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  1. Sexual Privilege by SanctifiedVillified

    1 hour ago

    These branching stories are going to have 3 very simple premises: 1) You exist in a world where your character AND ONLY your character gets to have sex with whatever group or groups of people you choose wherever and whenever he or she desires. 2) The circumstances under which he or she can have sex with that group can be specified generally or specifically. 3) The response of the people you have sex with and/or the general public can be chosen.

    60 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male
    teen, high school, public, freeuse, big ass, cheerleader, mean, rude, brunette, lesbian, creampie, doggy style, spanking, latian, tattooed, Inbreeding, asian, abg, asian baby girl, striptease, strip tease, blonde, bimbo, foreplay, student, teacher, student-teacher, fingering, exhibitionist, nipple play, Excessive Cum, Backup, Big Dick, Friends, Celebrity, Enf, Embarrassed, old man, AI, BJ, cheating, phone sex, schoolgirl, voyeur, flashing, upskirt, skirt, college, basketball, locker room, blowjob, swallow, friends sister, sneaking, sneak, shower, spy, spying, creep, perv, recording, panty fetish, black hair, stoned, weed, dirty panties, girlcum, jerk off, masturbating, Gym, Mind Control, Cheating Spouses, Blair Willams, sleep, sleeping, slapping, braces, cum in mouth, free use, bdsm, stall, gymnast, sex, orgasm, exhibitionism, sadism, sister, ownership, oral, fingers in mouth, handjob, lesbians, Messy, Messy Blowjob, Deepthroat, Messy Deepthroat, Watching, CanÔÇÖt move, Goth, Petite, Pale, White, Pale-skinned, Appreciation, graduation, eighteen, raven hair, athletic, white girl, Teasing, making out, sneaky, Taboo, cum, semen, anal, cuckolding, roommate, Holly Willoughby, innocent, busty, mff, athlete, sweet, doll, objectification, fleshlight, Asian women, yellow fever, humiliation, Fat, Fat girl, Chubby girl, chubby, Bbw, Cum in ass, prositution, german, hot teacher, student and teacher, tease, cumshot, cucking, facefuck, oral creampie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, riding, tits, big tits, interracial, raceplay, latina, toy, Perfect Cock, Threesome, Milf, Magic Cock, tbh the most vanila sex i have ever produced, classroom, grey eyes, rough, grope, pussy eating, Impregnation, nude, naked, bed, piercing, bar, Inspection, Rating, Masturbation, Car, casual, almost caught, restroom, mmf, double play, throatfuck, submissive, bondage, living sex toy, mother, blond, pigtails, cunnilingus, oral sex, medieval, mountains, magic, group, troupe, bard, elf, orc, human, mage, 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appology, Italian, restaurant, waitress, snobs, mafia, Nosex, Wheelchair, Paraplegic, Church, library, bathroom, cum in panties, hickey, neck kiss, seduction, candid, thong, gullible, idiot, hot, shaving, changing, bedroom, mall, blue eyes, Billie Eilish, employee, Alexandra Daddario, muscles, nudity, politician, receptionsit, redhead, spit-roast, mom, Asshole, Strip, customer, dubcon, cleavage, Leggings, monster girl, lamia, First time, 69, prostitute, cum eating, costumes, lingerie, contract, rimming, pregnancy, petplay, cleaning, promises, fucking, doggystyle, femdom, Mom Dom, Daddy Dom, nakadashi, huge cock, huge ass, Well Fucked, After Sex, Shaking, Imminent Sex, Imminent Oral, 18, Mature, Small Ass, Pale Skinned, Nervous, Fearful, Cum covered, Deepthoat, Imminent Deepthroat, Video, Videotape, Evidence, Bragging, After threesome, Begging, Dirty talk, Daddy, Sore, Anticipation, Penis Awe, big breasts, secretary, high, soccer, sweaty, spandex, panties, get naked, setting guidelines, face fuck, slut, co-ed, dates, bald, punk, dildo, mother daughter, Hard, labour, Celebrities?, Transformation, Normal, son, HawaiÔÇÖi, hawaii, vacation, hotel, birthday, party, publid nudity, class, Asians, brutal, texts, text, fantasy, mfm, dp, bi, chastity, green hair, piercings, swallowing, footjob, foot job, frottage, kneesocks, licking, feet, foot, stripping, lawyer, audience, crowd, vouyer, facial, cheering, curvy, ginger, tattoo, toes, hairpulling, short, thick, thicc, pub, beer, experienced, sweat, sweating, lift, carry, lots of cum, cosplay, pegging, washing, fondling, pet, blasian, roadhead, driving blowjob, car blowjob, gag, spit, cough, ear kissing, downblouse, lips, toned, tight body, skinny, fit, build-up, inheritance, indian, spitroast, orgasm denial, fluffer, throatfucking, noisythroat, noisy throat, noisythroatsquelching, throatpie, throat, throats, facefucking, power, corruption, impregnate, topless, black woman, husband watching, #cuckold, #cuck, #Chanel, #blowjob, 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dominant, punishment, ass-spanking, food wars, food sex, bully, Strip show, masterbation, legs spread, Shaved, talk, Normalized, White Supremacy, Colored Cuck, White Bull, Supportive, Encouraging, eating ass, eating pussy, Victoria Justice, couple, trickery, fingers, throat fucking, dancing, club, Grinding, makeout, suck, sperm, ebony wife, husband there, decision, asian american, actress, hollywood, Los Angeles, casting, audition, hair pull, contracts, deal, discussion, pregnant, prego, forniphilia, breeding, cum shot, dyed hair, Marrige, Chastity Cage, lying to yourself, Ass Pounding, Presenting, voyeurism, threeway, les, unaware, doggy-style, stripped, brother, wedding, african-american, maledom, lesbians get dicked, LGD, mind altering, normalized reality, orientation play, lesbian fetish, lesbian fetishization, casual sex, fuck buddies, alternate universe, sexual reeducation, oral fetish, body modification, prostitution, breathplay, clothing play, public humiliation, sloppy 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Penis, Dominate, Does anyone even read these tags?, Bimbofication, Tit Fucking, Embarrassing, Embarrassment, Filming, male domination, male protganist, prison, small tits, detention, punish, fascial, mixed-race girl, condom, adult, fishnet, age gap, fight, sisters, love in an elevator, superhero, hipster, pussy licking, Kitchen, Multiple Girls, Size, Big Woman, Tall Woman, Domination Loss, Squirt, Squirting, Deep Throat, Table, Teachers, pettite, slow burn, barista, purple hair, dumb, from behind, indifference, gang bang, Shopping, money, worker, buy, pay, buying, paying, retail, shop, store, work, working, cnc, teen girl, barely legal, Amish, lauren drain, caitlin, eating sperm, Mother and Daughter, Covered Fucking, Sandwich, ass expansion, Freckles, Romantic, Loving, 2 Girls, cock cage, muscle, smell, brother and sister, schoolgirls, magical girl, mind cntrol, obedience, super powers, what was Aragorn's tax policy?, eighteen year old, doggiestyle, Devotion, intern, Cumming, Song, SU, 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  2. Lois Lane's Night Out by exxxidor456

    7 hours ago

    Lois Lane goes undercover and gets more than she bargained for...

    36 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
    Lois Lane, futanari, huge dick, horse cock, huge balls, big breasts, interracial, enema, oral sex, autofellatio, blowjob, anal sex, sex toy, hypno, hypnosis, prostitution, Blaze, demon, bondage, BDSM, giant, huge cock, Poison Ivy, cock growth, vaginal sex, big cock, Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves, creampie, impregnation, pregnancy risk, Black Alice, Deadman, knot, lesbian, gaping, large insertion, transformation, demonic sex, excessive cum, multiple orgasms, domination, cunnilingus, Lena Luthor, pregnant, Superman, Wonder Woman, handicapped, brainwashed, pregnancy transfer, rough sex, nudity, public nudity, enf, embarrassed nude female, Jimmy Olsen, voyeur, voyeurism, exhibitionist, pissing, piss, pee, Starfire, big dick, bimbo, fingering, double penetration, dirty talk, group sex, rimjob, felching, demonic transformation, Supergirl, Catwoman, strap on, stretching, double anal penetration, double fisting, fisting, butt plug, Lana Lang, tentacle, medical, sleep, doppelganger, twins, 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fleshlight, plant transformation, Dr. Sivana, rimming, Yellow Lantern, Blue Lantern, Ganthet, Elongated Man, Etta Candy, anal lingus, ear penetration
  3. Monster Isekai by Crazyjacky

    18 hours ago

    Reborn into a fantasy world... with a twist

    177 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
    Will breaking, Demon Lord, Machine Lord, Dungeon Lord, Monster, fantasy, minotaur, rpg, Footplay, Foot worship, Corruption, Isekai, Blowjob, angel, femboy, teasing, enemies to lovers, potentially, we'll see, manipulation, game mechanics, OC, Mind Control, Deepthroat, Rough Oral, Snake woman throat goat, Excessive cum, Huge cock, Orc, Futanari, Muscle, Character Creation, Horsecock, mind break, elf, Breathplay, Branding, halfling, creampie, breeding, game, inflation, impregnation, lactation, breast growth, Hyper sperm, Cum all the way through, sissy, breeding kink, emotional manipulation, intense arousal, pregnancy request, >:), rough sex, fucking, facefuck, female masturbation, devil lizard beast, cunnilingus, power play, kobold, mindbreak, impact play, slap, tears, sobbing, dragonboy, vaginal, vaginal sex, group sex, sex, begging, degredation, pleading, Sex Toy, Sextoy, Gape, Gaping, Casual Sexualization, Restraining, Tentacle, Knot, Harem, Tentacles, Futa x Female, Scent, sneak attack, cult, mind-break, half-elf, Medieval Fantasy, Strangling, humiliation, embarrassment, uncomfortable, teen, teenager, FFM, anthro, lioness, submission, master, dragon, dragon man, dragonkin, Smell, Domme, Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Anal Sex, Werewolf woman, Polygamy, Hardcore and unrealistic, Transformation, tentacle monster, male domination, dark story, kobold sex, shortstack, fingering, size difference, dialogue, rough, biting, Triple Penetration, Pussy Gape, Changeling, Shapeshifter, Combat, Huge Tits, Horse-cock, no sex for now, there will be plenty sex though don't worry, ribbed cock, Obscene sex, unrealistic, cumflation, Rough to Affectionate MDom, Executions, Ship, Power, Sea, Negotiation, Story, Battle, pillaging, sorta world-building if you squint, Sci-Fi/Fantassy, Story in Progress, First Time Author, lesbian, oral, sister/sister, dungeon, Ball worship, Fsub/Mdom, Aphrodisiac, Breast Expansion, all the way through, This will be slow, There will likely not be sex for at least a few months XD, Twerking, Ass shaking, Face-Fuck, Angels, Femdom, BDSM, Mindcontrol, cock cleaning, intimidation, multiple orgasm, cum inflation, cervical penetration, double penetration, fight, ryona, Goblin, Ntr, Actions heavy, elves, summon, college, university, magic school, neko, uni, magic, Horse cock, Leather, cleric, Stomach Deformation, De-limbification, Transformers, autobots, decepticons, Flesh, Erosarkic, Metal, sorcerer, somnophilia, gay kiss on the cheek, ariel being in a glass closet, Possession, Lesbophobic slurs thanks to enraged dwaf lady, Nipple-Fuck, Facesitting, Dick Growth, tentacle sex, bondage, licking up cum, Slime, mage, stats, Reincarnation, Tongue, scalie, large breasts, booba, breasts even, tits if you may, instant loss, defeated, priestess, warrior woman, exposed before a crowd, justice, blonde, sex will arrive in the next chapter, I'm an ass man don't @ me, Thicc as fuck is how I like em!, Chastity Cage, Chastity Belt, asphyxiation by cock, Hyper size, Excessive semen, futa, Fusion, Merge, Monster Lord, Metal Queen, cuckolding, cock-cleaning, Big Dick, Lore, emotional damage, gaping ass, knotted cock, Stat sheet, Monster Girl, Monster Girls, Lizardfolk, Lizard Girl, Harpy, Big Tits, Pregnant
  4. Monster Girl Sponsor by Jpyric

    1 day ago

    A portal between our world and a fantasy realm has opened, allowing monster girls to enter our reality. To help integrate the two worlds, a service has been offered. Will you accept a monster girl into your life, or do you want to travel to a whole new world?

    404 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    Gorgon, cuddles, stroking, Throat fucking, rough sex, spanking, love confession, kiss, Maid outfit, blow job, blowjob, bj, deep throat, dp, sex, girl on top, Lactation, Breast Milk, wyvern, wyvern-girl, Orgy, fairy orgasm, foreshadowing, foursome, bisexual, big breasts, teasing, hugging, Futa, cum eating, horny, cameo, adventure, Cowgirl, windy sex, conversation, mundane, monster girls, goliath, cat girl, harpy, minotaur, salamander, boobs, breasts, hugs, hug, therapy, no, dragon, dragon girl, magic armor, deviless, massage, centaur, centaur-girl, finally some sex, no more teasing, sex with lamia, vaginal, creampie, Shower sex, slime girl, slime, diving, swimming, Demon, Lilim, more teasing, Lamia, snake-girl, snake, spider-girl, spider, action, Exhibitionism, public sex, Dem titties lol, elf, elven woman, eating out, Aprons, win, waffles, nudity, washing, sad, just talking, centaur girl, edging, handjob, fairy, harem.exe initialized, chimera, chimera-girl, chimera girl, conversations, slow burn, romance?, 4th wall breaks, typos, Orc, femdom, threat, danger, monster-girls, mind control, magic, memories, call backs, booba, nipple, Titfuck, ÔÇÖdaddyÔÇÖ, slow-burn, Trees, Water, Jesus?, masturbation, female masturbation, Goblin, bacon, Lesbian, lesbian threesome, false blowjob, fellatio, ice cream, Threesome, double blowjob, face sitting, wait-for-it, build-up, Djinn, awkward, Oni, Dryad, Impregnation, Dwarf, doggy style, muscle girl, Ninjas, Milf, Redhead, Wolf girl, Cum swap, voyeur, Virgin, fingering, cunnilingus, vanilla sex, Selkie, breast hug, eldritch, eldritch horror, Bondage, Blindfold, nipples, half-naked, Schoolgirl roleplay, Mommy, daddy, bunny girl, Raptor girls, sisters, Monster girl, hydra, hydra-girl, monster-girl, roleplay, minotaur-girl, wheyfu, pog, bee girl, face fucking, Surprise sex, anal
  5. Being an adventurer is not always the best. by Darx00

    3 days ago

    Darx and his two friends have a dream of being high-ranking adventurers and join one of the most famous guilds, but soon they will discover how difficult it is.

    156 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
    doggy style, blowjob, romance, cum outside, reunions, exposition, adventurer, tournament, masturbation, fantasy, Friendship, suspicion, jealous, best friend, lapdance, orgasm, swallow, Fight, infidelity, cheating, betrayal, monsters, adventure, cunnilingus, creampie, cum inside, lesbian, catgirl, bully, netorare, ntr, mouse-girl, cleric, flirting, mystery, boobjob, restrained, bdsm, cowgirl, harpy, combat, gender switch, doggystyle, crush, princess, love triangle, shock, bathing, nude, sex, seduction, dream, Enemies, party, Quest, Festival, Dance, friends, jealousy, bondage, impregnation, femdom, transformation, training, lore, Deception, reunion, conflict, dirty talk, Guild, members, plot, Tits, Ass, Cum, Facial, Awakening, ritual, pregnant, Cuckold, Hidden Observer, Reverse Cowgirl, Degrading Talk, nightmare, vision, Unprotected, voyeur, diary, squirting, broken heart, elf, striptease, Milf, Humiliation, Fuck, shy, interspecies, ahegao, pink hair, interracial, nurse, workout, melancholy, revelation, farewell, mother, first time, adversaries, sister, doggy, letter, cheat, coersion, corruption, threesome, missionary, best friends, powers, love letter, Adventurers, preparacion, build up, queen, trapped, mistrust, goodbye, couple, rival, castle, handjob, quick sex, bunny, archer, jack off, sex for convenience, oral sex, confession, discussion, travel, letters, mind control, back story, Despair, disappointment, sexy, teasing, date, war, RPG, naive, bunny girl, Team formation, Confrontation, Asian, break down, kiss, hidden power, trio, love rival, Magic, aphrodisiac, City, Riledo, Mage, funeral, skill, enemy
  6. Growth-XX by FlatCap90210

    3 days ago

    In Size Matters, we learned of the misadventures of Adam and his bottle of Growth-X pills. But what happens if another guy who's unhappy with his penis orders a bottle? -- Over the past two years, this story has grown to encompass all my major fetishes and then some. Expect gender bender, breast expansion, latexification, a lot of transformation and wholesome hedonism with a pinch of here and there. --

    125 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    MILF, futa, shemale, corruption, succubus, angel, big tits, tail, riding, wings, big breasts, leg lock, huge insertions, horse cock, ahegao, cuddling, slime girl, goo girl, jealousy, deepthroating, deep throat, deepthroat, titboy, blowjob, long tongue, vacuum blowjob, huge tits, huge balls, lactation, milking, udder, multiple nipples, teats, fucking, doggy style, huge cock, creampie, bunny morph, femdom, tall girl, muscles, big dick, breast expansion, gender bender, snusnu, alien, xenomorph, rubber, latex, confinement, transformation, bondage, naga, Breaking News, #large breasts, #large ass, #gender bend, #gender bender, #gender dysphoria, #identity crisis, #large butt, #mtf, shemale on shemale, feminization, anal, ass expansion, spanking, butt slut, rough sex, self-titfuck, excessive cum, horsecock, mind break, assgasm, cerberus, multiple heads, multiple breasts, herm, hermaphrodite, futanari, huge breasts, selfsuck, self-suck, dog morph, excessive amounts of cum, hyper, multi, 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  7. A New World! Your Party of Hopeless Hotties by Fiftyfiftyfifty

    6 days ago

    Click "Start Game"! You've been mysteriously brought over to an RPG-style world of sexy elves and powerful magic, but things aren't as easy as you first imagined. The only adventurers that you're able to recruit into your party are cute girls that are entirely hopeless, and kinky as hell! Hopefully you don't die because of them. (This story was inspired by Konosuba. Cover is from Sakura Knight. Also known as YPoHH.) ----- We have a wiki now! Too many characters to keep track of in this setting? Check out the constantly under-construction reference site here: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/absoterra-fiftyfiftyfifty

    1,296 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    cum, dildo, sex toy, funny, bath, queen, amazoness, amazon, dark skin, warrior, red eyes, sensitive, ticklegasm, tickle, tickling, tits, midriff, navel, stomach, pajamas, pyjamas, love, black hair, short hair, tomboy, kitsune, fox, kimono, orgy, orgasm, handjob, blowjob, elf, elves, bunny, toy, toys, magic, mouse, elven, legs, nightgown, blond, blonde, green eyes, thighs, cleric, priestess, ride, cowgirl, cow girl, rabbit, bunny ears, cleavage, busty, enf, exhibitionist, mage, naked, nude, blue eyes, lavender, cute, curvy, short, bathe, bathing, river, stream, wet, shower, voyeur, tournament, desert, camp, camping, tent, tents, dryad, bra, panties, clown, sleep, exhibitionism, strip, titjob, tit job, water, exibitionist, moth, moth girl, spell, challenge, test, gown, tease, stamina, remote, vibrator, android, golem, robot, wormhole, slime, devil, dullahan, doll, magic doll, cat girl, catgirl, threesome, fingering, tail, white hair, green hair, embarrassment, embarrassed, wrestle, gym uniform, gym outfit, shorts, sports bra, anal, succubus, ass, missionary, pink hair, long hair, romantic, romance, succubi, demon, alley, alleyway, swimsuit, bathing suit, bikini, one piece, beach, dungeon, dungeon crawl, pixie, pixies, fairy, fairies, milf, skinny dipping, shortstack, short stack, goblin, barmaid, bar maid, tavern, purple hair, piercings, lesbian, lesbians, mind control, voyeurism, peeping, cat, catfolk, cat ears, ninja, masturbate, dragon, school, uniform, uniforms, vampire, vampiress, rat, small, goggles, tsundere, weeb, paizuri, maid, submissive, tittyfuck, breasts, doggystyle, doggy style, bendover, feet, foot, massage, masseuse, oral, pussy, sex toys, cyclops, cock, hung, orgasm denial, denial, tease and denial, collar, ball, party, noble, enm, sex, hentai, magazine, tongue, forest, witch, bondage, rope, lick, grope, arabian, arabic, silk, belly dancer, undress, pigtails, pig tails, twin tails, twintails, shared senses, isekai, game, game mechanics, rpg, adventure, harem, riding, bouncing, bounce, shy, bee, wasp, stinger, insect, honey, food, virgin, virgins, vibrate, lich, undead, skeleton, masturbation, mindbreak, mind break, shared sensations, ghost, seashell bra, shell bra, mermaid, mermaids, green skin, yuri, paladin, knight, wings, antennae, antenna, fluffy, foursome, twins, brunette, tanned, tan, breastplate, sexy, hot, harpy, harpies, feather, feathers, blue balls, chastity, lotion, sunscreen, dark-skinned, hot spring, brown skin, rogue, flat, horns, princess, resist, temptation, tattoo, tattoos, nails, trap, trapped, stripped, armor, armour, pink-haired, vibration, kiss, kissing, leash, sword, ooze, slime girl, keyholder, towel, dog, dog girl, hotspring, cat fight, catfight, bunny girl, art, drawings, silly, demons, underboob, imp, tentacle, tentacles, upskirt, aroused, castle, leg, hot springs, dress, tentacle monster, commando, nopan, no panties, brat, giantess, fivesome, sensitive breasts, face sitting, skirt, chains, schoolgirl, school girl, french maid, servant, bj, hero, super hero, heroine, superhero, spandex, bodysuit, mask, devil girl, red skin, wizard, masochist, humiliation, slender, ears, priest, sweet, archmage, archwizard, exercise, gym, twosome, dwarf, crash, masssage, athletic, bunnygirl, suit, workout, devil., lake, swim, skinny dip, stripping, shrink, shrinking, spider, clussy, lap dance, sub, jerking, wet shirt, wet t-shirt
  8. The Demonic Idol by bob10

    1 week ago

    The demonic idol : a statue who slowly changes peoples into demon, succubi, hellhound and maybe more

    113 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    Voyeur, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Blowjob, Oral, Breast Expansion, Masturbation, brother sister, siblings, demon, caught, monster, transformation, trans, mad scientist, voyeurism, tentacle, Brother-Sister, father, daughter, brother, sister, group, grandfather, granddaughter, public, watched, mother, werewolf, lycanthrope, anal, mmf, threesome, camera, photographer, wedding, Hellfire, lactation, pussy eating, strippers, succubus, deepthroat, cum swap, incubus, strip club, stripper, handjob, mff, face sitting, reverse cow girl, demons, bride, groom, wedding party, minotaur, Water girl, lesbian, futanari, slime girl, ooze girl, Water Nymph, Dick Girl, blow job, double blow job, mother daughter, tit fuck, big breasts, sisters, massage, groupsex, ass licking, dominate, submission, double blowjob, stairwell, japanese, cunnilungus, sleeping, vines, cuckold, changeling, sister sister, orgy, snuff, succubi, gangbang, MMMF, Mirror, Reflection, Ravine, campfire, mirror girl, dildo, double ended dildo, breast inflation, oral sex, bar, models, sex toy, chimera, wolf demon, breeding, double penetration, fingering, exhibitionist, deep throating, mind control, quickie, couple, suit, strip, hot tub, breast growth, gender bender, dick growth, cowgirl, Prostitution, snake woman, snake man, weresnake, group sex, venom, skullfuck, cumswap, mfff, angel, shapeshifter, missionary, throat fuck, corrruption, bird woman, call center, tree nymph, bartender, breast enlargement, foreplay, dirty talk, slow seduction, maid, ass eating, cops, police, taxi, mutual masturbation, College, Student, Panty Fetish, Strap-on, office, cum on face, cumshot, werewolves, hunting, Panty-Fetish, star wars, twi'lek, parking garage, horse man, gagging, ffm, lupine, ahegao, Roommate, Lesbain, Seduce, Panty Sniffing, hotel room, lapdance, lap dance, laundry, Futa, Dominatrix, Goth, shower, moral degeneration, gargoyle, stripping, watching, cunnilungis, mind reading, truth or dare, 69, security guard, dreams, horror, haunted, spirits, grandmother, exposure, public nudity, taunting, facial, maid of honor, bridesmaid, Water Nymphs, temptation, College Girl, skinny dipping, asian, interracial, bath, collar, jail cell, foursome, cocksucking, time stop, nude beach, public sex, double titfuck, titfuck, titfucking, breat grow, expansion, Mother son, jail, insect girl, pussy licking, nymph, entranced, horsewoman, dryad, pierced nipples, Femdom, Slapping, hucow, ass expansion, Horseman, Wolfwoman, daughters, father daughter, fire elemental, fire nymph, wedding reception, bride's father, fmm, teasing, edging, neighbour, bondage, mask, masquerade, Daughter in law, furry, cock sucking, cum shot, teen, dance, DJ, bbg, soul stealing, bartenders, blonde, auburn, concierge, skull fucking, skullfucking, fiance, unbirth, transgender, stripclub, cock growth, squirting, she-wolf, trio, gorgon, medusa, mirrors, CFNM, nelly furtado, song, MFMF, Girl Fucking Guy, Werehorse, married couple, married, Son, Fantasy, shots, making out, fondling, Deep Throat, giant, camgirl, sister brother, Slip, Evil, begging, cum on tits, blue hair, masturbating, tit fucking, classroom, footjob, sluttification, eavesdropping, uniform, brunette, elevator, daydreaming, moral degradation, buffy the vampire slayer, enm, dp, siren, gender swap, washroom, dragon, large breasts, cheating, latina, flashing, submissive, sub, facefuck, embrace, ass to mouth, mirror demon, Striptease, caught in the act, hand job, finger, noise complaint, breastfeeding, horsemen, elephantman, gag, wolfman, Tattoo, rack, petrification, joining couple, rejuvenation, work out, gym, realtor, dream, catholic girl, were elephant, were horse, toys, trapped, adultery, elephant woman, restraint, Toy, moaning, possession, catgirl, precum, penis inflation, scorpion tail, hotel front desk, muslim, horny, husband wife, husband, wife, brutality, panic, broken bones, kitchen, workout clothes, Snaketail, elephant man, interupted, cock tease, firefighters, 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  9. World of Futa Monsters by Sex-Shooter

    3 weeks ago

    Humanity is long gone. Men and women have disappeared ever since the Futanomicon had been opened by a "genius" and the beasts of our nightmares (or dreams) came to be. Now, only futa monsters remain and struggle amongst each other to survive by fucking each other senseless!

    42 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
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