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  1. Wonder Woman: Oathbound by Rubicon

    5 months ago

    Wonder Woman. An idea. A paragon of virtue. Of justice. Of heroism. And of beauty. When a normal person saves Diana of Themyscira during an all out war between Justice and Doom, he has to bind her in her own lariat to anchor her and keep her alive. While within that lariat... delirious or not... all she could do is speak the truth. Including the truth when asked how she could be bound. Without violence, without question, and without limit. What happens when an ordinary man binds the Amazon Goddess of Truth and pinnacle of the Justice League in an oath that forces her to explore his every fantasy... and express her fantasies at the same time? Especially when in the process, he gets to see Diana as much as Wonder Woman... (I originally published this story -- and am still slowly working on it -- at Adult Fan-Fiction. http://comics.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600060729 -- it has been somewhat reformatted and edited for CHYOA. Hola!)

    12 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    1st Person, Male