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  1. Laboratory Fun by Hypnoticus

    2 weeks ago

    The reader gets to enjoy sexy experiments. What new boundaries will be pushed at the laboratory? Is there something else going on? What's really happening at the lodge? Please feel free to leave comments, like the chapters you enjoy, message me any constructive criticism or to let me know if you'd like to see a particular scenario written up and I'll see what I can do.

    26 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    2nd Person, Both
    Science, Futa, Futanari, Sexual Transformation, Sex Change, Transformation, Dick-girl, transgender, Masturbation, virtual reality, Blowjob, VR, Transsexual, sissy, crossdressing, miniskirt, Orgasm, Interrupted orgasm, Lesbian, Handjob, Cunnilingus, Shemale, Cock, ass, gender transformation, sex, spank, virginity, Fingering, voyeurism, Bondage, Rope, Voyeur, Fucking, Transexual, fuck, penis, pussy, creampie, panties, transvestite, t-girl, hypnosis, hypno, forced, cum, swallow, suck, dick, submission, dominant, submissive, Naked, Nude, Sex Swing, Nymphomaniac, Nympho, Caught masturbating, lesbian kiss, Vagina, clit, dominate, School girl uniform, Sucking, Fellatio, anal, domination, hermaphrodite, Selfsuck, Male Orgasm, tranny, hypnotist, hypnotism, mind control, snuggles, customizable, experiment, injection, Cross-dressing, dress, Femdom, titfuck, Sauna, Spa, threesome, BJ, Blow job, snowball, nightclub, bar, science experiment, Pegging, Ejaculation, Kiss, stroking, mixed race, ethnic, foreplay, begging, Bound, Harness, chains, S&M, Cross dressing, mini skirt, little black dress, Goo girl, tits, breasts, Tiny dick, ruined orgasm, cei, cum eating instructions, cunillingus, pussy eating, orders, Secret, finger, Collar, Choker, sissyboy, Oral Sex, cumshot, hypnotize, exhibitionism, Mind Swap, dickgirl, Sex-change, Sissification, Sissy boy, facial, stroke, cum swap, Sexual detachment, Eating Out, Pink, Lace, Vibrator, hand-job, Nudity, Female Masturbation, Female Orgasm, bikini
  2. Force of Will by JackOLantern

    1 month ago

    After getting in a car wreck with an all-powerful being, you are granted remarkable powers as an apology. Any order you give to anyone will be obeyed and anything you do to others will be perfectly fine to anyone who sees it.

    8 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    2nd Person, Male
  3. Mental Take Over by jmce

    3 months ago

    Wither its gods, aliens, or just a man (or woman) with powers. You are in a world under the complete and total control of some being (or beings) and regardless of if you are the one in control, or the one being controlled, your going to have a lot of sex. So enjoy.

    6 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
  4. A Game of Gods (Players Welcome!) by

    2 years ago

    This is a 'God Game', and there are gods and goddesses for adoption, but player created gods are Welcome! (Check in on the Forums for a Recruitment thread and discussion threads.)

    4 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both