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  1. Trapped in an Alien Maze by MesmerEyez

    11 months ago

    A girl finds herself kidnapped in an alien labyrinth, with each room trying to trap her into a life of servitude to different aliens' fetishes! (Add your own!!)

    12 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    2nd Person, Female
    trap, maze, labyrinth, string, hypno, hypnosis, mind control, body control, doll, dolly, blank, empty, smile, marionette, puppet, puppeteer, dance, red hair, ginger, lesbian, sci-fi, scifi, alien, exhibitionism, performance, latex, bound, tied, tangled, entangled, cave, jungle, hunter, hunted, prey, chased, gun, shoe, shoes, foot, feet, fetish, furby, animal, safari, hunt, game, big game hunter, tentacles, feathers, dart, poison, sleeping darts, submit, submission, collar, collared, petplay, pet, dog, hunting, betrayal, foot fetish, drugs, slop, gunge, feral, beast, lick, licking, saliva, tongue, sole, soles, trophy, trophies, tickle, tickling, tickle fetish, indoctrination, objectification, footplay, paralysis, human furniture, movie, theater, cinema, audience, hypnotized, spiral, spinning, screen, tendrils, machine, robot, actor, acting, bondage, redneck, bimbo, bimbofied, bimbofication, daisy duke, country, southern, surgery, breast enlargement, blonde, freckles, pigtails, pig tails, farm, rural, brainwashed, drool, bat, bats, voting, gameshow, blind, dark, cavern, fangs, asphyxiation, robots, machines, escape, secret passage, rock, stone, chase, aliens, lube, anal, strange, weird, sextoy, injection, venom, concubine, harem, blue skin, green skin, lips, lip inflation, plump, spit, encasement, rubber, sensory deprivation, gas, dollification, animatronic, theme park, amusement park, tour, tour guide, robotification, gagged, interstellar tv, 2nd person, second person, 2nd, abduction, alien abduction, kidnapped, slave, captured, choices, TV, television, choice, brainwash, brain scrub, ash tray, ashtray, furniture, object, mindless, smoking, give up, test, strings, wires, tripwire, success, crawling
  2. Shoukyaku of Blackflame by Semeny Licket

    4 years ago

    An evil black dragon decrees it is time to mate with his unwitting constituency. Set in the medieval fantasy world of Brachyr in the system of Evoneiro, the following fragments follow the potential notions of the dreaded black dragonman, Shoukyaku. With all the power that his heritage bestows, decisions lie before him like prostrated worshipers pleading for his favor. Of all creatures spawned from mindless evolution, the dragon is the top most predator of the food chain. The dragonmen (also called draconians, dragonoids, or more) are direct descendants of these creatures, and though they walk on two legs, they pride themselves on being no less intelligent, noble or powerful than their gargantuan ancestors. Some even take to a more feral life-style, finding cavernous perches and looting nearby settlements for their vile, hedonistic desires. To explain further would be to reveal too much. While not all are blackguards, the dragon known as Shoukyaku is likely the most vicious of the lot among many potent contenders. Within, you risk bearing witness to the numerous appetites of this viciously fornicating dragon. Be warned, for there be dragons here. Warning: May contain non-consentual content and implied violence.

    4 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    3rd Person, Both