A Video Game Humiliation II

A Video Game Humiliation II


Chapter 1 by Humilatron Humilatron

Welcome to the REMASTERED Edition of this archived story.

This story is now public again.

You must read the rules branch below before publishing a chapter. Those rules will be enforced.

Categories may be added if deemed necessary but do not add any yourself. If a category does not exist for the character you want to use, just put in the alphabetical categories instead.

The categories below are the most popular categories in terms of characters and THEN alphabetical order. If you don't see the video game your character is in, then put it in the appropriate alphabetized category and make sure to use the format:

Character Name (source title)

IE: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Choose a category (do not add chapters/categories below)

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