Runt of the Litter

Runt of the Litter

You've got the smallest cock in your family...and you're the only boy!

Chapter 1 by grimbous grimbous

(This story involves a lot of humiliation of the main character, futa on male action, incest, and other fringe fetishes. If these aren't your thing turn back now. I also wanted to give credit to the artist Mafen for the above picture which inspired this story. To the best of my knowledge that is the artist's name, though I could be wrong.)

The hall is quiet. You were pretty sure nobody was at home. You creep carefully down the hallway, a floorboard creaks under your wait. You stop. Did you hear something? Nope, all quiet. that...something downstairs? Nah, everyone was gone for the day. You were sure.

Your name is Jesse Bailey and you are a 19 year old college freshman. You were lucky enough to still live at home with your gorgeous mom and two smokin hot sisters. This saved you a ton on rent, groceries, and the like. The trade off was you didn't have much privacy, but it was worth it. Besides, today you were finally going to enjoy another benefit of life at home. After years of thinking about it you were going to jack off with a pair of one of your sister's panties. were kind of a perv, to put it mildly.

Sure you were strange, but you came from a strange family. Your father had passed on when you were very young and you had grown up with your mom and two sisters ever since. From the outside you probably seemed like a perfectly normal family, but you had some odd ways about you. The women in particular. They rarely went out, never went swimming or got involved in sports, never brought men home, and they always wore long loose dresses whether out or at home. Your mother was also incredibly strict regarding any sort of nudity in the house. Once a few years back you accidentally walked in on her taking a bubble bath and she had absolutely freaked out. You were careful not to do that again! Your buddies would joke about seeing their sisters getting changed or something. Never in your house, never once. It all seemed so over the top.

With the women being so insular, almost shut ins, you very very rarely had the house to yourself. But you did now and you were going to take advantage.

You try Elsie's door on the way by. Locked as always. El was your younger sister, just a year younger than you and about to graduate from high school. As with the other women in your family she had few outside interests, she spent a lot of time playing online video games. She was a short haired brunette with deep soulful brown eyes. She was a bit shorter than you and had a wonderful hourglass body.

You also try your mother Helen's door. Locked of course. She worked from home as an online editor. One of the reasons you rarely got the place to yourself was because she was always home working. But now they were out, all of them, shopping. Your mother looked a lot like Elsie, just a bit taller and much more heavier set. She had much wider hips and much bigger breasts.

Finally you make your way to your older sister Fiona's door. Fiona was 21 and was a few years ahead of you in college. She was a bully and a bitch who always teased you. Even now that you've grown up Fiona was still taller than you. She was blonde, like your father had been, and had a wonderful ass and a magnificent rack. Tall, lithe, dominant. She was a blonde bombshell.

This was the door. It was locked like the others but just the other day you had noticed the door sat a bit loose in its hinges. You had soon figured out that if you pull up and toward the hinges you could unlatch the door without having to unlock it. Thank goodness for old houses. You unlatch the door and sneak in.

Your heart was pounding. This was so against the rules. Hell, mom might actually throw you out for this if you get caught. But you weren't going to get caught.

You look around. It looks like a pretty standard woman's room. Dresses and bras scattered about, posters on the wall, etc. You didn't want to dally and loose this opportunity so you make straight for the dresser. You open it to see what you'd come for, a drawer full of soft silky panties. To your surprise you also notice a box of condoms tucked to the side. Weird, she never brought men home. Along the side of the box in silver letters are the letters XXXL. Wow, did she have high hopes!

Reaching in you pull out one of the soft cotton garments. It was pink. You rub it your hand and smile a lewd smile to yourself. It was a strange style of pantie though, much more roomy in front than usual.

Your heart almost stops as you hear a voice coming up the stairs, almost in the hallway already! There was no escape without being seen! You close the drawer then shut the bedroom door as quietly as you can. You bolt back across the room and into her closet. Closing it you are able to see through the horizontal slats into the room.

You hear the lock to the door click open and watch as Fiona walks in. Calling over her shoulder she says. "Have you seen Jesse? He said he was staying home today."

From the hall you hear Elsie. "Nope, his car is out back though."

Again your heart is pounding, to you it seems like your breathing is as loud as a blow horn. Fiona looks around her room for a moment...

Does she notice you right away?

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