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  1. Infectious by MrFinesse

    9 hours ago

    Diseases, viruses, and parasites are a very common problem in today's world that many medical researchers battle each day for cures and treatments to overcome them. That is what the scientists at The Jefferson Bio-Test Foundation try to accomplish in their research and experiments everyday along with developing certain recreational meds such as pain releavers and male enhancement pills. Recently though, the scientists in the Treatment Division of their facility in East Tennessee had been working on a cure for a new type of virus they had neglected to inform the public about. They had contained every instance of it to prevent it from going global and had been hard at work to find some way to protect against it. But now, the virus has escaped and you get to create it and follow it's rampage through the world. Create your own disease, virus, or parasite and decide what it does, where or when it gets loose, and how it progresses. And if you don't write, pick one to follow and enjoy that writer's story, maybe even check out something else they wrote.

    2 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    3rd Person, Both
  2. Late Bloomer by NotoriousKnave

    7 months ago

    A bizarre roadside accident leaves you with one of several methods to enslave others, and make them your puppets. So naturally, you fuck everything in sight. Select your preferred method of mind control and go to town! There will always be different results. Positive feedback = more options.

    27 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    1st Person, Male