The Lilith Strain

The Lilith Strain

Hell On Earth

Chapter 1 by Lycanthrokeith Lycanthrokeith

More news came in today about the Lilith Strain.

It had been all over the airwaves, though few had believed it. True, there were some nasty STD's out there, but one that turned you into a demon? Strange, but true.

You decide to flip through a couple of the other news shows. Every one was talking about the virus, the specially treated condoms that were thought to block the transmission of the disease, how it affected both men and women, yadda yadda yadda?

A still on one of the newscasts catches your eye. It shows a man and woman (subtitled INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS respectively), completely changed by the virus. Their skin is a bright red, though the brunette news lady says it can vary in shade. Two large bat-like wings grow from their backs, accompanied by a dildo-like prehensile tail. They possess claws and fangs, in addition to pointed ears, a long serpentine tongue, and a pair of curving horns. Their eyes are red irises in pools of black, with slitted pupils. Large CENSORED bars cover their genitals and the female's breasts, though they are described as being "supernaturally proportioned and perfect."

"The virus creates a need to feed from sexual energy, and allows those infected to engage in such pleasure for very prolonged periods of time," she states, as flatly as she can muster. "The virus gestation time was believed to be about two hours, during which the victim feels a steadily increasing need to seek sexual pleasure, as well as difficulty in reaching climax. Once the gestation period ends, climax is reached, triggering the victim's change."

You can't help but smirk as she tries to subtly loosen her collar after the report. She clears her throat and begins to go into the areas of quarantine as you click onto another channel. Ironically, you end up on a porno channel.

"Great," you squirm, tugging involuntarily at your clothing, "like I wasn't horny enough before." Idly, you start retracing your recent unprotected sexual escapades, curious to know if you've already been infected.

Your thoughts stray involuntarily with your id, as you begin to wonder what you'd look like as... Incubus (male character) or a Succubus (female character)?

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