Items of Power

Items of Power

Twist Reality in Perverted Ways

Chapter 1 by Cross C Cross C

Some examples of the Items that might appear in the reality of your choice:

Ring of 3: A golden ring with three emeralds. When worn you can change a person through the use of a three word phrase. A person can only be changed three times before they are immune to further uses of the ring, however any transformations are then permanent.

Reality Remote: Alter reality through the use of a remote control.

Tainted Cube: The power within a Cosmic Cube allows whoever wields it to literally reshape reality around him. Virtually anything is possible, from the raising of mountains and commanding the power of the elements to opening dimensional portals and transforming your enemies. This Cube has been tainted by spending eons within the bosom of a particularly powerful sex god and will similarly taint the desires and outlook of those who choose to use it or become bonded to it.

World Processor: A seemingly antiquated computer with only one program on it: a word processor. Whatever is written becomes true, one numbered line at a time.

Ring of Truth: Wear it and whatever you say becomes a true statement. Reality changes to fit your words.

Dick-Master Ring: A ring of dominance, the wearer of this ring will find all made slaves to their shlong. Women will become loyal cock-whores and men will become submissive, sissified sluts before the bearers dominating dong. And if the wearer doesn't have a dick...they will soon...

Master PC: Allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you, allowing you the power to bend their reality to your specifications.

Which Item of Power, feel free to add your own as there are an infinate number..

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