Unexpected Delivery

Unexpected Delivery

A magical package

Chapter 1 by Spindizzy Spindizzy

You wake up to the early morning sun shining through your Venetian blinds, directly into your eyes. You throw off your blankets, open your closet door, and dig through the clothes on the floor. Searching until you find your least pair of dirty pants. You get dressed not bothering to change your boxers and head into the kitchen through the eerie silence of the strangely quiet apartment.

“I guess everyone else is out.” you think.

You grab a cereal box from on top of the refrigerator. Place it next to an empty bowl, and rummage through the silverware drawer for a clean spoon. After pouring your milk you sit down and chew your breakfast with a dull, half-asleep look on your face when a pile of mail drops through the slot in the front door. You finish your breakfast and push the bowl aside so you can go poke around in everyone’s mail. Among it is a brown paper package addressed to you.

“That’s odd…” you think. “I don’t remember ordering anything.”

You tear the package open and find…

What's in the box?

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