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  1. Futanari World by styxmaster

    4 days ago

    Futanari World is an alternate reality where every female is a futanari. this means that every girl has a dick, balls, and a vagina. This world is almost the same as ours except for the fact that girls have cocks bigger than guys. The average size of a dick-girl's dicks being 10 to 15 inches erect, this means that both sexes have more testosterone making them more horny and therefor making sex a less taboo. Sex is advertised more in the media, pg-13 now allows sex and nudity, and girl's bulges are more visible due to their massive sizes Doug (you) is a 19 year old boy who goes to high school and lives with his mom and two sisters, his dad died shortly after his younger sister was born, he loves his family in a platonic way only and has never had sex before. Blonde hair, thin, under average height, 6 inch dick erect. Crystal (older sister) she is 20 years old, almost 21 and is going to college. She comes home from college often, and is usually nice to her brother, whom she loves. Red hair, c-cups, average weight, taller than Doug, 12 in. dick erect. Sarah (younger sister) she is 18 years old and is a junior in high school, making jerking off her favorite activity. She loves spending time with her brother and often forgets her issues of Playgirl in his room. Blonde hair, thin, b-cups, 10 in. dick erect. Lisa (mom) she is 40 years old, often at work as a lawyer but when home likes to spend time with her family who she loves. Red Hair, d-cups, 14 inch dick erect. Still extremely attractive despite her age and how many children she's had

    61 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    choice, futa, Sex change, Gender bender, Will you get home safely., Or will something happen?, Massive cock, Grinding, Mind control, Older sister futanari, Older sister., Cosplayer, Oral fuclking, frotting, precum leaking out of nose, blowjob, ejaculation, Deepthroat, Futanari, Big dick, Big cock, Futa on male, Breathplay, passout, throating, throated, petplay, puppy, collar and leash, kinky, cock and balls in mouth, Hazbin Hotel, Shemale, Taboo, Muscular, Bodybuilder, Muscular Futa, Muscular Shemale, Aunt, Nephew, Sweat, Nipple Piercings, Monster Cock, XXL Cock, Friends, Filler, non-sexual, oral, BDSM, Biggus dickus, Lipstick, Breathing control, deep blowjob, pass out, Steven Universe, Lesbian, Watersports, murphy's law, throatfuck, collar & leash, pet play, big titties, Loving parent!, Miscommunication, teasing, dildo, horsecock, Ask her about the alternative, Anal, Vaginal, Cum out noise, Humiliation, Manipulation, Sucked Clean, Ass to Mouth, Group Sex, Group Impregnation, Cum on Tits, Cum on Face, Suedo Twins, Ballsdeep, Loli-Futa, excessive cum, older futa on male, secret relationship, janitor, voyeur, 3some, threesome, BJ, wanking, cum shot, cum swallowing, facial, collar, leash, spanking, mama, mother, mom, son, pandemic, virus, lockdown, stay-at-home, quarantine, consensual, consensual-sex, CNC, respectful, equal rights, shower, little sister, fingering, Good Boy, Good Boi, bondage, chain, colar, rope, gag, blindfold, deep fucking, BBC, butt plug, praise, Switch, mindbreak, Femdom, fisting, fetish, prostate, Huge dick, breath play, upside down, throat, mommy, dom, kink, facefuck, NTR, ., dominance, dominant, futa_bulge, Cum_inflation, futa_on_male, full package futanari, big balls, big tits, curvy, voluptuous, yoga, yoga pants, bulge, seduction, spitroast, balls deep, facesitting, face sitting, pantyhose, skirt, upskirt, 69, big_cock, big_dick, Huge_dick, Huge_cock, big_tits, huge_tits, big_ass, huge_ass, futa is always bigger, cum swap, crossdressing, rimjob, buttplug, sex, Jacksonpulic Cumshot, Cumshot, Rimming, Cum out nose, cum on body, Giantess, mini-giantess, latina, french maid, roleplay, role play, cum eating, cum swapping, sister, man-turned-futa, pegging, bbw, ebony, amazon, malesub, horny, male submissive, female dominant, comments welcome, Sissy boi, milf, ballgag, cuffs, Futadom, Girlfriend, huge balls, happy sex, breastfeeding, free use (almost), sandwich, Mother/Daughter, Foursome, fdom, siblings, redhead, schoolgirl, Mom and Son, big boobs, tits, boobs, busty, Crystal, Aunt Abbt, New Friends, finger-bang, mistress, mind break, doctor, cumflation, loving, Sonic
  2. Pokeslut by MooMoo

    1 week ago

    An all new Pokemon adventure awaits you in Kanto! Will you become a Pokemon master surpassing your long time rival, or will you be left to smell him later after he fucks the ever living shit out of you! (Public)

    231 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Female
    Pokemon, sex, blowjob, vagina, penis, consent, monster, fighting, slut, taker pov, girl pov, woman pov, female pov, deepthroat, pokeslut, anal, tears, battle, balls, dick, cock, ass, butt, boobs, big boobs, breast, big breast, tits, massive tits, big tits, degrading, bully, getting bullied, shower, female lead, adventure, quest, journey, friends, friend sex, cream pie, anal cream pie, throat cream pie, throat pie, swallow, slutty, whore, sexy, nerd, shy, guy, small, small guy, nerdy guy, nerdy boy, pokemon battle, bald, bathroom, massage, masseuse, happy ending, lesbian, kiss, prostitution, prostitute, Misty, masturbation, female masturbation, female orgasm, used panties, panty gag, bribe, facefuck, facial, hidden camera, panty sniffing, Brock, nipple piercing, dirty, condom, vaginal sex, cow girl, mating press, Naked, Spanking, Blowbang, Deep Throat, creampie, breeding, cunnilingus, oral, edging, mfm, threesome, ahegao, fucked silly, humiliation, pet play, Elesa, defeated, pregnant, throatpie, piercing, Crossdressing, Trap, name calling, team rocket, Lorelei, bdsm, handcuffs, restraints, yuri, kissing, ball gag, dildo, sex toys, vibrator, bikini, stripping, filmed, livestream, face sitting, submission, Futasub, Chastity, Cock Cage, titfuck, futa, cum swap, bukkake, cum, spank, exercise, Orgasm, Cum shot, impregnation, mind break, multiple orgasm, stranger sex, bad end, x-ray, gif, mm, orgasm denial, rimming, gay, cockring, butt plug, marathon, Bruno, voyeurism, piercings, pierced nipples, nipple piercings, strap-on, submissive, handjob, cuddling, blow bang, clean, lap pillow, brat, horny, tattoo, RPG, TTRPG, Cheating, Pictures, fertilization, Hypnoses, Femboydom, hickey, escort, cum on tits, dry hump, dancing, support, author, patreon, picture, Blue, Raw Sex, MILF, Risky Sex, vaginal, bet, betting, forfeit, sport, Pregnancy, skinny dipping, public, voyeur, fingering, bathroom sex, enf, group sex, orgy, gangbang, redhead, mutual orgasm, propositioned, cumshot, cock worship, gloryhole, glory hole, wlw, multiple orgasms, analingus, anal creampie, Winona, Sapphire, May, Flannery, Femboy, Futanari, humilation, Hex Maniac, spit roast, Erika, sex shop, XXX, denial, tease, porn, Substances, Aphrodisiac, Foreplay, Egg, Lt. Surge, maid, Missionary, Fuck Her Gently, petplay, porn shoot, shock, electroplay, Cuck, Fight, face ride, finger sucking, exhibition, Collar, streaking, pregnancy risk, ff, tentacle, increased sensitivity, possession, mind control, ghosts, transformation, eating out, underboob, stinky, carry, muscles, shower sex, teasing, Climax, pussy eating, Angry Sex, finger fuck, finger bang, bondage, face fuck, rough, slap, Hooters, Lopunny, mmf, mf, creampie eating, toys, Ariel, MMMF, foursome, feet, pillory, body modification, hucow, breast expansion, lactation, milking, begging, showering, 69, Stripper, Pikachu, Eevee, food, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, old man, stuck in wall, free use, straight sex, unprotected sex, Cum Swallow, fff, strapon, strapless strapon, toy, fondling, lingerie, bj, cbt, body shots, abs, gag, SIMP, risky, double penetration, DP, titty twister, bug type, muscle, breeding kink, orgasmic scream, character intro, hair pulling, beach, standing, bimbo, anilingus, orgasms, raw, unprotected, Bathing, Broken Condom, cuckoldry, thong, mesh, condoms, flashing, pubes, mooning, peeping tom, strip, lost bet, sports, Character Profiles, Summary, premature ejaculation, sph, dubcon, suckling, Punishment, gamble, skirt, jersey, Anal Fingering, Public sex, Under the table, mff, spit, oral creampie, hair removal, Hypnosis, heels, bar, clean up, ffm, fmf, Creapie, shock collar, webslut, threeway, bald girl, strap on, silver fox, Vouyerism, slapping, face slap, sadism, throat fuck, throatfuck, tit sucking, grinding, Cum on Skin, alley, selfie, topless selfie, topless, paizuri, buttplug, Snow White, Lovers, Boobjob, Fore play, doggy style, foot, casual nudity, pregnancy test, belt, welts, downblouse, hair growth, scissoring, snowball, fmmm, proposition, futa on female, oral orgasm, milk, breastmilk, breast milk, blow job, suffocation, Sabrina, muzzle, Clitorous, Finger Fucking, watching, enm, Giovanni, pin, edge, cheerleader, pussy licking, clit, cum soaked, one man bukkake, training, riding, streaming, hand job, cuffed, bound, enhanced sensitivity, autofellatio, tit fuck, facesitting, spitroast, doggy, Breasts, gang bang, ripped clothes, triple penetration, twins, fffm, ffmm, fffmm, cumplay, nudity, marathon fuck, ghost, ass to mouth, water sports, recorded, mud, from behind, Goth, orgasm denile, fingerfuck, brother, sister, gay blowjob, gokkun, ear nibble, Impregnate, ring gag, fingers in mouth, face slapping, catching pokemon, pet training, Flirtation, panties gag, atm, grope, online exposure, annilingus, Umbreon, Shopping, Bath, Water Breaking, pierced tongue, pierced nipple, facial piercing, virgin, long hair, trapped, Hypnotism, interrupted, Nude, wax play, candles, wax, possessed, cock sleeve, cum dump, jealous, no condom, bimbofication, prehensile tongue, elongated tongue, lesbian threesome, mutual orgasms, sisters, nudes, titty sucking, Fetish, Mommy, Good Boy, dry humping, titjob, Marriage Proposal, Proposal, Sex Proposal, spooning, pornography, Fantasy, Sexting, Imagination, porno, Coffee, Bikini Barista, Apron, pimp, cuddle, step, restroom, male on futa, Rules, Punishments, super sensitivity, Food Play, public humiliation, Bill, double blowjob, sign language, bisexual, Broken, nipple sucking, nipple pinching, quid pro quo, interracial, cowgirl, gyaru
  3. The wetting incident by Gateway502

    4 months ago

    You are an 18 year old guy and it's your last year in school, but graduating is the least of your problems after you wake up in a wet bed.

    23 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  4. A Quiet Little Town by spentbob

    5 months ago

    A journalist stumbles across an English village full of insane, sexually aggressive women.

    37 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  5. For You by Jm21

    7 months ago

    In a world where any famous person can own anyone else with practically a snap of their fingers, what fate awaits me? Or, for those into the inverse of that, some of the fictional universe paths have some… promising changes. Some universes, or options for them, alter to rules to give me the power. Many others allow you to take the identity of a fictional character and gain ownership over other fictional characters or have them take ownership of you.

    9 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    1st Person, Both
    sucker for love, eldritch, eldrich, god, goddess, tranny, faggot, faggy, fag, trans, transgender, trans sexual, transsexual, transman, trans man, trans male, transmale, ftm, female to male, femaletome, f2m, pussyboy, pussy boy, pussyboi, pussy boi, cuntboy, cunt boy, cuntboi, cunt boi, lestat de lioncourt, lestat, vampire, hunting, predator, prey, hunt, primal, primal predator, primal(predator), primal prey, primal(prey), predator/prey, predator prey, prey/predator, prey predator, vampires, vampiric, back in time, 1700s, 1790s, trans dick, trans cock, anal, anal sex, anal fuck, clitplay, clit play, boxtie, box tie, boxtie bondage, box tie bondage, japanese bondage, kinbaku, kinbaku-bi, shibari, shibaru, nawa shibari, kinbakushi, trans pov, trans character, trans main, trans main character, trans male pov, trans man pov, piv, trans man main character, trans man character, trans male main character, trans male character, eminem, marshall mathers, rapper, musician, large age gap, big 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  6. Mirror Mistress by Teeleh

    1 year ago

    A man strikes a seemingly harmless deal with the local antiquarian, but as he will soon find out, some contracts are legally binding.

    23 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
    BDSM, Bondage, domination, Femdom, Malesub, Punishment, Submission, Submissive, Anal, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Facial, Succubus, Futa, Futa On Female, Futanari, Reality Alteration, Oral, Cock Worship, Male Anal, Demon Girl, Facefuck, Cunnilingus, Puppy+Play, Mind Control, Fantasy, Embarrassed, Oral Sex, Bound, Humiliation, Nudity, Nude Male, Begging, Dominant Woman, Mistress, Big Cock, Spanking, Anal Sex, Degredation, Domme, Trapped, Naked, Pet, Shackles, Shackled, Lost Control, Corset, Hunger, Quid Pro Quo, Downfall, Cum, Cum Eating, Punished, Massive Cumshot, Pre-Cum, Cum Buckets, Pet Play, Tits, Boobs, Vagina, Cock, Dickgirl, FutaXMale, Sub, Dom, Masturbation, Ass, Confident, Insertion, Demonic Sex, Brainwashed, Large Cock, Big Tits, Whipping, Orgasm Denial, Excess Cum, Ball Gag, Corruption, Anal Creampie, Spitroasted, Sissy, Licking, Beg, Tease, Teasing, Penis, Big Penis, Pussy, Threesome, Cumplay, Felching, Demon, Nude, Bottom, Gangbang, Musk, Glowing Eyes, Demon Horns, Demon Tail, Bad End, Bukkake, Cumslut, Group Sex, Rough Sex, Orgasm, Swallow, Small Dick, Small Penis, SPH, Small Penis Humiliation, Mindbreak, Transformation, Body Transformation, Fetish, Cum Fetish, Slut, Good Boy, Betrayal, Handjob, Abduction, MaleXFemale, Multiple Endings, Fellatio, Double Penetration, Group, Addiction, Throat Fucking, Riding Dick, Cum On Face, Prison, Imprisonment, Ejaculate, Maid Outfit, Reality Shift, Choices, Cum Swallowing, Reality Change, Pillory, Cage, Penis Cage, Dildo, Gag, Mouth Gag, Story, Plot, Choices Matter, Penis Worship, Semen Obsession, Semen Addiction, Pigtails, Nipples, Sucking Nipples, Breasts, Suck, Sperm, Orders, Lust, Satiety, Small Cock, Dick Comparison, Girlcum, Female Dom, CFNM, Clothed Female Nude Male, Embarrassing, Demeaning, Small Tits, Horny, Arousal, Cum Inside, Slow Burn, Build Up, Master, Altered State, Decisions, Ass Fuck, Jail, Prison Cell, Spade Tail, Cunt, Multiple Paths, Multiple Routes, Character Development, Branches, Multiple Branches, Dialogue, Conversation, Name Customization, Minerva
  7. My brother made me a sissy by cutiepie183

    1 year ago

    My brother made me into a sissy. He is smart and witty and somehow manipulated, and convinced me at every turn until his goal was achieved, and I was undeniably a sissy. How exactly did he make it happen though?

    20 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  8. The Road to Repair by PineroseWriting

    1 year ago

    We all know adventurers have baggage, it's just part of the job. But with wholesome relationships, good friends, and intimate moments, we can begin to heal. The Road to Repair is for the stories of adventures and their companions relying on each other, finding a place where they feel they can belong. Follow the journey of an underendowed elf man named Soren, a muscular and rough half-orc named Naz, and their motherly cleric, Yue, as they travel, grow, bond, and fuck.

    24 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  9. A Storm of Emotions by fishcrem

    5 years ago

    A young hero emerges from the destruction of their village by imps and demons following a particularly bad "Lust Storm". The Hero sets out to put a stop to the Lust Storms once and for all. At least, the hero will try.

    26 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both