Lauren's secrets are about to get exposed and revealed

Chapter 1 by splotch splotch

Lauren was a stunning young woman. She turned heads all the time, attracting both male and female attention and often jealousy. This was due to several things. For one, she was beautiful. She had a stunning face with snow white skin, large doe eyes and a cute mouth with lush, pout lips. She kept her wavy brown hair long, which accented her almond shaped face. Her body appeared to be perfect. Her narrow torso was lean and curvy, with a surprisingly large chest off her small frame. Her leg's were curvy and fine.

Lauren tended her appearance well, and always had on subtle yet well placed makeup to accent her favorite features. She wore designer clothes, normally fine jeans and formal looking blouses. This made her stand out all the more in the small town she lived in.

Shockingly though, Lauren had a secret. Well, several secrets. Nobody knew this, but much of her appearance was actually a lie. For one thing, she always wore heels. She felt she was too short, and her legs looked stubby without them. For another she used her makeup to cover up freckles, which she felt made her look to young.

Most shocking of all was her body. Her large breasts were actually almost entirely a padded bra. She had become insecure in high school, as other girls blossomed and she still had her measly A cups. The other women in her family all had large breasts, but she was left behind for some reason. In shame and frustration she'd started padding her bra. Not much at first, but after she found how much she enjoyed the attention she slowly expanded, until he had false C cup breasts. This was the cause of a lot of the attention she drew from others. She also had a very large, curvy backside. She wore tight jeans to keep in confined, embarrassed by her heart shaped butt. And, while not in the least bit fat or chubby, she did have a slight paunch, which stood off her skinny frame, a personal shame to her. So, Lauren had a variety of ways to deal with that. Shirts that hid it, or high waist jeans that compressed her little belly. She also owned several pairs of spanx if she needed them.

Lauren always worried she looked too young without her enhancements. At 19 she wanted to be taken seriously as an adult woman, and was terrified that her actual body worked against that. So, Lauren tried too hard to be mature. She came off as arrogant, stuffy and bossy without realizing it. Her secrets also kept her from letting boys ever get to close. She'd had several boyfriends, and one at the moment, but none of them had ever 'gone all the way'. This had also given her a reputation as a bit of a tease.

Her biggest failing socially was with other women though. Lauren was not a mean person, but her own insecurites and fears of people noticing her secrets caused her to lash out at other girls sometimes. She'd been popular in high school, and had a reputation for her biting wit. Now in community college her reputation stayed with her. Almost everyone in the town knew Lauren. They either lusted after her, were jealous of her or down right hated her. Very few people had her side, though many had tried to be her friend simply to be around someone so pretty and well known.

Little did Lauren know, all her secrets were about be revealed!

Where do we find Lauren to begin?

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