Ancient Desires

Ancient Desires

They're just artifacts, right?

Chapter 1 by Maestro84 Maestro84

These items had been found sealed away in an ancient castle, behind a door covered with chains, and strange markings, almost as if an ancient magic had been cast on the door to keep people out, or something else in.

When the room was breached, many antiquities were found. Paintings, statues, and other works of art. Nobody could identify where they were from or how old they were. Some of the art was erotic, as were some of the statues as well, but none of them looked human.

These were creatures, monsters even, but they knew these artifacts needed to be shown to the world so they were brought to New York to be displayed in a private room at the History Museum. They thought it would make them money, but nobody could have guessed what creatures were about to be released into this world.

"Feel free to add to this story as long as it sticks with the premise of a certain artifact in this exhibit of random items from Statues, paintings, urns, etc that release/changes/corrupts someone sexually, and have fun"

Who will be first to experience the exhibit?

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