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  1. The Dungeon Inheritance by ShengLong2005

    9 months ago

    Your estranged but rich Great-Uncle Hyrum has left you a mansion in his will. However, it comes with some ODD strings attached. 1: You must live in the mansion and the sleepy midwest town it's on the edge of for the next seven years, not sleeping outside the mansion for more than a week at a time or 60 days out of the year. 2: You must retain all the staff for those seven years, you may only let a staff member go if they are convicted of a felonious crime. (There is a trust fund that will pay their wages for that length of time.) 3: At least once a year you must hold a 'Party'. At least 6 of your uncle's friends from a list of 21 names must be invited each year and each person must be invited at least once... When you get there you learn that is only the START of the strangeness...

    8 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  2. The CMNF Club (my CHYOA experiment) by DMBFFF

    1 year ago

    I just joined this site today and this is my first story. I've been working on this story for a while, and was intending on posting it on Literotica. I still intend to do that, but I also found out this site and figured other versions of my story might also be fun. I'm releasing my contributions—this site permitting—into the public domain, though I reserve the right to mock unattributed plagiarism (particularly if it's bad). The field's wide open. I'm going to do my thing, you'll do yours—though you might want to contact me by whatever PM system, or better still a forum thread, this site has for advice or discussions on continuity. The Club's several hundred hectares in size, disproportionately female, they're naked in much of the place—including barefoot, no sex in some of the area, groping of (consenting) women in most of it, and sex permitted in a few relatively small parts. Some of the women are totally naked (i.e. not even jewelry); some, such as many wives, wear expensive jewelry and dine in elegant rooms; some are collared and leashed; some are hippie-chicks who might not shave and might spend some of their time in allocated mud huts; et al. While this story is in English, I'd be humoured by versions in foreign languages. There's little or no plot in my contributions, just a narrative. I'm writing as an omniscient third person POV but you can do whatever you want. Maybe you're a member of this club—and thus likely a multi-millionaire, or a guest sponsored by one, or a female "gender sponsor" paid by members to show up naked so they can maintain the high female-to-male ratio (about 5 or 6 women to 1 man in the Main CMNF Area). In the latter, you might also be paid more to have sex with them, or not. If not, you can likely do a lot of things you want to at the Club, or maybe unofficially paid to do: swim, play soccer, play volleyball, tennis on actual grass, ping-pong, billiards, read, listen to live music, practice music, play music, do some gardening, paint, sculpt, dance (no striptease, of course, as you're naked from beginning to end of any dance), do yoga, jog, cook, clean, eat, launder men's clothes, sleep in one of the bunks in the large sleeping areas, whatever: depending on your agreement, you might not even have to talk to the guy who paid you. Just don't mind the guys' gawking. I intend it as a warm heartening feel-good story about lots of naked women with a relatively few clothed guys enjoying a lovely time at this country club or country-club-of-sorts.

    10 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both