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  1. 'Fuck Quest': The Game by Robopoop

    2 months ago

    The future of virtual reality adult games is here! Live out your dirtiest dreams in a multi sensory virtual world where you make the rules! Interact with state of the art, emotion adaptive and fully customizable AI NPCs! By using the command console, you can transform people, objects and even the environment around you into anything you want! Turn them into celebrities! Make them your slaves! The world adapts with your input and whatever fantasy you desire! Hook up with other players and host the wildest of parties! Swing it in the Amazon! Orgy out in Rome! Impress your friends by shaping your avatar with the latest, coolest and sexiest looks! With a premium monthly subscription fee of only $20.99, you will receive your very own Fuck Quest private server absolutely free! Join today!

    97% (33 users)
    8 Chapters Deep
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    1st Person, Both
  2. Feminization Games by Snoe72

    1 month ago

    A series of forced feminization tales from multiple genre's and settings. Fantasy, Sci-fi, slice of life, and more. Begin as a man, but I can't garauntee you'll stay one. Oh if you've any question feel free to contact me. Or if you like or dont like something please do leave comments I'm happy to have them.

    98% (376 users)
    22 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  3. Journey of the Lost Maiden by atapoti

    1 day ago

    Help guide the innocent Luna to safety through a fantasy land full of dangers and erotic encounters.

    100% (727 users)
    19 Chapters Deep
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    2nd Person, Female
  4. Weekend In An All Girls Dorm by madmaniac

    10 months ago

    You visit Ellen, a sexy, blonde friend at her college dorm.

    99% (350 users)
    35 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    1st Person, Male