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  1. The Awakening by Codchaos

    3 hours ago

    You are an average person in a world. where an Outbreak is turning people into sex machines . who are filled with a need to spread and fuck anyone they can find.

    31 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    1st Person, Both
    Demon, Succubus, Sex, Virus, Infection, Lust, Soul, Cock, Desire, Crimson, Tail, Cunt, Demonic, Incubus, Incubi, Succubi, Codchaos, Megan, Aaron, Slut, Transformation, Wings, Penis, Damnation, Corruption, Vanessa, Brother, Sister, Telephone, Call, Possible, Incest, Countryside, Town, City, Invasion, Flock, Hell, Froze, Over, Literally, Drive, Car, Van, Truck, Preying, Upon, 006, Phone, Fails, Fail, Ring, Back, Voicemail, Hopelessness, Failure, Occupied, Elsewhere, Out, To, Him, Scrabble, Smart, Smartphone, Device, Cradle, Hand, Washes, Relief, Pulse, Wave, Through, Object, Erection, Erect, Dick, Masturbate, Phallus, Trunk, Stroke, Play, With, Fondle, Balls, Fore, Skin, Shaft, Flaccid, Lustful, Purrs, Spur, On, Bliss, Blissful, Orgasm, Orgasmic, Cum, Sprung, Denim, Jeans, Prison, Boxers, Head, Sisters, Home, Banging, Door, Final, Breath, Guttural, Snarl, Moans, Groans, Fuck, No, One, Trust, Last, Words, Uttered, Potential, Lilith, Strain, Nearby, Bag, Sighed, Briefly, Bang, Domination, Dominance, Obey, BDSM, Sadomasochism, Demand, Cold, Impatiently, Sarcastic, Tones, Obedient, Farm, House, Contacts, Idle, Icons, Younger, Background, Noise, Dial, Tone, Deep, Kiss, Lingered, Screen, Something, Else, Answer, Or, Not, Fell, Away, Into, Nothingness, travel, walk, suburbs, Relentless, Mind, Wavering, Lips, Slick, Pussy, Moist, Master, Your, Unnerved, Bitch, Fingers, Fingering, Mistress, Slave, Rucksack, Sweet, Juices, Moan, Groan, Science fiction, Non consent, Ass, Tits, Expansion, Female, Woman, Story, Red, Horn, Outbreak, Friend, Girlfriend, Mom, Aunt, Massive, Orgy, Gangbang, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Blowjob, Spread, Party, Teasing, Semen, Sexy, Resist, Blonde, Hole, Bounce, Fantasy, Control, Cravings, Flee, The, Apartment, Run, Grab, Leave, Get, Escape, Pelt, Belt, It, Fire, Aging, Worn, Metal, Rusty, Clattering, Footsteps, Building, Motivation, Creaking, Toward, Ground, Below, Look, Up, Regret, Few, Floors, Moaning, Girl, Stains, Struggling, Wild, Gorgeous, Load, God
  2. Orgy Afterlife by Wikia

    3 months ago

    The protagonist is dead, and in the division of their soul to their respective afterlives, we follow the journey they have in this one.

    8 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  3. Trapped in an Alien Maze by MesmerEyez

    8 months ago

    A girl finds herself kidnapped in an alien labyrinth, with each room trying to trap her into a life of servitude to different aliens' fetishes! (Add your own!!)

    12 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    2nd Person, Female
    trap, maze, labyrinth, string, hypno, hypnosis, mind control, body control, doll, dolly, blank, empty, smile, marionette, puppet, puppeteer, dance, red hair, ginger, lesbian, sci-fi, scifi, alien, exhibitionism, performance, latex, bound, tied, tangled, entangled, cave, jungle, hunter, hunted, prey, chased, gun, shoe, shoes, foot, feet, fetish, furby, animal, safari, hunt, game, big game hunter, tentacles, feathers, dart, poison, sleeping darts, submit, submission, collar, collared, petplay, pet, dog, hunting, betrayal, foot fetish, drugs, slop, gunge, feral, beast, lick, licking, saliva, tongue, sole, soles, trophy, trophies, tickle, tickling, tickle fetish, indoctrination, objectification, footplay, paralysis, human furniture, movie, theater, cinema, audience, hypnotized, spiral, spinning, screen, tendrils, machine, robot, actor, acting, bondage, redneck, bimbo, bimbofied, bimbofication, daisy duke, country, southern, surgery, breast enlargement, blonde, freckles, pigtails, pig tails, farm, rural, brainwashed, drool, bat, bats, voting, gameshow, blind, dark, cavern, fangs, asphyxiation, robots, machines, escape, secret passage, rock, stone, chase, aliens, lube, anal, strange, weird, sextoy, injection, venom, concubine, harem, blue skin, green skin, lips, lip inflation, plump, spit, encasement, rubber, sensory deprivation, gas, dollification, animatronic, theme park, amusement park, tour, tour guide, robotification, gagged, interstellar tv, 2nd person, second person, 2nd, abduction, alien abduction, kidnapped, slave, captured, choices, TV, television, choice, brainwash, brain scrub, ash tray, ashtray, furniture, object, mindless, smoking, give up, test, strings, wires, tripwire, success, crawling