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  1. Boudoirs and Beholders by Wulfblade

    30 minutes ago

    Follow along as a group of adventurers embark on a unique and risqué Dungeons and Dragons campaign that pushes the boundaries of both their imaginations and their characters. In this tale, the players find themselves delving into a world where mischievous pranks and tantalizing encounters take center stage. As the players delve into a vibrant fantasy realm, they discover that their characters possess a mischievous streak. They use their wits, spells, and clever tactics to engage in playful seductions, cheeky banter, and provocative encounters with non-player characters, using the options available to them to strip the characters they encounter. The narrative mimics a genuine Dungeons and Dragons campaign, with detailed descriptions of magical items, spells, and scenarios that enable the characters to push the boundaries of the game.

    11 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  2. Reborn as a Tamer by Switchchris

    1 hour ago

    A young man who has passed away due to a freak accident gets reborn in another world with special abilities.

    22 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
  3. Pokeslut by MooMoo

    2 hours ago

    An all new Pokemon adventure awaits you in Kanto! Will you become a Pokemon master surpassing your long time rival, or will you be left to smell him later after he fucks the ever living shit out of you! (Public)

    231 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
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  4. The Waifu Catalog- Beta Testers by Jerynboe

    3 hours ago

    What happens after ? For some lucky individuals, a new career beta testing artificial worlds for the Company.

    295 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  5. Buxom Conquests by dracone

    4 hours ago

    Keldan is an Adventurer, and Paladin, dedicated to the act of conquering women. But Keldan doesn’t want to conquer just any woman; he wants to exert his dominance on the buxomest beauties he can find, regardless of race. Taking requests from guilds, merchants, and the like allows Keldan to gather information while earning coin to take care of his expenses. Keldan himself is a Dreamborn, a result of a mortal (usually human) and a dream spirit producing a child. Keldan has grown up with his mother, who is sexy in all the right ways, and promised her he would build a big family so she could have lots of grandchildren to spoil

    12 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male
  6. Xadana by Trom1806

    5 hours ago

    A world of wars, intrigue and magic. The world is full of contradictions and conflicts. Try to survive and rise from the bottom of the social pyramid. In this world, there are no simple solutions, no unambiguous persons, no independence from society, and often... there are no serious chances to survive...

    23 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  7. Witches vs Bitches by BeckyS

    9 hours ago

    Three nerdy and socially outcast college girls have learned the ancient art of witchcraft. They are now going to use their new powers to torment the hot girls and women who have wronged them, and can do so in any way their twisted minds can conceive.

    21 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  8. Being an adventurer is not always the best. by Darx00

    9 hours ago

    Darx and his two friends have a dream of being high-ranking adventurers and join one of the most famous guilds, but soon they will discover how difficult it is.

    143 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
    doggy style, blowjob, romance, cum outside, reunions, exposition, adventurer, tournament, masturbation, fantasy, Friendship, suspicion, jealous, best friend, lapdance, orgasm, swallow, Fight, infidelity, cheating, betrayal, monsters, adventure, cunnilingus, creampie, cum inside, lesbian, catgirl, bully, netorare, ntr, mouse-girl, cleric, flirting, mystery, boobjob, restrained, bdsm, cowgirl, harpy, combat, gender switch, doggystyle, crush, princess, love triangle, shock, bathing, nude, sex, seduction, dream, Enemies, party, Quest, Festival, Dance, friends, jealousy, bondage, impregnation, femdom, transformation, training, lore, Deception, reunion, conflict, dirty talk, Guild, members, plot, Tits, Ass, Cum, Facial, Awakening, ritual, pregnant, Cuckold, Hidden Observer, Reverse Cowgirl, Degrading Talk, nightmare, vision, Unprotected, voyeur, squirting, broken heart, elf, striptease, Milf, Fuck, shy, interspecies, ahegao, pink hair, interracial, nurse, workout, melancholy, revelation, farewell, mother, first time, adversaries, sister, doggy, letter, cheat, coersion, corruption, powers, love letter, Adventurers, preparacion, build up, queen, trapped, mistrust, goodbye, couple, rival, castle, handjob, threesome, quick sex, bunny, archer, jack off, sex for convenience, oral sex, confession, discussion, travel, letters, back story, Despair, disappointment, sexy, missionary, teasing, date, war, RPG, naive, bunny girl, Team formation, Confrontation, Asian, break down, kiss, hidden power, trio, love rival, Magic, aphrodisiac, City, Riledo, Mage, funeral, skill, enemy
  9. A New World! Your Party of Hopeless Hotties by Fiftyfiftyfifty

    10 hours ago

    Click "Start Game"! You've been mysteriously brought over to an RPG-style world of sexy elves and powerful magic, but things aren't as easy as you first imagined. The only adventurers that you're able to recruit into your party are cute girls that are entirely hopeless, and kinky as hell! Hopefully you don't die because of them. (This story was inspired by Konosuba. Cover is from Sakura Knight. Also known as YPoHH.) ----- We have a wiki now! Too many characters to keep track of in this setting? Check out the constantly under-construction reference site here:

    1,123 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    cum, dildo, sex toy, funny, bath, queen, amazoness, amazon, dark skin, warrior, red eyes, sensitive, ticklegasm, tickle, tickling, tits, midriff, navel, stomach, pajamas, pyjamas, love, black hair, short hair, tomboy, kitsune, fox, kimono, orgy, orgasm, handjob, blowjob, elf, elves, bunny, toy, toys, magic, mouse, elven, legs, nightgown, blond, blonde, green eyes, thighs, cleric, priestess, ride, cowgirl, cow girl, rabbit, bunny ears, cleavage, busty, enf, exhibitionist, mage, naked, nude, blue eyes, lavender, cute, curvy, short, bathe, bathing, river, stream, wet, shower, voyeur, tournament, desert, camp, camping, tent, tents, dryad, bra, panties, clown, exhibitionism, strip, titjob, tit job, water, exibitionist, moth, moth girl, spell, challenge, test, gown, tease, stamina, slime, devil, dullahan, doll, magic doll, golem, cat girl, catgirl, threesome, fingering, tail, white hair, green hair, embarrassment, embarrassed, wrestle, gym uniform, gym outfit, shorts, sports bra, anal, succubus, ass, missionary, pink hair, long hair, romantic, romance, succubi, demon, alley, alleyway, swimsuit, bathing suit, bikini, one piece, beach, dungeon, dungeon crawl, pixie, pixies, fairy, fairies, milf, skinny dipping, shortstack, short stack, goblin, barmaid, bar maid, tavern, purple hair, piercings, lesbian, lesbians, voyeurism, peeping, cat, catfolk, cat ears, ninja, masturbate, dragon, school, uniform, uniforms, vampire, vampiress, rat, small, goggles, tsundere, weeb, tittyfuck, breasts, doggystyle, doggy style, bendover, feet, foot, massage, masseuse, oral, pussy, remote, sex toys, cyclops, cock, hung, orgasm denial, denial, tease and denial, collar, ball, party, noble, enm, sex, hentai, magazine, tongue, forest, witch, bondage, rope, lick, grope, arabian, arabic, silk, belly dancer, undress, pigtails, pig tails, twin tails, twintails, shared senses, isekai, game, game mechanics, rpg, adventure, harem, riding, bouncing, bounce, shy, bee, wasp, stinger, insect, honey, food, virgin, virgins, vibrator, vibrate, lich, undead, skeleton, masturbation, mindbreak, mind break, shared sensations, ghost, seashell bra, shell bra, mermaid, mermaids, green skin, yuri, paladin, knight, wings, antennae, antenna, fluffy, foursome, twins, brunette, tanned, tan, breastplate, sexy, hot, harpy, harpies, feather, feathers, blue balls, chastity, lotion, sunscreen, dark-skinned, maid, hot spring, brown skin, rogue, flat, horns, princess, resist, temptation, tattoo, tattoos, nails, trap, trapped, stripped, armor, armour, pink-haired, vibration, kiss, kissing, leash, sword, ooze, slime girl, keyholder, towel, dog, dog girl, hotspring, cat fight, catfight, bunny girl, imp, tentacle, tentacles, upskirt, aroused, castle, leg, hot springs, dress, tentacle monster, commando, nopan, no panties, fivesome, sensitive breasts, face sitting, skirt, chains, schoolgirl, school girl, french maid, servant, bj, hero, super hero, heroine, superhero, spandex, bodysuit, mask, devil girl, red skin, wizard, slender, ears, priest, sweet, archmage, archwizard, exercise, gym, twosome, dwarf, crash, masssage, athletic, giantess, android, robot, bunnygirl, suit, workout, devil., lake, swim, skinny dip, stripping, spider, lap dance, submissive, sub, cuck, jerking, wet shirt, wet t-shirt
  10. Tabula Rasa by GreenishNightLight

    12 hours ago

    Follow the adventures and lives of those select few who were given access to the closed beta of a brand new fantasy game, which utilizes advanced virtual reality technology to fully immerse the players. But be warned, as the world of Telluria may be more real than it seems...

    91 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    Transformation, Hyena, Wolf Girl, Werewolf, Were-Hyena, Elf, Elf Girl, Female Elf, Tan, Tanned, Tomboy, Short Hair, Brunette, Strip, Strip Tease, Striptease, Cunnilingus, Pussy Eating, Oral, Oral Sex, Sixty-Nine, 69, Sloppy Blowjob, Messy Blowjob, Messy Oral, Induced Love, Love, Loving, Affectionate, Doggystyle, Doggy-Style, Fuckpet, Owner/Pet, Pet, Pet Play, Puppy Play, Puppy, Puppy Girl, Dog Girl, Pet Girl, Sex Magic, Enhanced Lust, Arousal, Teasing, Spank, Spanking, Cowgirl, Riding, Facial, Cumshot, Collar, Fingering, Foursome, Nipples, Nipple Sucking, Big Dick, Big Cock, Distention, Large Insertion, Monster Girl, Dragon Girl, Futa, Futanari, Dickgirl, Shemale, Red Hair, Green Eyes, Pale Skin, Horns, Tail, Missionary, Cum Inside, Cumcovered, Cum on Stomach, Fantasy, Barbarian, Nudism, Casual Nudity, Blonde, Brat, Noble Girl, Bullying, Morning Wood, Wake Up Blowjob, Double Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum-Swap, Cum Swapping, Tailjob, Masturbation, Deepthroat, Deep Throat, Breeding Kink, Good Girl, Light Bondage, Light BDSM, Pussy Licking, Pussy Juices, Lift and Carry, Carrying, Carry, Masochist, Masochism, Combat, Orc, Blowjob, Futa on Female, Futadom, Orc Girl, Female Orc, Female, Outside, Outdoors, Aggressive, Biting, Blood, Bite, Dominant, Domination, Hesitant, Handjob, Grope, Cumming on Food, Cum in Food, Eating Cum, Threesome, Threeway, Facesitting, Face Sitting, Grinding, Size Difference, Kissing, Kiss, Female on Female, Tsundere, Prehensile Tongue, Long Tongue, Mindbreak, Mind Break, Mind Broken, Hot Spring, Hotspring, Bathing, Cuddling, Tail Fucking, TailFucking, Double Penetration, Anal, Creampie