrol, cock cleaning, intimidation, multiple orgasm, cum inflation, cervical penetration, double penetration, fight, ryona, Goblin, Ntr, Actions heavy, elves, summon, college, university, magic school, neko, uni, magic, Horse cock, Leather, cleric, Stomach Deformation, De-limbification, Transformers, autobots, decepticons, Flesh, Erosarkic, Metal, sorcerer, somnophilia, gay kiss on the cheek, ariel being in a glass closet, Possession, Lesbophobic slurs thanks to enraged dwaf lady, Nipple-Fuck, Facesitting, Dick Growth, tentacle sex, bondage, licking up cum, Slime, mage, stats, Reincarnation, Tongue, scalie, large breasts, booba, breasts even, tits if you may, instant loss, defeated, priestess, warrior woman, exposed before a crowd, justice, blonde, sex will arrive in the next chapter, I'm an ass man don't @ me, Thicc as fuck is how I like em!, Chastity Cage, Chastity Belt, asphyxiation by cock, Hyper size, Excessive semen, futa, Fusion, Merge, Monster Lord, Metal Queen, cuckolding, cock-cleaning, Big Dick, Lore, emotional damage, gaping ass, knotted cock, Stat sheet, Monster Girl, Monster Girls, Lizardfolk, Lizard Girl, Harpy, Big Tits, Pregnant
  3. LAUREN'S LITTLE SECRET by splotch

    1 day ago

    Lauren is beautiful young woman who's hiding something. All her secret's are about to revealed though, as she finds herself being exposed!

    429 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Female
    Dinner, finally getting to the main part, Vanessa, Charlotte, small breasts, tiny tits, flat chest, age regression, AR, enf, embarrassment, public, exhibitionism, artifice, naked, milf, pool, embarrassed, bdsm, mistress, Public exposure, transfer, demotion, degradation, age loss, status reduction, Bet, Lauren, Boobless, Topless, Humiliation, petgirl, puppygirl, collar, leash, punishment, burlesque, body shame, Humilation, Court, Judge, Diaoer, Boobs, Nude, big ass, mistaken identity, shy, doctor, thong, regression, succubus, Nudity, flattie, domme, tiny, petite, naked in bed, small breats, supernatural, Exposed, stripped, padded panties, flat chested, stubble, unshaved, untrimmed, embarrassing, thick, caught, bath, Catfight, bald, wig, domination, submission, reversal, status, pantsed, Pocket Knife, Strange Man, Atmosphere, small, Panties, Stripping, Meeting at clubs, The meeting ended badly, medfet, rectal thermometer, Oh my so lewd, embearassment, nakie Lauren, Rude Vanessa, ...Does anyone else feel that odd atmosphere is back?, shrinking breasts, small breast, Butt, Carol, Max, reveal, feet, big feet, immature, silly, downgrade, degeneration, exposure, Fortune Telling, Crystal Ball, attempts at comedy, Crystal, girls, Streaking, underwear, Diaper, Diapered, Choices, Win, Sock cock, baby bottle, milk, Fine dinning, deals, these characters are stupid!, Well this took a turn, Baby, humiliatiom, laugh, camera, Drama, Fortune Teller, Lilly, tall mommu, bad attempt at accent, pee, thicc, pawg, Karma, Payback, Odin’s knife, NAKED LIKE NEVER BEFORE!, Gore, Bows, Goth, Gamer, Get on with it!, Mysterious figure, spooky scene, clothes loose, Lauren’s Little Secret, Dance, enf art, nude art, small tits, ENM, wishes, Redemption, Big Punishment, masochistic, Hey she kinda said the thing, Secret revealed, SBH, insecurity, shame, Sleepwalking, Dreaming, spy, shower, embarrasing, dreams, dancing naked, EUF, undies, body control, masturbation, horny, Ouch, Mall Security, Betrayal, Vanessa’s good at that., female masturbation, bush, hairy, flaws, Zoo, Spanked, big butt, ass exposed, transformation, Teasing, Stolen Clothes, wild, sisters, skulls, I need to end this!, spanking, Working out, Future, vibrator, aroused, orgasm, rivalry, pet, insecure, ITS FINALLY DONE, Skull Lauren isn’t real she can’t hurt you!, Skull Lauren, Skull Vanessa, Shocking Larry lore turned dramatic!, Turned Dark, TurnedSexual, David, bed, Model, Odd atmosphere, Build up, Tickling, hair, haircut, makeunder, beauty loss, power loss, power transfer, role reversal, chubby, mocked, fat, Meet and Greet, mind control, House, home invasion, vandalism, game, Downfall, Thrill, Decision, Denigration, clothing cut, bathing, Karl, Body, Wet, desperation, embarrassing underwear, embarrassing panties, embarrassed underwear woman, Trapped, Bondage, cutting clothes, clothing destruction, ripping, pee desperation., bottomless, dance naked, naked nightmare, sabotage, reprisal, expsoure, bare arms, bladder, incontinent, lost control, lost, streaker, fatass, Sarah Moon, Sarah, Lauren is hot, Lick, girdle, corset, weight gain, negotiation, status loss, class struggle, power play, power struggle
  4. Changing the Rules by street0

    1 day ago

    The world is run on rules and taboos. What happens if you change a few of them?

    34 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Male
    Asian, cumslut, mistress, semen obession, gokkun, cumsluts, Semen addiction, cum eating, urine, pee, dildo, exhibitionism, Asian domination, fisting, gape, anal, stretching, WMAF, Hyper Cocks, Reality Bending, police, stripper, authority, public, lesbian, french kissing, lesbianism, Orgasm Denial, Orgasm Control, Chastity, Bisexual, Harem, humiliation, role play, girlcock, masturbation, public masturbation, blowjobs, rule change, reality alteration, alternate reality, reality warp, mind control, reality change, blowjob, Reality Warping, bj, Cock Sucking, Oblivious, maledom, free use, free-use, freeuse, dirty talk, public blowjob, face fucking, objectification, cumshot, public cumshot, dubcon, facials, handjob, public orgasm, Submisive, Collar, Chastity Belt, Domination, Raceplay, Huge Cock, Cuckold, Big Tits, Alpha, Size Comparison, Bondage, Discpline, ENF, Femsub, Begging, Submission, Dominance, Polygammy, Polyamory, Lingirie, Redhead, Red Head, Cum Addiction, Pet Bowl, Black superiority, Submissive, Cuffs, Blindfold, BDSM, Humping, Foot Fetish, Degredation, anal gape, Cum, Pet, Cum Worship, All Fours, Amazon, Female Dominant, Russian, Fingering, Cuckquean, Vouyeur, MFF, Multiple Orgasms, Poly, Polygamy, Consensual, Power Exchange, Loving, double blowjob, morning wood, wake up blowjob, huge tits, huge ass, titfuck, twin cocks, double penetration, threesome, ffm, fat ass, cock worship, paizuri, big ass, deepthroat, creampie, dominant, dick growth, muscle growth, sexting, texting, manipulaton, ass, pussy, Gay, sleep, sleeping woman, shapeshifter, shapshifting, massive cock, massive balls, servants, giant, giantess, yellow fever, petite, tits, dildos, vibes, nipple piercing, nipple chain, body jewlery, middle eastern, Rope, Shibari, Body Writing, Slut, Chains, Latex, Netorare, Alpha male, teen, teasing, A shorter girlfriend 20 d cup and a taller boyfriend 24 their sizes will change and how do they deal with it, 2, cuddling, mother, sister, public nudity, pet play, pillory, gender flip, boner, erection, role reversal, sexual harassment, boss, femdom, milf, seduction, toys, cum diet, phone, cheerleaders, babies, sexy, Pansexual, Money, gangbang, orgy, virgin, strapon, porn, spectating, arousal, high libido, wine, Reverse Aging, reverse cowgirl, casual sex, public sex, vaginal, clothed sex, Flashing, commando, Mulit-Breast, Fanservice, Lingerie, EUF, Nudity, casual, alternate history, Body modification, Excessive Cum, Cock Growth, Big Cock, Ball Growth, Wide Hips, cow girl, orgasm, public use, gaping, genderbender, genderbend, genderswap, gender change, sex change, sex swap, Rules, pussy-eating, Butt Plug, Nipple Clamps, Clit Clamp, anal plug, cage, caging, hatefuck, Star Wars, lAsian lesbians, Marvel, DC, Girl On Girl, Leash, magic, Round ass, Ass growth, Ass Expansion, Boob Expansion, Boob growth, breast expansion, breast growth, lactation, resistance, Tit fuck, ass fuck, impregnation, hotwife, growth, almost blowjob, blonde, punk, Big penis, Alter reality, slobby bj, shower, ejaculation, rimjob, golden shower, large dildo, Cocksucking, Cocksucker, Oral, Bodysuit, punishment, toy, sex-toy, rough, nymphomania, dominatrix, submission-fetish, Consent, grope, dripping, throatjob, cum-shower, devirginized, heterosexuality, verbal, Public Humiliation, small breasts, furry, Son, Breakfast, embarrassed, Japanese, Casual Masturbation, Casual Exposure, balls expansion, facial, cumwalk, romance, date, gloryhole, Bareback, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Risk, cleavage, upskirt, panties, ogle, mental changes, Huge Balls, Hyper Cock, Cumflation, cosplay, roleplaying, acting, theater, bound and gagged, tied up, control, ball-gag, ass to mouth, tit fucking, bukkake, blowbang, ffm threesome, mff threesome, fffm foursome, mfff foursome, double cocks, multi cock, triple titfuck, breeding, mating, big load, foursome, twins, ahegao, cum swapping, Gender bender, cumdump, futa, multiple cocks, sex, thick, huge asses, fat asses, elsa, anna, princess, disney, pervert, strip, petplay, cat, kitten, deep throat, Milking, machine, sold, manipulation, trickery, slutty, horny, officer, thongs and g-strings, a world for the lazy horny man, women pay for sex, lots of rules, talking down to women, insulting, watersports, dub con, giving in, Topless, Multi-Breast, Blue Hair, Realty change, Dads, Boyfriend, App, Huge dick, doublepenetration, DP, frenchkissing, insatiable, cumming, pounding, Quickie, sisters, fivesome, mffff, mfffff, bubble butt, netori, double titfuck, demigod, quadruple titfuck, large dildos, large dicks, Transformation, ruined orgasm, pussy licking, licking pussy, cunnilingus, boobs, Domme, docile, male-pussy, Cum Sandwiches, Tattooed, Race Play, scat, degradation, CEO, voyeurism, Fuckdoll, Patriarchy, Ownership, Master, abg, Asians, big dick, throating, feet, asian feet, feet dom, Tickle, Tickle fetish, tickling, Asian women, voyeur, Freckles, Bus, Office, Receptionist, Flirting, Convention, penis expansion, penis shrinking, exposed, Xenomorph, WW2, Cruise Orgy, Kim Kardashian, Porn Convention, Restraint, Yuri, Tease and Denial, Strip Club, Male is bigger, Futa Is Smaller, Milked, Sucking, Brestfeeding, vibrator, dickgirl, Gag, Ball Gag, Teacher, Masochist, Mascohism, S/m, cuckoldry, Cum Feeding, Cum Addict, Exhbitionism, CMNF, half-sister, ffffm, ffffm fivesome, mffff fivesome, busty, buttjob, double buttjob, latina, shared senses, bunny girl, bunny girl harem, bunny, size queen, Romantic, Lace, Ass Smack, D/s, Innocent, dickgirls, Blond, Silk, Publix Sex, Palming, Curvy, insertion, mastubation, Vourism, Ginger, Afterglow, multiple bodies, Emberassed, female masturbation, cumswallowing, Fantasy, Polaymory, Leather, breasts, flatchests, small boobs, Grandma is Hot, Grandma, Gilf, sex toy, dildo gag, asshole, group sex, orgies, threesomes, Owner, choosing girls, goth, nerdy, black jock, piercings, college, masturbating, prostitute, spectator, buttplug
  5. You're a Cuck Now by Yelawolf

    2 days ago

    Getting cucked by your girlfriend. But you decide who cuck you. Is it your ruthless money making boss, is your girlfriend getting into the BBC trend, are you the one wanting to be cucked, maybe your girlfriend dad pulls you into his twisted ritual... Also you can write on this story

    55 Chapters Deep
    Cheating Spouses
    2nd Person, Both
  6. Assorted Tales of Mystery and Magic by Bamagan

    2 days ago

    A collection of short stories featuring characters who can control the minds, thoughts, actions, or bodies of others... or else of people who lose control of the same somehow.

    12 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Both
  7. Orc's Harem by noodles22

    3 days ago

    Follow an orcish ambassador and his trusty elven assistant in a quest to conquer the most beautiful women in human lands.

    46 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male
    elf, orc, harem, medieval, medieval fantasy, bullying, human, size diference, master, big cock, ugly bastard, succubus, kitsune, royalty, princess, fantasy, polyamory, size difference, cup size, redhead, blonde, brunette, ginger, teen, mature, milf, domination, tsundere, brat-taming, creampie, mating press, monster cock, monster, underwear, tummy, kidnap, mindbreak, squatfuck, big tits, big ass, shortstack, creature, interracial, womb, breed, breeding, impregnation, royal, castle, ambassador, politics, mommy, white hair, brat, brat taming, musclegirl, amazon, comedy, ojou, small breasts, ballerina, raceplay, slice of life, catfight, bitchy, bitch, cat fight, fight, insults, ntr, netorare, netori, intoxicated, cheating, cheating couples, witch, kissing, bit tits, cowtits, tongue kiss, black mail, extortion, jealous, pointy ears, slender, shorstack, tomboy, masculine, playful, laboratory, breasts, green, plan, sorceress, pawg, spell, obedience, action, blowjob, cuck, cuckold, loving couple, cheating couple, ogre, village, red skin, green skin, femdom, virgin shaming, name calling, rough, submissive, dom, sub, lesbian, lesdom, squirting, petite, small chest, big chest, chubby, horns, monster girls, virgin, humiliation, spanking, ddlg, daddy, king, royal advisor, kingdom, flirt, tease, slut, pink hair, race, funny, characters, story, silver hair, muscular, captain, military, ogre girl, smug, harrasment, fingering, deepthroat, messy, spit, saliva, public, bathing, soap, worship, humilliation, bath, glistening, shower, bubble butt, red hair, cow, cowgirl, cow tits, married, fucktoy, muscles, taming, feminization, asshole, assplay, embarrassing, beast, sexual harrasment, pervert, snob, japanese, asian, manga, ridiculous, french kiss, spit play, idol, japanese accent, heart of gold, tall, tall girl, abs, oni, japan, fox girl, monster girl, monstergirl, monstergirls, wife stealing, abs worship, daddy play, orgasm, bdsm, fantasy races, negotiations, glasses, oni horns, fit girl, british, british accent, big sis, kind, defeat, anal, masochism, sadism, asspussy, orgasm denial, doggystyle, anal doggystyle, small tits, hair pulling, multiple orgasms, sweat, cum cleaning, cum, sperm, forest, mother nature, goddess, foreshadowing, backstory, medival, panties, panties swap, pointed ears, yandere, domme, succubi, rich girl, obsessed, girl on girl, bisexual, pregnant, rough sex, missionary, condom, condom breaking, queefing, degradation, ass play, wide hips, wife, husband, bigger cock, pussy licking, cunnilingus, pregnancy, lap, lap fuck, legs up, legs over shoulders, begging, licking, angry, duel, diary, crush, knights, dominant, headpat, cute, reverse gangbang, gangbang, lifting, liftfuck, fantasy race, busty, squat fuck, bouncing, riding, carrying fuck, carry, manhandling, titfuck, titjob, paizuri, orgy, foursome, moo, moral degeneracy, orgasm counter, corruption, teenager, obsessive, obsession, scent, race play, jealously, teasing, swords, fighting, accent, sad, cuckquen, sweet, bittersweet, perv, suit, assistant, professional, battle, dominance, first kiss, romance, FFM, FFFM, hand-holding, shy, horn, lore, lore dump, drama, wrestling
  8. Bdsm adventures by Sgtwolf

    4 days ago

    This is an area for multiple types of adventures with themes focusing on different aspects of BDSM. So far paths currently include a human zoo, going to a fetish club, bondage wrestling, horror stories, erotic bets, and so much more. Writers of all kinds welcomed!

    35 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Trap, femdom, Bondage, femboy, bunny boy, predator/prey, Amnesia, Twink, chastity, Latex, hunt, bdsm, Wrestling, Futa, Puppy play, sexual bets, ffm, college, Sexfight, humiliation, addiction, Crossdressing, sissy, Foot fetish, Horror, Travel, Shop, Fetish, Adult, Jet, Black, Mannequin, Clothes, Hung, Walls, Miss, Bianca, Mistress, Lust, Arousal, Thigh, High, Boots, Corset, Artfully, Tastefully, Rubber, Heavy, Quiver, Boutique, Darkened, Seedy, Dive, Jenny, Job, ServantOfLilith, Teacher, dare, gay, Futanari, Butch, Genderfluid, Ass kissing, smother, fffm, locktober, male sub, Pup play, maledom, Vines, marriage, birthday, gimp, wager, bet, medical, Nurse, Mermaid, Pony play, riddle, pet play, rope bondage, feminization, Punk, public, sadism, futadom, human pony, toys, mixed wrestling, hypnosis, cuck, lesbian, transexual, furniture play, trapdom, brother, lost bet, human furniture, crossdresser, brother sister, Blowjob, dildo, cheerleaders, camshow, brother/sister, voyarism, strapon, pegging, Bisexual, dickgirl, petplay, threesome, fetish wear, Door, Mansion, Knock, Announcement, Bethan, De, Roe, Wrought, Iron, Knocker, Whip, Wooden, Manicured, Well, predator, truth or dare, bi, Sisters, lezdom, bunny play, auction, Dungeon, ftm, Mind control, hypnotism, puppyplay, public humiliation, brothers, Highschool, escape room, petboy, puppyboy, gloryhole, Edging, hooters, self bondage, Zoo, dollification, high school, prey, Kinky, surprise, Christmas, hunter/prey, Machine, Kelly’s debt, Kelly’s dream adventure, maid, dom, gag, ballgag, collar, chain, cuffs, step-sister, sister, domination, 69, sexual bet, sorority, milking, mmf, rubber doll, coersion, kink, primal, Furries, spanking, animal play, bull play, Tentacles, poker, Fursuit, role reversal, pet, milf, Machine bondage, prrdator/prey, tag, Sex bet, bully, fucking machines, farm play, Fox, fox hunt, fox play, streaming, living latex, machine play, deepthroat, gang, lesdom, pussyeating, femboy l, Gambling, Cosplay, female sub, competition, Leather, androgynous, Switch, kitten play, Rosa, lady in red, owner, facility, rubber suits, gagged, cages, obedience, fear, adventure, captivity, shemale, smothering, humiliaion, pig play, bondage escape, Punishment, minotaur, maze, muscles, shemale on male, sissydom, exhibitionism, female, losing, twins, gas mask, Michelson, Macbook, Aged, Battered, Tasha's, Temps, Online, Search, Goggle, teen, sex fighting, Fmmmmm, gangbang, Forest, Road, Pitch, Broken, Down, Car, Overgrown, Smartphone, Film, farmplay, Sultry, Voice, Temp, Phone, Call, Nubile, Youthful, Slut, Form, Body, Eager, Fingering, Crop, shemale x male, kidnap, brother x brother, wife, husband, streaking, ring gag, Supernatural, succubus, Trapxtrap, Easter, bunny, Game night, cougar, rope, Living clothes, face sitting, chick with a dick, onlyfans, camgirl, Path, Hunted, Watched, Choices, Foliage, Inside, Linger, Senses, Walk, orgasm denial, panties, latex bondage, lioness, predator prey, gazelle, nerd, Camp, FIre, Lingering, Scent, Smell, Abandoned, Ash, Vision, Glasses, Case, Grinned, machine fucking, Game, trao, Filming porn, sex fight, office, femboys, Dense, Forehead, Sweat, Guttural, Snarl, Snarling, Fight, Or, Flight, Instinct, Heels, Shoes, Remove, dominatrix, Chase, chsstity, insest, betting, sph, kitten, humiation, group sex, Prison, Imprisonment, predicament bondage, Makima, Power, Chainsaw Man, Catgirl, Puppy, school, asylum, catfight, haunted house, predictament bondage, interregation, cat fight, foot play, two subs, crossdress, underwater, pussy, Bad ending, Trigger warning, Consequences, exposed, ghosts, demon, femsub, siblings, machine sex, carnival, furry, ts, abduction play, ponygirls, goth, drone, sissies, stranger, cliche, predator play, hucow, watersports, trap x trap, reindeer play, costumes, sissification, electrical play, transformation, living suit, sybian, Cheerleader, trans, mother daughter, Straight, hood, anal, fivesome, futaswitch, champing, handjob, Malesub, lost, mf wrestling, Reader participation, Mermaids, female dom, hunter, contest, sexual wager, pussy eating, cunnilingus, Chastity cage, fembom, gender fluid, cow play, futa x femboy, nun, church, Crossdressed, facesitting, group, Femboy hooters, Teacher x student, Police, cop, fucking machine, domme, orgy
  9. New Town, New Experiences by Yelawolf

    6 days ago

    A story about a 21 year old guy who will be moving to a new town with his beautiful step mom and step sister. He can try to fuck all of the new ladies he'll meet and his existing housemates. Or he can become a beta boi and help the other men in his new life conquer the girls who he admires

    75 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male
  10. The Curse of Corrupting Comments (Open) by MegaMarshmallow

    1 week ago

    Corrupt and control women as they struggle to fight off the voice in their head (you) that keeps driving them towards sluttier, sexier and degrading situations. Build up their corruption points to make biggger and badder corruptions possible.

    47 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Female
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