The Rulebook

The Rulebook

You find a Rulebook that lets you rewrite the rules any organization has to follow

Chapter 1 by ashes2ashes ashes2ashes

You spot the notebook sitting abandoned on the table in the coffee shop. It looks like someone must have left it behind. Picking it up, you open the book to the first page, hoping to find some contact information for the person who lost it. Instead, you see a note on the inside:

"The world runs on rules. Schools and companies have their handbooks. Neighborhoods have their homeowners associations. Even countries have their laws. You spend all day following rules. Wouldn't it be nice if you could be the one writing the rules for once? Now you can. This is the Rulebook. Simply put the name of an organization and write your rules. Any rule you can think of will be followed by everyone in that organization.

You can write Old Rules and New Rules. People will treat Old Rules casually, like they've been around forever. The world will even change to accommodate Old Rules as you write them. On the other hand, New Rules only go into effect once you've written them down. People will still follow them, but they may express nervousness, embarrassment, excitement, or other emotions about them.

Oh, and One last tip: make sure you use a pencil. Wouldn't want you regretting your changes."

You smirk disbelievingly as you read the note...but there is a pencil sitting right next to it. What's the harm in trying it out? You open the book to the first page, scrawling the name of the coffee shop across the top of it. You ponder for a moment, wondering what to write, before spotting the cute, redheaded barista working behind the counter. You put pencil to paper.

"Old Rule: The dress code requires female employees to be topless at all times."

You gape as you watch the woman's white t-shirt fade away, leaving her wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a green apron. The apron manages to cover her exposed breasts, but just barely, her nipples pressing obviously through the fabric, threatening to escape every time she moves. Despite this, she doesn't seem to notice, and neither do the other patrons, all of them simply going about their day as though the woman hadn't suddenly been stripped down in front of them. You hastily erase the test rule, the barista's shirt fading back into view. As you ponder your next move, let's learn a little more about you.

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