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  1. Sexual Privilege by SanctifiedVillified

    23 minutes ago

    These branching stories are going to have 3 very simple premises: 1) You exist in a world where your character AND ONLY your character gets to have sex with whatever group or groups of people you choose wherever and whenever he or she desires. 2) The circumstances under which he or she can have sex with that group can be specified generally or specifically. 3) The response of the people you have sex with and/or the general public can be chosen.

    60 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male
    teen, high school, public, freeuse, big ass, cheerleader, mean, rude, brunette, lesbian, creampie, doggy style, spanking, latian, tattooed, Inbreeding, asian, abg, asian baby girl, striptease, strip tease, blonde, bimbo, foreplay, student, teacher, student-teacher, fingering, exhibitionist, nipple play, Excessive Cum, Backup, Big Dick, Friends, Celebrity, Enf, Embarrassed, old man, AI, BJ, cheating, phone sex, schoolgirl, voyeur, flashing, upskirt, skirt, college, basketball, locker room, blowjob, swallow, friends sister, sneaking, sneak, shower, spy, spying, creep, perv, recording, panty fetish, black hair, stoned, weed, dirty panties, girlcum, jerk off, masturbating, Gym, Mind Control, Cheating Spouses, Blair Willams, sleep, sleeping, slapping, braces, cum in mouth, free use, bdsm, stall, gymnast, sex, orgasm, exhibitionism, sadism, sister, ownership, oral, fingers in mouth, handjob, lesbians, Messy, Messy Blowjob, Deepthroat, Messy Deepthroat, Watching, Can’t move, Goth, Petite, Pale, White, Pale-skinned, Appreciation, graduation, eighteen, raven hair, athletic, white girl, Teasing, making out, sneaky, Taboo, cum, semen, anal, cuckolding, roommate, Holly Willoughby, innocent, busty, mff, athlete, sweet, doll, objectification, fleshlight, Asian women, yellow fever, humiliation, Fat, Fat girl, Chubby girl, chubby, Bbw, Cum in ass, prositution, german, hot teacher, student and teacher, tease, cumshot, cucking, facefuck, oral creampie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, riding, tits, big tits, interracial, raceplay, latina, toy, Perfect Cock, Threesome, Milf, Magic Cock, tbh the most vanila sex i have ever produced, classroom, grey eyes, rough, grope, pussy eating, Impregnation, nude, naked, bed, piercing, bar, Inspection, Rating, Masturbation, Car, casual, almost caught, restroom, mmf, double play, throatfuck, submissive, bondage, living sex toy, mother, blond, pigtails, cunnilingus, oral sex, medieval, mountains, magic, group, troupe, bard, elf, orc, human, mage, 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  2. A beta world by TomTommy

    20 hours ago

    In a world where magical gifts have rewarded and punished people for the last hundred years. Leading to a class difference of alphas and betas. (Open to public editing)

    11 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    1st Person, Female
    Humilation, embarrassment, blushing, pool, swimming, laughter, degrading, nipping, bikini, shrinkingbreasts, shrinkingboobs, boobs, breasts, nipples, arousal, heat, mocking, Eddie, sucker, gloryhole, school, room, apartment, application, average, normal, blowjob, cum, sperm, portal, wormhole, stuck, suction, Breast shrinking, humiliation, slides, cleavage, shrinking, growth, embrarrassment, pride, Rich, spoiled, brat, bigbreasts, bigboobs, trip, holiday, plane, traveling, email, Transformation, sulking, laughing, setup, Contest, ex, exgirlfriend, lackeys, belittled, Ego, Queenbee, carol, oppai, titfuck, tittyfuck, orgasmdenial, public, publichumiliation, student, Erection, teasing, pinching, chasing, bubblebutt, butt, ass, spanking, masterbation, denial, vibrator, runes, magic, humping, tinycock, smallcock, cock, bigballs, balls, Sissification, sissy, beta, aplha, man, women, punishment, dick, tinydick, sph, smallboobs, Tomboy, sister, sophmore, friend, massivebreasts, heavybreasts, Brad, sisters, sadistic, cute, jumper, blueballs, manual, magazine, birthday, fingering, edging, curse, badluck, clit, swelling, Horny, wet, text, Slut, Rules, mother, mom, cuckhold, guide, tv, Introduction, bigcock, mindcontrol, alpha, douchebag, Love, crush, girlfriend, publicmasterbation, class, massiveboobs, sub, Breastshrinking, Clitgrowth, brarubbing, pantiesrubbing, hotel, Public humiliation, orgasm, cumshower, smalldick, permission, pouty, lip, poutylip, mirror, bigass, fatass, embarrassed
  3. Keep on Rockin' in the FreeUse World (Public) by DamianFreeUseLover669

    1 day ago

    Welcome to an alternate reality that's a patriarchal paradise - where humans are hypersexual beings, public sex is normal, misogyny runs rampant, and women subsist entirely on semen to survive! ***contributions are greatly appreciated***

    17 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
    Daniella Monet, double anal, Karen Gillan, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Princess Kida, Kida, Atlantis, She-Hulk, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Tatiana Maslany, marvel, mcu, brie larson, captain marvel, gangbang, free use, free-use, image, pics, movie, Ana de Armas, Mads Mikkelsen, Kate Beckinsale, Denzel Washington, Dominic West, Charlotte Le Bon, Willem Dafoe, Channing Tatum, Noomi Rapace, Jessica Alba, gash, Brock Lesnar, underworld, Norse, Norse mythology, mythology, myth, Lacey Sturm, Flyleaf, freeuse, maledom, impregnation, patriarchy, cum, whore, blowjob, alternate universe, creampie, male superiority, anal, anal sex, deep throat, pussy, sex, mind control, bimbo, cum dump, cum dumpster, pregnancy, doggystyle, female inferiority, submissive, 69, obedience, master, dominatrix, femboy, shemale, tomboy, polygamy, polyamory, monogamy, bisexual, gay, straight, Celeb, celebrity sextape, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Iggy Azalea, Scarlett Johansson, Demi Lovato, Millie 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  4. Arranged Marriage of Tori by k2kmikey

    2 days ago

    On her 19th Birthday Tori's parents give her a gift of marriage to anyone they saw fit to give her away to just so she can leave the nest for the rest of her life with the women of their choosing. (Now Public)

    117 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Female
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  5. Bdsm adventures by Sgtwolf

    4 days ago

    This is an area for multiple types of adventures with themes focusing on different aspects of BDSM. So far paths currently include a human zoo, going to a fetish club, bondage wrestling, horror stories, erotic bets, and so much more. Writers of all kinds welcomed!

    35 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Trap, femdom, Bondage, femboy, bunny boy, predator/prey, Amnesia, Twink, chastity, Latex, hunt, bdsm, Wrestling, Futa, Puppy play, sexual bets, ffm, college, Sexfight, humiliation, addiction, Crossdressing, sissy, Foot fetish, Horror, Travel, Shop, Fetish, Adult, Jet, Black, Mannequin, Clothes, Hung, Walls, Miss, Bianca, Mistress, Lust, Arousal, Thigh, High, Boots, Corset, Artfully, Tastefully, Rubber, Heavy, Quiver, Boutique, Darkened, Seedy, Dive, Jenny, Job, ServantOfLilith, Teacher, dare, gay, Futanari, Butch, Genderfluid, Ass kissing, smother, fffm, locktober, male sub, Pup play, maledom, Vines, marriage, birthday, gimp, wager, bet, medical, Nurse, Mermaid, Pony play, riddle, pet play, rope bondage, feminization, Punk, public, sadism, futadom, human pony, toys, mixed wrestling, hypnosis, cuck, lesbian, transexual, furniture play, trapdom, brother, lost bet, human furniture, crossdresser, brother sister, Blowjob, dildo, cheerleaders, camshow, brother/sister, voyarism, strapon, pegging, Bisexual, dickgirl, petplay, threesome, fetish wear, Door, Mansion, Knock, Announcement, Bethan, De, Roe, Wrought, Iron, Knocker, Whip, Wooden, Manicured, Well, predator, truth or dare, bi, Sisters, lezdom, bunny play, auction, Dungeon, ftm, Mind control, hypnotism, puppyplay, public humiliation, brothers, Highschool, escape room, petboy, puppyboy, gloryhole, Edging, hooters, self bondage, Zoo, dollification, high school, prey, Kinky, surprise, Christmas, hunter/prey, Machine, Kelly’s debt, Kelly’s dream adventure, maid, dom, gag, ballgag, collar, chain, cuffs, step-sister, sister, domination, 69, sexual bet, sorority, milking, mmf, rubber doll, coersion, kink, primal, Furries, spanking, animal play, bull play, Tentacles, poker, Fursuit, role reversal, pet, milf, Machine bondage, prrdator/prey, tag, Sex bet, bully, fucking machines, farm play, Fox, fox hunt, fox play, streaming, living latex, machine play, deepthroat, gang, lesdom, pussyeating, femboy l, Gambling, Cosplay, female sub, competition, Leather, androgynous, Switch, kitten play, Rosa, lady in red, owner, facility, rubber suits, gagged, cages, obedience, fear, adventure, captivity, shemale, smothering, humiliaion, pig play, bondage escape, Punishment, minotaur, maze, muscles, shemale on male, sissydom, exhibitionism, female, losing, twins, gas mask, Michelson, Macbook, Aged, Battered, Tasha's, Temps, Online, Search, Goggle, teen, sex fighting, Fmmmmm, gangbang, Forest, Road, Pitch, Broken, Down, Car, Overgrown, Smartphone, Film, farmplay, Sultry, Voice, Temp, Phone, Call, Nubile, Youthful, Slut, Form, Body, Eager, Fingering, Crop, shemale x male, kidnap, brother x brother, wife, husband, streaking, ring gag, Supernatural, succubus, Trapxtrap, Easter, bunny, Game night, cougar, rope, Living clothes, face sitting, chick with a dick, onlyfans, camgirl, Path, Hunted, Watched, Choices, Foliage, Inside, Linger, Senses, Walk, orgasm denial, panties, latex bondage, lioness, predator prey, gazelle, nerd, Camp, FIre, Lingering, Scent, Smell, Abandoned, Ash, Vision, Glasses, Case, Grinned, machine fucking, Game, trao, Filming porn, sex fight, office, femboys, Dense, Forehead, Sweat, Guttural, Snarl, Snarling, Fight, Or, Flight, Instinct, Heels, Shoes, Remove, dominatrix, Chase, chsstity, insest, betting, sph, kitten, humiation, group sex, Prison, Imprisonment, predicament bondage, Makima, Power, Chainsaw Man, Catgirl, Puppy, school, asylum, catfight, haunted house, predictament bondage, interregation, cat fight, foot play, two subs, crossdress, underwater, pussy, Bad ending, Trigger warning, Consequences, exposed, ghosts, demon, femsub, siblings, machine sex, carnival, furry, ts, abduction play, ponygirls, goth, drone, sissies, stranger, cliche, predator play, hucow, watersports, trap x trap, reindeer play, costumes, sissification, electrical play, transformation, living suit, sybian, Cheerleader, trans, mother daughter, Straight, hood, anal, fivesome, futaswitch, champing, handjob, Malesub, lost, mf wrestling, Reader participation, Mermaids, female dom, hunter, contest, sexual wager, pussy eating, cunnilingus, Chastity cage, fembom, gender fluid, cow play, futa x femboy, nun, church, Crossdressed, facesitting, group, Femboy hooters, Teacher x student, Police, cop, fucking machine, domme, orgy
  6. ENM Intertwined by Speci@lty

    1 month ago

    Four gorgeous guys, each with different personalities, end up becoming friends due to an embarrassing event that brought them together. To this day, the one thing they have in common is how they keep ending up naked and embarrassed in front of others.

    120 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    1st Person, Male
    girl's locker room, locker room, Wet, Sex, Teacher/Student relationship, ENM, CFNM, Older man, Older guy, NAKED, EXPOSED, PUBLIC NUDITY, FONDLING, Meet the parents, Humor & Satire, Touching, towel, bashful, dripping, gay, shower, shower sex, teacher/student, dancing naked, cmnm, boxers, boxer shorts, spying, flashing, PUBLIC, HUMILIATION, CITY, RISKY, MASTURBATION, WANKING, JERKING OFF, WANK, CUM, CUMSHOT, PUBLIC CUM, RECORDED, VIDEO, WATCHED, AUDIENCE, naked in public, Awkward, big dick, big cock, large penis, large cock, large dick, naked teacher, horny students, embarrassment, nudity, first time, attraction, romance, naked in front of people, Embarrassed, naked outdoors, funny outfits, clothed male naked male, outdoors, Public humiliation, Filmed, Photographed, Exhibitionist and Voyeurism, big dicks, erection, cnfm, butt grab, grope, Peer Pressure, Encourage, beach, on tv, monitors, on stage, Temptation, Photographed naked, sph, flashback, Humor, Slapstick, nude in public, exhibitionism, oon, only one naked, bathroom, naked on stage, posing nude, STEATH, SNEAK, Friendship, STORE, WAREHOUSE, CAKE, WOMEN, women want men naked, Nude, Nude drawing, Nude Model, naked outside, streaking, teacher and student, Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay Relationships, Homosexual Couple, costume, towel stealing, tryst, nighttime, love-making, wet dreams, erotic dreaming, mistake, pda, Voyeurism, sex in a car, sex in the back seat, being watched, thong, baring it all, stripping, eager audience, Underwear, chyoa, locked out, Posing, Blushing, Exposure, Art class, Laughter, fetish, kinky, dog collar, Kissing, precum, teasing, orgasm denial, Exhibitionist & voyeurism, DOM, SUB, CAUGHT, VIDEO TAPE, HANDJOB, TEASED, narcissism, absent minded, celebrity, Handcuffs, Dress up, EDGING, CUM ON WORKER, SECRET CUMSHOT, friends, Confession, making out, Exhibtionism, Picture, modelling, relationship, homosexual, got together, boyfriends, clothed female naked male, Revealed, Stripped, Pictures, Photographed Nude, Naked Pictures, Girls see me naked, Embarrassed man, Embarrassed male, Getting Touched, Getting played with, gay male, queer, nipples, nipple play, naked in a public place, jockstrap, almost naked, Exhibitionist, Voyeur, Out cold, naked model, seen naked, multiple people see you naked, SURPRISE, BIRTHDAY, Comedy, Caught Naked, Modeling, under-dressed, cfn, exhibistionist/voyeur, videotaped, EMBARRESSED, TRICKED?, bromance, coach, bdsm, bondage, tied-up, straddling, voyuerism, steaking, Erotic Massages, Naked in front of girls, Tease, masturbate, femdom, tied up, Outside, Exhibitionist/Voyeurism, stroking, petting, exibitionism, NiP, Naked and Embarrassed, Groped, Embarrassing, Mostly Naked, Partial Nudity, Swimsuit, Speedo, Public Displays of Affection, Embarrassed nude male, embarrassed naked male, embarrassed nude men, embarrassed naked men, Volleyball, outdoor nudity, oustide nudity, classroom, Irresistable, desire, adoration, outdoor naked, Masturbating, nude at school, PUBLIC MASTURBATION, IN PUBLIC, CUM IN PUBLIC, CAUGHT ON CAMERA, VIDEO PHONE, DOMINANT WOMAN, trap, set up, decieved, tricked, trickery, fooled, BLOWJOB, BACKSTAGE, MUSEUM, RISKY BLOWJOB, PUBLIC BLOWJOB, DEEPTHROAT, GAGGING, ENM INTERTWINED, VIDEO CAMERA, PHONE CAMERA, quid pro quo, math, professor, teacher, Kiss, Love, plotting, scheming, Multiple orgasms, Orgasm, Teacher and student relationship, Intercourse, CUM LOAD, LOAD OF CUM, FACIAL, CUM FACIAL, PUBLIC CUMSHOT, PUBLIC FACIAL, FACIAL IN PUBLIC, CUM WITH AUDIENCE, ENF, ENF/ENM, happy, erotic couplings, girlfriend, boyfriend, photos, nude in school, naked man, watcher, Tantalize, Couple, Dating, Stolen clothes, Secrets, Getting Groped, ALMOST CAUGHT, Undressing, Undressed, briefs, mothers, Dogs, Cuteness, Cute, humiliating clothes, dress-up, Horny, Make-out, Student/Teacher relationship, date, Make out, shower scene, dripping wet, suds, soapy, photo op, Arousal, Erections, Boner, Semi, bubble butt, jiggle, sweating, HIDING, PARTY, PIPER, Shave, Shaving cream, trim, body hair, Cross-dressing, Sports, naked sports, Student, Naughty, Forbidden
  7. Adventures in Hogwarts by VTheImpaler

    3 months ago

    The girls and guys of Hogwarts discover that there’s much more to spellcasting than just combat and household chores. New chapters almost daily. If you’d like to suggest a chapter, please comment your suggestion! If I add your recommendation, I will credit you :)

    17 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
    Wild Magic, Inventing, Create Spell, Magical Mishap, Cuntboy, Cuntboy x Futa, Invert Penis, Balls turn into Uterus, Breedable Cuntboy, Harry potter, Wake up, Crusty, Casts, Dry Jizz, Ravenclaw Girls’ Dorm, Bed Dent, Stiff, Held Still, Soaking Panties, Gush when fingered, Fingered Standing Up, Made to Watch, Watching self get fucked, Old Photo, Ethereal, Incorporeal, Falling, ENF, Naked, Lesbian, Mommy Daughter, Time Turner, Arousal, Leaking Pussy, Chastity, Edging, Chastity Belt, Hancuffs, Cuffed, Handcuffed, Pulled away, Sex Starved, Musk, Harmonic Moans, Ball Gag, Gag, Stuffed in Mouth, Appear in Mouth, Mother Son, Cuck Dad, Small Penis Humiliation, TF Sock, Sentient Sock, Pee together, Same Seat, Sit on Lap, Tit Inflation, Tit Growth, Tit Cumflation, Boob Growth, Boob Inflation, Boob Cumflation, Jelly-Filled, Pop Breasts, Leaky Boobs, Nipple Leak, Webbing, Locked In, Stuck, Stuck in Ceiling, Hair in Face, Face Obscured, Fred, George, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Fred and George, Fred and George Weasley, Weasley Twins, Redhead Twins, Brothers, Male Twins, Identical Twins, Pranksters, Testing, Unzip, Hang Free, Nice Cock, Dick Appreciation, Punishment, Feet, Stepped On, Duplicate, Clone, Copy, Pregnant with Twins, Stretch Womb, Orgy, 6 on 1, Sweaty, Car, Car Sex, Backseat, Crammed, Enclosed Space, Rip Clothes, Impatient, Birthday, Hospital, Born, Brainfuck, Cum filled tits, Pussy Asshole, Pussy Armpits, Futa, Triplets, Prank, Stockholm Syndrome, Summon Demon, Demon, Tentacle Masturbation, Biological Vibrators, Distraction, Occupied, Identical Triplets, Thetis, Thetis Granger, Asphyxiation, Cant Breathe, Suck Balls, Lick Balls, Gargle Nuts, Nutsack, Toy (derogatory), Renamed, Change name, Title, Obey, Step on Ankles, Lean backwards, Threat of Chastity, Broken in Slut, House Slut, Ruined Orgasm, Petty, Spite, Futa Female and Male Triplets, Sex Saddle, Forgotten, Throw Up, Locked in Closet, Sybian, Saddle, Conjoined Triplets, Permahorny, Endlessly Edging, Horny Curse, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Gilderoy, Lockhart, Gilderoy Lockhart, Absentminded Fingering, Thumb, Fingering Onahole, Pixies, Open Cage, Bum Rushed, Rip Underwear, Stripped By Dick, Stripping Mom, Girls’ Bathroom, Peeing, Unlock Locker, Hide Sex Doll, Eating Cum, Don’t Waste Sperm, Lick Fingers, Sleeping, Ginny, Ginny Weasley, Asleep, Harry, The Chosen One, Instantly Cum, 1/2” Flaccid, Cream Pajamas, Squirt of Cum, Instajizz, Impregnation, Dissapear, Plug Hole, Puddle, Jizz, Bulge, Belly Bulge, Rub on Floor, Rub Nipples, Flatten Tits, Fuck Bunny, Udder, Double Decker, Four Tits, Mirror, Full Length Mirror, Swing tits, Knockers, Quad Boobs, Cowgirl, Hucow, Squeeze Tits, Meld, Merge, Attatch, Fuse, Permanent, Summon Genitals, Fem Harry, Female Version, Jasmine Potter, Scent, Smell, Moist, Tingle, Irritable, Vibrate, Vibrating Panties, Inanimate Perspective, Inanimate, Carrot, Carrot Dildo, Veggies, Masturbate, Masturbation, Cum Shower, Cant Cum, Turn into horse, Grow Fur, Grow Tail, Spit out Hair, Grow Hooves, Mohawk, Lose Voice, Whinny, Neigh, Exhibitionism, Strip in public, Climb onto the Table, Presenting the goods, Free Samples, Cum with a glance, Naked on Table, Public Masturbation, School Stripper, Quiet masturbation, Fingering on the toilet, Masturbating on the toilet, Bathroom Masturbation, Public Bathroom, Public Exposure, Everyone can See, Jeering, Sex on the Field, Stuck in Public, Submissive, Sub, Thoughtless, No Thoughts, Head Empty, Erase Personality, Waiting for Input, Awaiting Orders, Suggestible, Emotionless, No Identity, Cat, Cat Cum, Orgasm Cat, Mrs Norris, Filch’s Cat, Norris, Hogwarts, Magic, Witch, Wizard, Spells, Teen, Student, Non Canon, Non Canonical, Luna Lovegood, Luna, Ravenclaw, Big Insertion, Insertion, Levitate, Ahegao, O-Face, Book in Womb, Belly Bump, Stomach Bulge, Pointy Insertion, Hidden Feelings, Sibling Crush, Hermione, They Fuckin, Bunk Bed, Mind Break, Multiorgasmic, Consecutive Orgasms, Consecutive Creampies, Impregnated, Broken Will, Break Mind, Break Will, Poor Review, Casually Ruined, Ruin, Ruined, Early Morning, Asking for assistance, Lucius Malfoy, Lucius, Limping, Cant walk straight, Cram in, Snoring, Breath, Breathe on Pussy, Aroused in Sleep, Stuffed in, Baggy Pajamas, Baggy Pants, Missing Dick, Zombie, Headcrab, Passenger, Narcissa, Narcissa Malfoy, Bellatrix, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lestrange, Give Birth, Birth, Give birth in Class, Quiet Birth, Pump out babies, Birth a Litter, Public Birth, Stifle Moans, History, History of Magic, History Class, Middle of Class, History of Magic Class, Ghost Teacher, In Class, Classroom, At Desk, Desk Birth, Professor Binns, Femboy, Flashing, Magic Spell, God Pussy, Lesbian Conversion, Gay Conversion, Conversion, Lesbian at first sight, Irresistible, Perfect Pussy, Futa Transformation, Transformation, gay, magical, Hollow, Liquify Organs, Tube Gut, Pussy to Mouth, Ass to Mouth, Ass to Pussy, Simplified Anatomy, Curse, Broken Wand, Seething, Enraged, Rage, Anger, Slur, Mudblood, Insult, Hold Me Back, Belly Button, Fart, Blow, All the way through, Blow Through, Raspberry, Moaning Myrtle, Ghost, Specter, Haunt, Bathroom, Dead, Undead, Soul, Spirit, Translucent, Transparent, Sleeper Agent, Reward and Punishment, Reward, Trigger, Trigger Word, Orgasm Trigger, Stacking Buffs, Stacking Debuffs, Leave a note, Sniff, Warm, Pajama Pants, Pocket, Waiting, Lie in Wait, Hold Still, Peeping Tom, Watching, Peek into Bathroom, Pussy, Futa on Female, Futa x Female, Spittle, Drool, Cocksleeve, Tie Legs, Human Belt, Bend Legs, Cum All the Way through, Excessive Cum, Leaking Cum, Dripping Cum, Pipe, Book, Book up Cunt, In the Toilet, Flush, Sad-Cum, Clog, Clogged, Dog x Human, Huskie, Probable Animagus, On the Make, Rough Fuck, Jabbing, Puddle of Sweat, Downward Dog, Dog, Role Swap, Vanish Dick, Grow Cunt, Slurp up dick, Invert Gender, Presenting Crotch, Basilisk, Memories, Thinking Back, Fond Memory, Snake, Giant Snake, Dom Fight, Futa v Futa, Futa vs Futa, Futa x Futa, Top vs Top, Competitive, Wrestling, Fleshwarp, Transfiguration, Plug Holes, Sculpt Flesh, Erase Mouth, Erase Cunt, Nymphadora Tonkx, Nymphadora, Tonks, Shapeshifter, Metamorphagus, Pull Hair, Pull Head Back, Woah Girl, Treated like Horse, Girl (Derogatory), Kinked Windpipe, Pheromones, Flesh Orb, Ball, Flesh Molding, Flesh Prison, Ball of Cum, Turned into Ball, Handheld Girl, Shrink, Shrinking, Self Seal, Holeless, Seal Holes, No Vagina, No Butthole, TF Horse, 2’ Cock, Horse Dick, Flared Tip, Sneak in, Disguise, Shrink Height, Disguise Age, Train to Hogwarts, Lewd Plan, Catdog, No Legs, Impossible Anatomy, Lost, Lost Toy, Devil’s Snare, Devils Snare, Vines, Dungeon, Tendrils, Wrapped, Vine, Tickles, Blend In, Viscous Fingering, Mental Protest, Change Voice, Mimicking, Act like someone else, Eldritch, Cold, Damp, Fleshy, Cocoon, Wrapped in Vines, Claustrophobic, Trapped, Wrapped Up, Entangled, Tangled, Multiplied, Disposable Girl, TF Disposable, Transform, Unwilling Transformation, Instant Cum, Instant Orgasm, Instantly Orgasm, Cum Spell, Orgasm Spell, Half a Brain, Bimbo, Idiots, Morons, Low IQ, 69 IQ, Cumflation, Synchronized Orgasms, Virgin Lesbians, Heel, Begging, Can’t Speak, Whining, Skip, Brain Drain, Suck Mind, Brain Suck, Mind Drain, Eat Knowledge, IQ Reduction, Human Chair, Human Stool, Sit on her, Remove inhibitions, Slob, Glob of Spit, Uncaring, Dont Care, Two handed Masturbation, Erase Inhibitions, Hedonism, Unlock Lust, Pump and run, Pump and done, Used, Vore, Panty Shot, Tug of War, Slimy, Many Eyes, Steal Spell, Steal Magic, Nonmagic, Absorb Magic, Levicorpus, Wingardium Leviosa, Floating, Eldritch Horror, Puddle of Cum, Girlcum, Mind Numbing, Vanish Clothes, Nude, Facial, Touchless, Touchless Ejaculation, Premature, Explode in her Face, Gargling Cum, Speak with mouth full of cum, Mouth full of cum, Speak through Cum, Ropes of Cum, Remove Tits, Remote Pleasure, Wet Dream, Flat Chest, Nippleless, Flat, Cut Shirt, Sever Limb, Remove Limb, Take Tits, Eaten, Slurped Up, Swallowed, Tongued, Licking, Tentacle, Tentacles, Stretched out, Broken in, Gallon of cum, Undetectable Extension Charm, Pussy Improvement, Ambitious Fit, TF Centaur, Merge Centaur, Butt Swap, Head arms ass only, Remove Legs, Four Legs, Remove Butt, Humantaur, Taur, Taur Girl, Quadruped, Portal, Fall through Portal, Eldritch Portal, Onahole, TF Onahole, Vanish Limbs, Limbless, Vanish Legs, Vanish Arms, Stump, Nub, Size of a loaf of bread, Portable, Portable Girl, No Dangly Bits, Picked up, Futa’s plaything, No warning, TF, Inanimate TF, Object TF, Aesthetic, Imperio, Voluntary Domination, Master, Mind Control, Grab Pussy, Cock TF, TF Dildo, Dildo, Cum your guts out, Redhead Dildo, Sentient Dildo, Cumming Dildo, Human Sex Toy, Conjure Pussy, TF Clothing, Panties, Clothing, TF Panties, Living Panties, Underwear, TF Underwear, Living Clothes, Skin Panties, Selfcest, Selfcest Orgy, Time Travel Selfcest, Room of Requirement, Time Loop, Massive Orgy, Facefuck, Blowjob, Suck Off, Suck, Throat, Cry, Tears, To the Base, All the way In, Muffled, Leaking, Feral, Testosterone, Dick-led, Sexual Spellbook, Book of Sex Spells, Horny from reading, Steamy literature, Nude Art, Cunt, Lift Up, Drop, Drop on Cock, Dangle, Dangling, Indifferent, Strong, Carry, Virgin, Lose Virginity, Lost Virginity, First Time, Deeper than ever, Silenced, Muted, Armless, Voiceless, Mute, Spontaneous Ejaculation, Quickie, Cum to her knees, Stinky, Aroma, Sex in the Air, Stained Bed, Almost Naked, Underwear to Bed, Hidden Stains, Hidden Smell, Relaxing, Interrupted, Hanging, Upside Down, Ankle, Grab, Yank, Squid, Giant Squid, Ambush, Unsuspecting, Full of Cock, Flashing Vision, Little Sister, Sister, Tomboy, Redhead, Red Hair, Ginger, Quidditch, Freckles, Human Dildo, Masturbate with Dildo, Ride Dildo, Hallway, Nargles, Broom, Broomstick, Sports, Public, Riding Dildo, Game, Match, Mounted Dildo, ”Whoopsie!”, Totally not intentional, Lost and Found, Used Panties, Erection, Slap Cock, Exhausted, Deepthroat, Cream Filled, Excessive Ejaculation, Swallow Cum, Breathe in Cum, Cough up Cum, Dragged Underwater, Double Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Double Imperius, Changed Mind, Regret, Panic, Moving Picture, Porn, Pornography, Pornographic Image, Lubricate, Lubrico, Lubrication Spell, Bunny, Patronus, Obliviate, Memory Loss, Erase Memory, Good Friend, Wholesome, Tired, Suck out Memories, Amnesia, Soak Skirt, Lift Skirt, Stockings, Soak Stockings, Too much lube, Mental Masturbation, Pornstar, Porn Actress, Actress, Catalogue, Porn Catalogue, Magazine, Porn Magazine, Pussy Mouth, Vagina Mouth, Candle, Fall on Candle, Slip on Lube, Slippery Floor, Transform Rabbit, White Rabbit, Instinct, Horny, In Heat, Jump, Animal Nipples, Dissolve, Dissolve Clothes, Bioluminescent, Stomach Acid, Familiar, Bunny x Bunny, Rabbit x Rabbit, G-Spot, In Womb, Monster Vore, Eldritch Vore, Sensitive Spot, Waterbed, Furniture, Furniture TF, TF Bed, Velvet, Fuzzy, Apparate, Teleport, Bed, Bedroom, Dormitory, Weasleys, Older Brothers, Casual, Gangbang, Twins, Rita Skeeter, Glasses, Green Dress, Pencil Skirt, Rita, Skeeter, Journalist, Interviewer, Short Blond Hair, Curly Hair, Absorb, Turn into Cock, Mindless, Lose IQ, 3ft Cock, 6 inch Girth, Distort, Impossibly Long, Impossibly Wide, Plugged, Orgasm Denial, Sleepover, Unexpected Guests, Indecent, Infect, Contagious, Army, Time Travel, Time Turning, Back in Time, Rewind, Rewind Time, Reverse, Reverse Time, Turn into Dildo, Squeeze in, Hug, Mermaid, Fuse Flesh, Living Dick, Casual Nudity, Fleur, Toilet, Bare legs, Bare Crotch, No Panties, Casual Peeing, Pissing, French, Hyper Casual, French Girl, Pantsless, No Pants, Delacour, Fleur Delacour, Snap off, Break, Gryffindor Wins, Win, Quaffle, Riding, Tumble, Flying, Crowds, Celebrate, Burst into room, Locked Door, Planning, Boxers, Tenting, Burst in, Alohamora, Unlock Door, Door, 4 v 1, Unintentional impregnation, Unintentional Creampie, Detatch, Detatchment, Attatchment, Reattatch, Reattatchment, Remove, Sever, Slice, Body Part, Body Parts, Removal, Split, Sleepwaking, Thinking with your dick, Sleepfucking, Cum Battle, Flood, Flooding, Lubrication, Antique, Youth, Teacher Porn, Teacher, Professor, Minerva, McGonagall, Sexy Teacher, Fapping, Animagus, 1914, 1900s, 1910s, Elastic, Precum, Magic Precum, Can’t Fit, Impossible Fit, House Elf, Dobby, Dobby the House Elf, Free, Servant, Pillowcase, Clothes, Short, Tiny, Diminutive, Magical Creature, Rumor, Drenched in Cum, Chin Drip, Cum in Hair, Soaked, Caked Cum, Stunned, Ring, Portal Ring, Pocket Pussy, Favor, Clean, Nook, Cranny, Nook and Cranny, Misunderstanding, No Inhibitions, Lose Inhibitions, Subconscious, No Self Control, Voluntary Lesbian Conversion, Voluntary Conversion, Convert Sexuality, Corrupted sexuality, Corrupted Girl, Corrupted, Scissoring, Dom, Grinding, Grinding Pussies, Tom, Riddle, Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort, Dark Lord, Voldemort, Tf Condom, Living Condom, Living Cocksleeve, Human Condom, Skin Condom, TF Cocksleeve, Permanent TF, Bunny Life, TF Feral Permanent, Potter, Main Character, Chosen One, The Boy who Lived, Scar, Green Eyes, Overstimulation, Overstimulated, Orgasm Beam, Aftershock, Napping, Crashed, Study, Common Room, Burnout, Buttcrack, Smoosh, Crack, Studying, Slouch, Slouching, Puckered, Snarl, Intruder, Pick a Hole, Fucked with Highlighter, Interrupt Studying, Petrify, Petrification, Petrified, Turn to Stone, TF Stone, Turn into Stone, TF Statue, Turn into Statue, TF Sexdoll, Sexdoll, Shatter Form, Sludge, Pin down, Lips to Labia, Cum in pants, Cream Pants, Stained Clothes, Public Ejaculation, Ejaculate, Premature Ejaculation, Embarrased, Public Embarrassment, Draco Malfoy, Hagrid, Pegasus, Horse, Winged Horse, Horse Cock, Equine, Care of Magical Creatures, Infinite Loop, Repeat the Cycle, Infinite, Mind Melt, Base Instincts, Slackjaw, Control Thoughts, Control Emotions, Instant Jizz, Early Orgasm, Veela Breeding, Satisfied 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