The Backpack

The Backpack

You Find Your Deepest Fetish in her Backpack

Chapter 1 by ~Etoile~ ~Etoile~

Moving to a new place is always rough, but it can be rewarding as well. The Nuwisha Design College in Seaside City is a smallish school, but is known for its art and design classes. A lot of literature and word-of-mouth shows that graduates from this school often get very lucrative and popular jobs. Lucky for you, you were able to get in with some of your graphics. You moved out of your parents' basement, got a nice little efficiency in one of the more 'artsy' sections of town.

You moved out mid-semester so you arrived at the beginning of the year, but the climate has rarely dipped below 70 and once risen above 95. The days are a little overcast now in the Spring, and with Summer coming up, things have been getting a little bit hectic. Still and all, it's been fairly easy. Your teachers seem to like you and your work gets plenty of compliments. But that's also the bad side of things.

You've been working so hard on everything, doing such a fantastic job, and working a part-time job doing night watchman stuff, that your social life has suffered. Late nights watching offices is easy money but it kills any chance of going out with friends most nights. You sneak a few drinks, you flirt a little, but it seems like every time things start to get good, you have to break for your job.

One girl in particular has been on your mind.

While briefly started by Etoile, much of this thread has been the product of, me, Blackhand and a series of other valuable and incredibly talented contributors. A special thank you for anyone who has contributed threads to this story. For fans of my segments, may I take a moment to suggest my Hentai Game:

Who Is This One Girl?

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